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My package from Rentglass.com has arrived

Rentglass.com is an online lens rental service a la Netflix. My first rental just arrived this morning. First impression? So far, so good. The lens arrived soundly and quickly. Oh, and you Nikon guys are going to hate me. I’m the reason their Nikon 18-200mm AF-S VR Zoom is out of stock this week.

Check back soon for my detailed review and opinions about the service.

Update: Full review here.

Weekend Assignment June 30, 2006: Fireworks and festivals

OK, so it’s not exactly this weekend but July 4th is a great day for photographs. And not just for the fireworks (which can be spectacular) but for all of the great events that precede and surround them. So this weekend’s assignment will be sort of a mixed bag of possibilities. (And for our purposes, this “weekend” will extend through July 4th.) Use my tips on photographing events to help you shoot something festive this weekend. Maybe it’s a street fair or pre-show. Or grab the tripod when you head out to your favorite fireworks show. It’s not as hard as you think. Please add your photos to the discussion at Flickr. As always, I’m happy to discuss any problems you ran into and I love seeing everyone’s efforts. Have a great weekend!

RAW vs. JPG: Myths and misconceptions

Most digital cameras record JPG images because the JPG format provides a very high degree of fidelity for photographs in a very small amount of space. JPGs are high quality, small, can be viewed quickly and easily on any computer, and look great when printed. But JPGs, like all image formats, also have some limitations. RAW is another image format that addresses some of JPGs problems. But no format is perfect and RAW images have problems of their own.

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How to shoot fireworks

Independence day is coming up in the USA (July 4th) and you’re bound to see a lot of articles start popping up about how to shoot fireworks. So many, in fact, that you might start to think it’s some kind of dark art (Ha! Dark, get it?). It’s pretty simple though, especially if you have a digital camera with a working LCD.

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