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The Sun Is Your Friend: Tips for Summer Photography

Summer is just around the corner, folks. As the sun decides to become a more active member of our daily lives, we — especially those of us with nice cameras and itchy shutter-release fingers — feel an increasing compulsion to awaken from our lazy autumn habits and venture outside.

Photo by Jandro Martinez

Photo by Jandro Martinez

And if you’re going to be outside, you might as well take a camera and document what you see. Being outside in well-lit environments offers near-limitless potential for memorable photographic opportunities. Read more…

15 More Free WordPress Themes for Photographers

Are you looking for free photography themes? Here you’ll find 15 incredible designs developed especially for the purpose. Who can use them? We guess these WordPress themes will be useful for artists, designers and developers. In a word, for everybody who wants to save some money on his/her future website design.


Free themes don’t have 24/7 support like their premium counterparts. Read more…

15 Cheap Yet Fabulous Gifts for Your Photography Clients

If you’re in the photography industry, leaving your clients with a good impression at the end of a job is very important.


The best way to show your clients that you enjoyed working with them is a small gift which you can give them as part of your photo delivery package. Giving a pen with your logo on it is quite an old-fashioned idea, so what are the gifts that really say “thank you”? Read more…

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