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Photo History Club: Pop Art Photography

I believe one could argue that the general population as a whole has historically had a messy, sometimes turbulent, relationship with art.


As artists throughout time have sought to interpret their different realities and experiences as a human being, the end results we call “art” have, at times, ventured into increasingly esoteric realms. That is to say, difficult to understand or relate to. Read more…

The Art of Photojournalism: Tell a Story with Your Image

Many people don’t think of photojournalism as being an artistic pursuit. In many ways, it isn’t. Documentary photography is often utilitarian in nature; the photographer’s job is to tell a story plainly, honestly and efficiently.

Photo by Alec Weir

Photo by Alec Weir

A person might argue that approaching this job with other intentions, such as producing great art, could potentially sully the images. Read more…

Get Inspired: Try Adding a Little Occultish Mystery to Your Photography

It’s not unusual for photographers, both pro and amateur, to find themselves stuck in a creative rut. Nor is it uncommon for photographers to want to try something new. If you find yourself occupying your own rut, or if you’re just looking for some sort of new inspiration, consider trying some unconventional means.

Photo by Chris Ford

Photo by Chris Ford

I’m not suggesting you try invoking some ancient pagan deity to grant you mystical inspiration. But you can make some people wonder if you stumbled upon some strange circumstance and happened to have your camera with you. Read more…

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