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Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Photographers 2015

While Black Friday was born in the United Sates, people from all over the world now wait for this day to do some serious shopping too, and photographers are no exception. The Friday after Thanksgiving has become popular everywhere marking the beginning of the winter holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Photographers

So are Black Friday deals really a “big deal” for photography enthusiasts? Yes, they are. Read on to discover some of the best deals for photographers in 2015.

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130 Amazing Gifts for Photographers Handpicked from All Over the Web

Holiday season is round the corner and the killing work of gift hunting is approaching everyone quickly. Just as the art of photography, the art of giving needs inspiration. In our holiday gift guide you can find all kinds of gift ideas for every type of photographer.

Photo by babi

Photo by babi

Even if the receiver is not a photographer, one of these gifts can easily make them want to become one! Read more…

A Quick Guide to Email Marketing for Photographers

Photographers are turning to social media these days to try and get their names out there and reach their target audiences. Being active on social media is critically important for small businesses these days, but more traditional online marketing tactics, like email marketing, are still very useful.

A Guide to Email Marketing for Photographers

Ignoring email as a part of your marketing campaign could cost your photography business revenue. So, here is a quick guide for every photographer who is going to start using email marketing more actively. Here you’ll find out why you need email marketing, how to build your email list, how to define your marketing strategy and what kind of tools you need to use to send your emails.

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5 Tactics to Make Your Photography Clients a Wellspring of Repeat Business

Have you ever wondered why some photographers have their doorbell ringing all day long while others are struggling week to week in order to sell their work?

The secret is simple – successful photographers are also successful psychologists who invest most of their time and effort in developing long-lasting relationships with their clients.

How To Make Your Photography Clients a Wellspring of Repeat Business

Building bonds with people may get rather challenging, but after all, it’s not a rocket science. In this article you’ll find out some simple yet essential principles of creating strong and fruitful relationships with your clients, and thus, grow your photography business.

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5 Goal Setting Strategies for Photographers

We all have goals to achieve. But why are some people successful at achieving their goals while others only add new items to their to-do list day by day and year by year?

5 Goal-Setting Strategies for Photographers

In this post I collected some goal setting strategies to help you get your photography career and business on a fast track.
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