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Street Photography: Easy To Learn, Impossible To Master

Of all the different fields of photography, street photography might be the most difficult. However, it’s also an area that many aspiring photographers jump into first. Street photography almost seems like the reason photography was created for in the first place.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

Unlike taking photos in a studio, shooting landscapes or working with models, street photography entails a bit of chaos. Read more…

The Quick Guide To Corporate Photography

Businesses as well as individual business professionals have a wide range of photography needs that may need to be filled over time, and as a professional photographer, you have the opportunity to profit when you make an effort to fill these needs.

Photo by SplitShire

Photo by SplitShire

There are essentially two types of corporate photography that you can focus on, and you may choose to focus your efforts on both of them. Read more…

The Ultimate Guide on How To Photograph Special Events

Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary dinners, christenings, product launches, retirement parties – these are special occasions and people always want professionally taken photographs to remember them by.

Photo by  Headshot London Photography

Photo by Headshot London Photography

This means that if you can perfect your technique and build a good portfolio of event images, you will always be in demand! Read more…

How to Photograph Babies from a Week Old to Sitting up

There is a huge trend among baby photographers to do all of those awesome shots of babies all curled up and almost “in the womb” looking.

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Photo by Barb Stitzer

I LOVE those shots, but they have very definite parameters, meaning that you have to catch the baby while she is still curly; so 3 to 7, or sometimes, at the very oldest, 12 days old. Read more…

Where Did I Put That? Tips for Organizing Your Photos

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit something. My photos are unorganized. By that, I mean terribly unorganized. Over the years, I’ve taken thousands and thousands of photos, all the while dumping them in folders automatically created and named by my computer’s default importing program.

Photo byStockSnap

Photo byStockSnap

As such, I’d be hard-pressed to quickly find photos from a specific shoot or with a specific subject. This, my friends, is not good. Read more…

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