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Reading List: 7 Great Photography Books for Beginners

We like to think of ourselves here at Photodoto as a resource that beginning photographers can utilize to help them improve their photography and find new, interesting sources of inspiration.

Photo by Breather

Photo by Breather

We even have our handy-dandy 7-day email course, which you can receive for free by entering your email in the box just to the right of this paragraph. Read more…

One One-Thousandth of a Second: Shooting Sports and Fast Action

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, if you’re a photographer, you’ll probably find yourself taking photos of some fast-paced competitive action at some point.


Photo by Stuart Bennett

If you’re used to shooting in a nice, controlled environment, like a studio, or if you’re used to street photography, where your subjects are probably walking at a normal, relatively slow pace, shooting a sporting event can be challenging. Read more…

Gear Guide: The Ultimate Authority on What to Put in Camera Bag

I remember my first time in a Real Professional Camera Store, Samy’s Camera, in Los Angeles. I had money to burn in my pocket so that I could buy the right equipment to be a Professional Photographer, but instead of being a kid in a candy store, I was a vegetarian in a hunting store. Nothing looked familiar.

Photo by Alexandru Sutiu

Photo by Alexandru Sutiu

There were old guys who smelled like darkroom talking about things that I didn’t understand, like metering and emulsion. I slunk out of there and ate massive quantities of ice cream. Read more…

A Beginner’s Guide to Mirrorless Cameras

Micro four-thirds cameras, otherwise known as mirrorless cameras, have been around for a little while now. And during the time they’ve been on the market, the companies that make them have been steadily improving on these pint-sized wonders.

Photo by Zhao

Photo by Zhao

Many professional photographers in different fields are beginning to make the switch to mirrorless cameras, opting for something smaller than bulky DSLRs. And many other photographers who still need the high image quality of a pro-level DSLR are adding mirrorless cameras to their go-bags. Read more…

A Starter’s Guide to Film Photography: What You Need to Know

Photography has never been more accessible than it is now in the digital age. Every cell phone features a camera, and those cameras are quickly becoming more advanced.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

DSLRs are becoming more affordable while offering increasingly higher quality and functionality. And the advent of mirrorless cameras are packing more photo punch into smaller and easier to use packages. So why would anyone consider using an outdated medium like film? You might be surprised. Read more…

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