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Nancy Young is an ambitious and extraordinary writer. She writes a lot of inspirational articles on photography and web design. Nancy Young reads tons of books and travels a lot in her spare time. You can follow her on Pinterest.

Meet Defrozo, the Free Marketing Platform for Photographers

We here at Photodoto are excited to introduce you to our new awesome partner - Defrozo. Founded by Demetrio Fortman (the guy who also invented the mighty Moto CMS), Defrozo is the ultimate, online workspace enabling photographers to manage their workflow and business online, using a single login.


Let’s take a closer look at this new player on the oh-so-crowded market and see what benefits it will hold for you, the humble beginner or the established pro. Read more...

15 Influential Photographers Share Their Quotes for Inspiration

Pursuing a career doing something you really love could be a terrifying thing, so people often look at the ones who already “made it” in their field as a source of inspiration. Having a chance to hear famous photographers talk about how exactly they made it and what it costs to be a successful photographer inspires us to work harder and learn more.

All of these photographers have had a long way to success, including a painful change from being an amateur to a full-time professional photographer. Read more...

33 Inspiring Websites of Landscape & Travel Photographers

Landscape and travel photography are closely intertwined with each other. Travel photography, as many sub-genres of art and photography are, is largely undefined and encompasses a wide range of people, locations, cultures and ideas, including landscape photography.

Such kinds of photos express the feeling of time and place, its mood and atmosphere without geographic limitations. Read more...

Deal Extended! Get $20,048 Worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49

Do you remember the awesome design bundles from InkyDeals? We told you before that InkyDeals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with a devoted community of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts.


Whenever an awesome deal appears on Inky Deals, we share it with the Photodoto audience, so that you never miss interesting and useful stuff. Today is no exception. Here's the biggest and the greatest design deal in history which can be yours for an unbelievably low price! Read more...

Email Insiders Only: 2014 SEO Guide for Photographers

Your portfolio website could be the most beautiful, functional and user-friendly site in the world, but if no one ever sees it, then what’s the point? If no one visits your precious site, it wouldn't do you any good. So you have to make search engine giants like Google, Yahoo or Bing notice you and send loads of targeted traffic to your site. To make it work out, you should take care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO guide for photographers

I know this word may sound scary and complicated for many artistic types, like photographers. But if you want to give your photography business the boost it needs, you should have at least basic knowledge of SEO and put a little effort into optimizing your site. SEO includes the knowledge of how the Internet works, how search engines rank content, and how to move your website to the top in search engines and get more traffic. Read more...

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