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2006 O’Reilly Photoshop Cook-off contest

O’Reilly is running a contest open to anyone in the United States who “shoots photographs and manipulates them with Photoshop.” All you have to do is manipulate an image with Photoshop and you could win… Photoshop! Is it just me or does that seem like sort of a silly prize for a Photoshopping contest? To be fair, it’s not the only prize. You have until August 15 to enter.

John Watson

John is the original founder of Photodoto, but after running it for 4 years he had to focus on different things. If you're interested in what John has been up to recently, you can check is personal blog or browse his photo blog.

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  • LOL! That is funny! How would you photoshop an image without photoshop? I guess you could gimp it, or PSP it…

  • Am i understanding right.. you’ve gotta have the book to get the “recipe” right?

  • You might be able to get it at the library or read it in the book store, but yeah, they want you to buy the book. How do you think they pay for the prizes? Think of it like a raffle ticket. ;-)

  • Just wanted to let everyone know we laughed at ourselves, at the unitended irony of evidently offering Photoshop as a prize in a Photoshop contest. Must… get… more sleep… before finalizing text….
    That said, and in the name of clarification, the prize is actually a copy of the entire Creative Suite (not just Photoshop, but also Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, and GoLive); also, we’ve learned that surprising numbers of people are still using legacy versions of Photoshop, dating back to v5. So we were agreed with Adobe that offering a spanking new version of Photoshop could be a swell thing to certain folk.

    And to be fair, yes: There is a veritable slew of prizes. Everything but a ride on an elephant and a dream date with Randy Mantooth. Or almost.

    Also in clarification: Really, you don’t have to buy one of the Photoshop Cookbooks to enter. It’d be nice, but there’s no way we’d know if you owned a copy of one of these books or not. Doesn’t matter to us… just show us your work….

    “Okay, back to work,” he muttered to himself, popping another coffee bean into his mouth and disappearing behind the tent flap.