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A Starter’s Guide to Film Photography: What You Need to Know

Photography has never been more accessible than it is now in the digital age. Every cell phone features a camera, and those cameras are quickly becoming more advanced.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

DSLRs are becoming more affordable while offering increasingly higher quality and functionality. And the advent of mirrorless cameras are packing more photo punch into smaller and easier to use packages. So why would anyone consider using an outdated medium like film? You might be surprised. Read more…

How to Use Triangles to Improve Your Portraits Composition

Do you ever look at a picture and absolutely love it, but you don’t know why? There are a lot of elements that can go into a great shot, but the hardest thing to see/ easiest thing to pick up on are triangles, which are leading lines that frame your subject, drawing your eye deeper into their inner lives.

Phoot by bartzz2k

Phoot by bartzz2k

The more triangles in a picture, the more compelling the shot is. Read more…

10 Recent Articles with Real-world Tips to Help You Grow as a Photographer

As 2015 came into play, we thought it might be a good idea to make a list of some recent educational resources to share with you.


In this period of added motivation and energy the beginning of the year usually brings, take time to upgrade your photographic skills and build up some business muscle. The following 10 articles are full of helpful, practical tips to help you grow as a photographer. Read more…

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