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Nancy Young is an ambitious and extraordinary writer. She writes a lot of inspirational articles on photography and web design. Nancy Young reads tons of books and travels a lot in her spare time. You can follow her on Pinterest.

25 Fresh & Free Portfolio WordPress Themes 2014

Give your photography the online showcase it deserves. In this collection, I handpicked 25 best and free WordPress portfolio themes to build your photography website or blog on. There is no need to spend money to create your presence online.

Photo by Aleksi Tappura

Photo by Aleksi Tappura

If you’re seeking for a free solution to create your first portfolio website, these WordPress themes are the best choice for you. These high-quality WordPress templates have clean, minimalistic design. They give you an ability to showcase your photography in various and creative ways. Read more…

How to Effectively Use Instagram to Boost Your Photography Business

Last year, Instagram became a part of our everyday life. With over 200 million users, this network is one of the most powerful tools these days to promote your photography business. If you have not used it for business purposes, I have to say you’re losing a great opportunity.

Instagram as a photo and video sharing application is a perfect place for photographers. And it’s pretty simple to use. Read more…

10 Useful Guides on How to Shoot Cars Like a Superstar

If diamonds are a woman’s best friends, than cars are certainly men’s. Cars are attractive in many ways: the interior and exterior style, the sounds they produce and the speed they’re able to achieve.

Photo by A-vent-dor

Photo by A-vent-dor

Car photography is not that easy a task as it may seem at first glance. Various techniques are used, based on whether the car is moving along the street or is standing right in front of your lens. Read more…

Inky’s Giga Bundle: $4,816 Worth Premium-Quality Resources for Only $69

Do you remember InkyDeals? We tell you about them every time they have some amazing design and photography deal worth sharing.


This time, InkyDeals came up with the Giga Bundle that includes vector illustrations, t-shirt designs, high-quality textures, Photoshop brushes, video tutorial for creating an old retro-style countdown timer, and 9 responsive premium Bootstrap 3 templates. Read more…

5 Lessons from Rihanna to Learn for Your Photography Brand

Rihanna is probably one of the world’s biggest pop stars right now. But along with her catchy songs and rough music videos, there is something else that gets her to the top of the music world. It’s a unique marketing campaign.

Today I’m going to talk about 5 lessons you can learn from Rihanna for your photography brand. Here you’ll get to know how to market your brand, stay strong and be unique about what you do. Read more…

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