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Getting Started with Long Exposure in Fashion Photography

Editor’s note: Once you try to use long exposure in fashion photography, you’re likely to do it again and again. Not only can it bring outstanding results in terms of originality of your images, but it’s also a great way to add a funny bone to your portrait sessions and thus, get more natural, sincere model looks.

Long Exposure in Fashion Photography

In this post, our regular contributor Barbara Stitzer shares on her own experience with long exposure fashion photography. Read on and learn how to get started with this awesome technique! Read more…

11 Premium & Free Resources for Photographers (Bundles, eBooks, Courses)

How do I start my own photography business? How can I improve my shooting skills? What do I need to edit images faster? There’s no lack of information to answer these and other questions photographers may face.

But then again, choosing the right eBook, email course, or Lightroom preset collection from an overwhelming amount of available resources may be quite a challenging task these days.

11 Excellent Premium & Free Resources for Photographers

Not worries though, as always we’re here to help! In this post you can find 10 of the best premium and free resources for photographers that will help you achieve your goals and improve your workflow Read more…

10 Ways That Understanding Your Camera Leads to Better Images

Perhaps you’ve heard this one before, or said even it yourself: I could take great pictures too, if I had your camera.

10 Ways That Understanding Your Camera Leads to Better Images

But saying pictures are great because of the camera is like saying Michael Jordan was great because of his shoes. Sure, the camera determines an image’s resolution, but give a $7,000 camera to a toddler and you’ll have a high resolution blur.

Read more…

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