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50 Luxury Fashion Photography Portfolios You Should See

The world of couture and high fashion сaptivates with its glamor and gloss. With its big audience, glamorous, international lifestyle and high price tags, fashion photography may seem to be one of the world’s most demanded professions.

Photo by JUCO Photo

Photo by JUCO Photo

For each fashion photographer who makes it through the door of top magazines, many others find their niche in art photography, fashion advertising, celebrity portraiture or even paparazzi work to make a living. Becoming a fashion photographer is certainly a career opportunity that offers plenty of work and versatility. Read more…

50 Smashing Reflection Photography Examples to Boost Your Creativity

Reflection is a great way to spice up a lifeless photo and create a beautiful composition. Using water, mirrors, windows or any other kind of reflective surface can change an image into a work of art.


The best thing about using reflection is that you can turn something really simple and straightforward into something abstract, richer and even mysterious. However, reflection photos can be rather dull, so it’s good to be able to see things in a different way. Read more…

40 Wonderful Hot Air Balloon Photographs for Your Inspiration

Hot air balloon photography is rewarding, both professionally and spiritually. Aerial photography done right can produce terrific results. Ballooning has various advantages for photographers when compared to more traditional methods of flight.

One of the best things about balloons is that they have no windows, thereby giving you an opportunity to take photos in 360 degrees. Read more…

50 Majestic Spring Photography Examples to Set Up Your Mood

No matter how long the winter is, spring is sure to follow. Spring is a fantastic season that brings nature back to life. It’s often considered the most beautiful and inspiring time of the year with its colorful, refreshing and vivid imagery and structures. This post proves just that!

Photo by SoraBelle

Photo by SoraBelle

The wide range of flowers that appears is probably one of the best things to shoot within springtime. Read more…

10 Crazy-Cool iPad Accessories for Photographers

Many smartphone gadgets in the market these days take full advantage of all the mobile devices we carry. There are high-tech gadgets for hikers, pet lovers, health junkies, graphic designers and the kitchen. There are even wearable accessories.


Today, I’d like to share with you a list of 10 cool, iOS-enabled iPad gadgets for photographers. iPad is a comfortable tool for viewing any post-processing photos, and for some photographers, this modern tool can be indispensable during the working process. Read more…

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