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10 Ways That Understanding Your Camera Leads to Better Images

Perhaps you’ve heard this one before, or said even it yourself: I could take great pictures too, if I had your camera.

10 Ways That Understanding Your Camera Leads to Better Images

But saying pictures are great because of the camera is like saying Michael Jordan was great because of his shoes. Sure, the camera determines an image’s resolution, but give a $7,000 camera to a toddler and you’ll have a high resolution blur.

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Photodoto’s Top Photography Articles of 2015

In the last days of December it’s right about time to put the year in review and decide what you’re taking with you and what should peacefully go together with the leaving 2015.


In this post we collected some of the top photography articles published on Photodoto throughout the year. Most of these popular posts are timeless so be sure to bookmark them for future use.

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35 Super Valuable and Affordable Gift Ideas for Photographers

It’s just a couple of weeks before Christmas and many of you are probably struggling to complete the holiday shopping on time. As always, Photodoto is here to help! If you have photography buffs on your list, this round-up of affordable gift ideas for photographers will definitely come in handy.

Affordable Gift Ideas for Photographers

In this collection you’ll find some of the best digital resources, including educational eBooks, video courses, and photo editing software, that will make a wonderful gift for photographers of any skill level.

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5 Holiday Photography Ideas to Shoot More and Get Less Stress

Ahhh, the Holidays, that time of year when everyone is happy and feeling great. Tensions are low, everyone is totally relaxed, and since there’s so much copious free time, everyone wants to get their family pictures taken. Well, that statement might be a little bit off, but I have to say, I love shooting holiday pictures.

5 Holiday Photography Ideas - Barb Stitzer for Photodoto

Just in case the family you are shooting isn’t quite the epitome of “calm, cool and collected”, here are a few holiday photography ideas to get them there… or at least make them LOOK like they’re there.

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