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Tips to Prepare for Your First Wedding Photography Gig

When your photography skills reach a certain level, a family member or friend is going to ask you to shoot their wedding. They might even offer to pay you, which could be your first real gig. Score, right? You’ve made it. ;)

Of course, later when you realize the challenge ahead of you, the pride fades to anxiety, and, googling furiously, you end up at an article like this, looking for answers. If this sounds like you, then here’s some good news: You are normal :). Read more…

How to Improve Your Photographic Eye Super-Effectively

What does it mean to have an eye for photography? Is it something you are born with, or can you can learn? Besides taking pictures, our photographic eye lets us recognize situations, composition, subjects and then puts together all these elements in a frame that makes a great picture.

Photo by kennysarmy

Photo by kennysarmy

Taking good pictures is not always easy, as there is a lot of practice required, so we can achieve both the technical aspects and the composition. Another key to taking good pictures is our way of “seeing” or our “vision.” Read more…

50 Luxury Fashion Photography Portfolios You Should See

The world of couture and high fashion сaptivates with its glamor and gloss. With its big audience, glamorous, international lifestyle and high price tags, fashion photography may seem to be one of the world’s most demanded professions.

Photo by JUCO Photo

Photo by JUCO Photo

For each fashion photographer who makes it through the door of top magazines, many others find their niche in art photography, fashion advertising, celebrity portraiture or even paparazzi work to make a living. Becoming a fashion photographer is certainly a career opportunity that offers plenty of work and versatility. Read more…

The New Colossal Bundle with $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49

Maybe you’ve heard of Inky Deals before. If you’re the kind of person who’s always on the hunt for massive deals, monster discounts and insane bundles, then you likely know all about Inky Deals. They’re the website that’s always putting out amazing resources on a regular basis for a very good price. And boy, oh boy, do we have a killer new Inky Deals offer to tell you about today.


Meet The The New Colossal Bundle with $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49. Read more…

The Rule Of Thirds: When To Use It, When To Lose It

The rule of thirds has been around for so long that it’s tough to say who came up with it. Long before the camera was ever invented, artists used it as well as the golden ratio to make their masterpieces as far back as the Renaissance.

Photo by Jeremy X

Photo by Jeremy X

The first time it was written, though, was by an artist and engraver by the name of John Harvey Smith. In his book, Remarks on Rural Scenery, he first wrote the term, Rule of Thirds. He references how a painter might paint a landscape: Read more…

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