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How To Source Locations For Portraits In Your Own Town

I’ve noticed that a lot of articles on scouting locations focus on travel — we have a wonderful one on this website listing 100 amazing places to shoot. That is, however, not actionable advice for everyone. Some photographers can’t afford to travel regularly, some aren’t interested in it, and some simply focus on a different type of photography.

Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

For that reason, I wanted to write an article about ways to find cool locations to shoot in your own town. Read more…

Welcome to the Future of Photography Websites with MotoCMS 3.0

Modern web is focused on photographers. You can see this in the way that more and more devices are improving screen resolutions. Especially with the introduction of Retina Display that brings the image quality to the forefront.

MotoCMS 3.0

MotoCMS 3.0

Despite a wide range of photography-focused social networks available like Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, a personal website still matters for photographers. It’s a private sphere that allows you to set your own rules and display your personal imagery in the way that suits you best. Read more…

20 Gorgeous “Thank You” Card Ideas for Photographers

Photography business is all about working with clients and making the best impression you can. Shooting people and providing good photography is not quite enough to stay in business today. Competition is too high, and you need to give the best experience to your clients to survive in this red ocean.


While delivering images to your clients, why not say “thank you” for sharing that awesome day and emotions with you. Customers will highly appreciate it. Moreover, Thanksgiving is coming, and it will be a great opportunity to reach out to your clients current and previous, and remind about yourself. Along with “thank you” card you could offer a 50% holiday discount for the next photo shoot! Read more…

Mastering Family Portrait Part III: Posing Guide

It might be the redheaded stepchild of photography, the gum under your shoe, the backwash left in the glass when you think you’re drinking champagne, but posing is one of the most important parts of any photograph.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

I am not a traditional poser, so I’m not going to get into thumbs in or out of pockets, or serious or smiley, or even all looking at the camera or away from the camera discussion, although I do personally think that seven people all staring out into space is kind of 1970’s-esque spaced out druggy weird. Not that I have a strong opinion on that. Read more…

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