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7 Easy Ways to Rock Your Photo Collages

Sometimes one photo just isn’t enough—we know. Photo collages are gaining momentum in the social media universe, but there’s a lot of untapped potential in the art of collage making.


With tons of photo collage apps out there, you can pretty much do anything you want with a smartphone and an Internet connection. Read more…

Shooting Indoors in Ambient Light: Yoga Photo Session

Shooting indoors is always a challenge unless you have a professional lighting setup with you. The light is usually low, so it’s hard to get any kind of depth of field.

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Lightbulbs inside of lamps tend to glow orange, while overhead florescent lights show up on the greenish side, and aren’t very pretty. So what do you do? Let your light guide you. Read more…

The Art of Photojournalism: Tell a Story with Your Image

Many people don’t think of photojournalism as being an artistic pursuit. In many ways, it isn’t. Documentary photography is often utilitarian in nature; the photographer’s job is to tell a story plainly, honestly and efficiently.

Photo by Alec Weir

Photo by Alec Weir

A person might argue that approaching this job with other intentions, such as producing great art, could potentially sully the images. Read more…

Pet Photography: 5 Simple Tips for Animal Photographers

For amateur or professional photographers who use their skill for weddings, portraits, engagement, maternity or any other popular family photography, adding “pet photography” to your business card can be an added rise in business for you. How can a family photo be complete without Fido in the picture?

Photo by Aris Sánchez

Photo by Aris Sánchez

Doing pet photography, or just understanding how to photograph a pet for engagement or family photos, is an art. Read more…

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