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20 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts for Photographers

If you’re like me, you love Mother’s Day, don’t you? We love it not only for a chance to greet our dearest women (or accept greetings if you’re a Mom), but merely for a reminder of what really matters in life.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Photographers

Photo by Tiago Camargo

Every Mother’s Day is another chance for us to see that life is not about the number of figures in our paychecks, it’s not about cars we own, and not even about dreams we have. Read more…

Photographic Education, Specialties, and Business: Interview with Photographer Melanie Weij

In one of our recent newsletters, I asked our subscribers to share their stories with me. The newsletter celebrated the beginning of spring and was dedicated to inspiration and aspiration in the contemporary photographic world. I always encourage readers to hit the reply button and get involved in the conversation. And often, you do (high five!).

Photographic Education, Specialties and Business: Interview with Melanie Weij

So did our subscriber, an Amsterdam-based Architecture / Product photographer Melanie Weij. It appeared that Melanie has just graduated from the University of Applied Photography and her excitement about a new stage in her life could be felt through my laptop screen.

I thought her story might be interesting and helpful to both photographer wannabes out there and those who are making their first steps in the business. So check out my interview with Melanie in which we discuss the role of education, focus, and planning in any photographer’s life. Read more…

50 Sweet Valentine Gifts for Photographers and Their Sweethearts

Season of love is here. Love is in the air and it makes everyone rack his or her brains on a perfect gift for their lovers. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a real pro, you can give your sweetheart a photography Valentine gift that would be a winner for sure.

Photo by Sonya Khegay

Of course, you’re beating your head on the gift and have already run all nearest shops looking for a surprise. I know you want to make this Valentine’s day unforgettable. Here I showcase 50 amazingly creative and romantic Valentine gifts for photographers to help you with this task. Read more…

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