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Get Inspired: Try Adding a Little Occultish Mystery to Your Photography

It’s not unusual for photographers, both pro and amateur, to find themselves stuck in a creative rut. Nor is it uncommon for photographers to want to try something new. If you find yourself occupying your own rut, or if you’re just looking for some sort of new inspiration, consider trying some unconventional means.

Photo by Chris Ford

Photo by Chris Ford

I’m not suggesting you try invoking some ancient pagan deity to grant you mystical inspiration. But you can make some people wonder if you stumbled upon some strange circumstance and happened to have your camera with you. Read more…

Your Money or Your Photographs! Ransomware and How to Survive an Online Stickup

ATTENTION! Your PC is blocked due at least one of the reasons specified below.

Photo by Martin Vorel

Photo by Martin Vorel

The warning is dire. You’ve been “caught” doing something illegal. Your photos and other data have been locked away from you because it’s “evidence” against you. But don’t worry, if you pay the “fine,” all will be released and you’re off the hook. Read more…

Night Life: Tips for Photographing Live Events at Night

Event photography can be a lot of fun. If you love taking photos, and you enjoy attending social events, then it would only seem natural that you’d enjoy taking photos at social gatherings, such as parties, concerts and night clubs.

There are plenty of opportunities for intrepid young photographers (and photographers of other ages, as well) to make some money documenting such events. Read more…

8 Tips for Gorgeous Fashion Photography

Most young photographers are convinced that fashion photography is an impossible dream.

Photo by Von Wong

Photo by Von Wong

The glamorous international lifestyle, the huge audience, the awe-inspiring photoshoots and the high-paying checks are only some of the reasons why this sought-after profession seems inaccessible. Read more…

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