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35 Super Valuable and Affordable Gift Ideas for Photographers

It’s just a couple of weeks before Christmas and many of you are probably struggling to complete the holiday shopping on time. As always, Photodoto is here to help! If you have photography buffs on your list, this round-up of affordable gift ideas for photographers will definitely come in handy.

Affordable Gift Ideas for Photographers

In this collection you’ll find some of the best digital resources, including educational eBooks, video courses, and photo editing software, that will make a wonderful gift for photographers of any skill level.

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Photographer’s Guide to Using Graphic Tablets for Lightroom Editing

There are several gadgets we can use to improve our performance in Adobe Lightroom, if our intent is to post-produce images quickly and neatly with professional results. However, there is no better tool for a talented photographer than a good graphic tablet.

Photographer's Guide to Using Tablets for Lightroom Editing - Photodoto

Read on to learn how a graphic tablet can be used with Adobe Lightroom and how it can enhance your image processing workflow.

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4 Photography “Tricks” That Should Be Quietly Retired

If you’ve ever felt the temptation to “improve” some of your photos with some special tricks, then you’re not alone. Many people with a passing interest in photography employ all manner of “extras” to give their photo some added visual interest.

Photo by Wilfred Iven

Photo by Wilfred Iven

Most of these tricks, however, are ham-fisted affectations that can not only ruin your photos, but mark you as an amateur who’s not to be taken seriously, neither as an artist or a professional. Read more…

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