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Top 10 Photography Resources of 2014 You Should Have

“Photographer” is one of the job titles many people would like to have today. Taking pictures is fun and exciting, especially when you earn money for that. However, to reach the point when photography brings your cash, you obviously need to learn.


When it comes to choosing the best educational photography courses, videos and ebooks, it can be overwhelming with all the choices that are out there. In the end of the year, we’d like to share with you 10 photography courses and ebooks released in 2014 that in our opinion are absolutely worth taking. Read more…

The Ultimate Guide to Depth of Field in Photography

Depth of field basically means how much of your picture, from foreground to background is sharp. So there you have it, see you next week, bye, byeeeeee….Oh, are you still here? That wasn’t enough? Ok, so depth of field depends on several things, all centering arount the f stop of your camera, one of a triumvirate of things that allow you to let light in, the other two of which are shutter speed and ISO.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Your fstop is how big the hole that lets the light in is. The smaller the number, the bigger the hole, so at f32, the hole is a tiny pinhole and at 1.2 it’s pretty gosh darned huge. . It lets you determine what in your picture is sharp and what isn’t…it draws focus to what you find important about the picture. Read more…

5 Useful Tools to Run Your Holiday Promotions for Christmas 2014

Christmas is around the corner. Holidays are a great opportunity to promote your photography brand as most people strive to capture those special moments with magic Xmas feeling running all through. So make a game plan, grab some tools, and go ahead to make the most out of this busy season.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

In today’s list we collected 5 online marketing tools that will help you run your holiday promotion campaign this year. Read more…

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