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Photo contest ends in 15 hours!

At 9PM Pacific Daylight Time the Photodoto Summer 2006 Photo contest will come to a close. No entries after that point will be accepted. Remember, to be considered as an entry you must tag your photo “PhotodotoContest2” and add it to the Photodoto group. Full rules are here. You last minute shooters need to get your shots in today!

Today we had a slew of new entries and the photos submitted so far are super. You are truly a talented bunch.

Weekend assignment July 28, 2006: Still life

I know, I know. I completely skipped last week’s assignment. It’s because the black and white assignment was so popular I wanted to really give it some extra time to develop. Ok, I forgot. But the black and white thread really is excellent.

The assignment for this weekend is to try your hand at still life photography which I wrote about last week. Remember, still life is all about arranging a scene (not finding a scene). It’s also an opportunity to practice everything you’ve learned from controlling focus and depth of field to composition and lighting. Don’t be discouraged if inspiration doesn’t strike right away. Creative ideas will come to you as you play with composition, lighting, and the arrangement of objects in your scene.

As always, please share your results with the rest of us in the Photodoto discussion group and have a great weekend!

Anatomy of a photo edit: Ready in 3 minutes

I really enjoy the process of editing a photo. Each one is different. And it can be a lot of fun playing with ideas, colors, highlighting this area, downplaying another. A single photo really does have a lot of possibilities depending on what you do with it. But I’ll often make a photograph knowing in advance the edits I’ll need to make to “develop” it. Ready in 3 minutes was such a photo.

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