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Roman Robroek: Winnner of Defrozo Portrait Photography Contest 2014

Last month our friends at Defrozo held a photography contest on their Facebook page. The contest was a success with some amazing works submitted by entrants.

Photo by Roman Robroek

Photo by Roman Robroek

There could only be two winners, though. The first one would be selected by Facebook users who voted for their favorite photos, the other winner is Defrozo’s Staff Pick. In this post we’re interviewing Roman Robroek who received the People’s Choice Award. Read more…

20 Gorgeous “Thank You” Card Ideas for Photographers

Photography business is all about working with clients and making the best impression you can. Shooting people and providing good photography is not quite enough to stay in business today. Competition is too high, and you need to give the best experience to your clients to survive in this red ocean.


While delivering images to your clients, why not say “thank you” for sharing that awesome day and emotions with you. Customers will highly appreciate it. Moreover, Thanksgiving is coming, and it will be a great opportunity to reach out to your clients current and previous, and remind about yourself. Along with “thank you” card you could offer a 50% holiday discount for the next photo shoot! Read more…

30 Outstanding Examples of Full-Screen Image Background Sites for Your Inspiration

If you’re looking for a way to make a strong impression and a bold statement with your portfolio, a full-screen background image can do the job for sure. Focusing solely on images while providing easy navigation, this web design technique and photography websites just belong together.


This approach can fit any kind of photography portfolio, but dramatic, bold photos are probably the most effective choice for full-screen backgrounds. Read more…

Guide to Winning Guest Blogging for Photographers

Guest blogging is one of the marketing techniques that many bloggers and site owners make use of and serves at least two purposes. Firstly, it’s great exposure for the guest blogger, and secondly, it’s a new post for the site owner that they haven’t had to spend any time creating.

You may be a brilliant blogger with huge experience and exceptional skills, but you will not be recognized until you get the right type of exposure. That’s exactly what guest blogging was created for. Read more…

20 Fantastic Packaging & Presentation Ideas for Photographers

I’m pretty sure that every photographer gives the rights to the pictures he took to their clients. We live in digital era where people mainly share and look at pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. People want to share their pictures and to be proud of them, so why not to let them have their photos?


As long as a watermark is on the images, every client’s uploading to the web is free advertising for a photographer! There are a few ways to deliver images to your clients: with DVD, flash-drive, or through online custom gallery on your site. Read more…

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