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Top 10 Photography Resources of 2014 You Should Have

“Photographer” is one of the job titles many people would like to have today. Taking pictures is fun and exciting, especially when you earn money for that. However, to reach the point when photography brings your cash, you obviously need to learn.


When it comes to choosing the best educational photography courses, videos and ebooks, it can be overwhelming with all the choices that are out there. In the end of the year, we’d like to share with you 10 photography courses and ebooks released in 2014 that in our opinion are absolutely worth taking. Read more…

Kristina Zvinakeviciute: Winnner of Defrozo Portrait Photography Contest 2014

About a week ago we posted the interview with the first winner of the Defrozo Photography Contest 2014. Today, we’re glad to introduce you to Kristina Zvinakeviciute, a photographer from Manchester, UK who won the Staff Pick Award in the photo contest held by Defrozo.

Photo by Kristina Zvinakeviciute

Photo by Kristina Zvinakeviciute

Learn more about Kristina and her unique approach to photography inspired by the Renaissance art in this interview.

Read more…

25 Top Photographers Share Their Best Christmas Gifts and Wishlists

Winter is coming. While for some of you this sentence is associated with the hordes of blue-eyed walking dead (got ya, the Game of Thrones fanatics!), for most photographers it’s a call to refresh their photo bags.

Photo by Tiago Pereira

Photo by Tiago Pereira

If you’re having hard times deciding what lens to include on your wish list or what photo gadget would make your special someone happy, guess no more. In this post you’ll find plenty of ideas on Christmas gifts for photographers based on interview with 25 influential professionals.  Read more…

Roman Robroek: Winnner of Defrozo Portrait Photography Contest 2014

Last month our friends at Defrozo held a photography contest on their Facebook page. The contest was a success with some amazing works submitted by entrants.

Photo by Roman Robroek

Photo by Roman Robroek

There could only be two winners, though. The first one would be selected by Facebook users who voted for their favorite photos, the other winner is Defrozo’s Staff Pick. In this post we’re interviewing Roman Robroek who received the People’s Choice Award. Read more…

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