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What Michelangelo and Other Great Artists Said About Photography

The words of the wise men can be a great source of motivation in the moments of creative or any other kind of personal crisis.

While you probably got used to seeing quotes by renowned photographers in your Twitter or Facebook feed, have you ever wondered what great artists, such as Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, or Claude Monet could say about photography?

10 Quotes About Photography

Read on to find it out!

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The Winners of Summer Landscape Photo Contest

In these sentimental late August days, we’re excited to announce the winners of the Summer Landscape Photography Contest. Thank you for your submissions and votes!


So which photos has evoked most emotions in our jury members and readers? Who has won amazing prizes from Defrozo, Digital Photo Mentor, PhotoTraces and other respected sponsors?

Let’s find it out right now!

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Freelance Photography Tips from the Experts

We’ve all become a world obsessed with imagery, and this couldn’t be more obvious than the simple fact that the photo heavy social network Instagram currently has 300 million monthly active users.


Photo by Alexander Filonchik

We all see ourselves as amateur photographers, but some of us want our love for a good picture to become far more than a pipe dream. Read more…

Photo History Club: Pop Art Photography

I believe one could argue that the general population as a whole has historically had a messy, sometimes turbulent, relationship with art.


As artists throughout time have sought to interpret their different realities and experiences as a human being, the end results we call “art” have, at times, ventured into increasingly esoteric realms. That is to say, difficult to understand or relate to. Read more…

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