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Street Photography: Easy To Learn, Impossible To Master

Of all the different fields of photography, street photography might be the most difficult. However, it’s also an area that many aspiring photographers jump into first. Street photography almost seems like the reason photography was created for in the first place.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

Unlike taking photos in a studio, shooting landscapes or working with models, street photography entails a bit of chaos. Read more…

20 Fabulous Easter Decoration Ideas for Your Photo Session

Spring is here. It’s awesome time to make a few mini Easter photo sessions. So, today we put together 20 DIY Easter decoration tutorials which will help you to create a perfect deco stuff for your photo sessions.


In this round-up you’ll find eggs garland, table runner with bunnies, flower wraps, decorations for mantelpiece, and many more items that will cheer up your photo session and set up Easter mood. Read more…

10 Inspiring Photo Documentaries Worth Your Time

As we try to find inspiration in our environment that fuels our desire and imagination as artists, we each develop our own style. Sometimes, you may find yourself feeling stuck creatively.


Or you might be enthusiastic about taking photos but be unsure where to focus your energy and enthusiasm. If that’s the case, you might profit from a little history lesson. Read more…

10 Recent Articles with Real-world Tips to Help You Grow as a Photographer

As 2015 came into play, we thought it might be a good idea to make a list of some recent educational resources to share with you.


In this period of added motivation and energy the beginning of the year usually brings, take time to upgrade your photographic skills and build up some business muscle. The following 10 articles are full of helpful, practical tips to help you grow as a photographer. Read more…

Stills Spiced up with Magic: Cinemagraphs Free Pack

Visuals are the focal point of any good design. People are known to be more image than text oriented, and appealing to their visual perception, you can quickly engage them. Stills, videos, gifs – any of them work great for grabbing attention, but all these are long-familiar and widely used.


As online world is constantly changing, it strives for new ways of expression, and cinemagraphs, still photos with slight motion, are the one. They are great alternatives to the usual images and are perfectly tailored for spicing up websites. Read more…

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