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Defrozo Giveaway: Comment for a Chance to Win Premium Ebook

Update : we understand that creating your photography portfolio takes time and effort, that’s why we’re extending the giveaway for two more weeks. On September 17, we’ll announce three winners of our premium ebooks. Roll in!

Photo by Kyrylo Korol

Photo by Kyrylo Korol

And since we have two entries at the moment, both of them are winners! Congrats, Julia and Ivan! We’ll get in touch with you by email shortly.

Great news everyone! We’re starting a giveaway with which you have a chance to get one of Photodoto’s camera guides (normally priced at $9.99 each). Defrozo, our partners we have already told you about, are a new, awesome startup geared at both aspiring and pro photographers.

Built by photogtraphers, Defrozo is an all-in-one platform that helps photographers better organize and market their business online, as well as save money with their feature-packed FREE plan. In fact, it’s a free alternative to subscription-based photo hosting services that will soon include a full-fledged CRM system (Client Relationship Management). Too useful to overlook! So don’t waste your time, read the details below and enter the contest!

Why Defrozo Is the Best Solution for Photographers

We set up a partnership with Defrozo specifically to give our readers a professional and cost-effective option to create a beautiful photography website, promote their work and sell their work more efficiently. Defrozo is being developed to help you handle the business side of your photography job from A to Z.

There are plenty of photo management platforms on the market, you’ll say. It’s true, but have you ever counted how many hours it took you to learn how it works, figure out the pros and cons of one particular tool against another, switch to a less expensive one, and then switch again because the prices for your current plan increased? Probably days, or even weeks

Defrozo’s software is developed for the easiest and fastest workflow possible, utilizing Drag-and-Drop in every tool and featuring a responsive, mobile-ready admin panel. Integrating tools for client and photo management, it aims at being the only platform a photographer will need to run and market his business, no matter what point it’s at.


To recap the above, Defrozo includes a number of essential marketing tools tailored to photographers’ needs:

  • Website portfolio
  • Media library
  • Client galleries
  • Image delivery (coming soon)
  • Scheduling & workflow (coming soon)
  • Online store (coming soon)
  • CRM (coming soon)

While not all features announced on Defrozo are available to date, the platform is growing at a fast pace with updates released bi-weekly. For photographers that are just starting their career, it’s a great opportunity to jump aboard and grow together; for established businesses, it’s a tool to watch over. You may read more about Defrozo’s features and advantages on their official website.

What We’re Giving Away

Three winners will each get a copy of From Newbie to a Pro: 10 Essential Camera Settings You Should Know Letter Perfect Canon or Nikon (of your choice) with a 100% discount. That’s a $9.99 value for FREE.


Two Simple Steps to Enter the Giveaway

Enter our giveaway in just two easy steps:

  1. Register your account with Defrozo.com, and create your site to see how easy it is.
  2. Leave a comment to this post, including a link to your brand new Defrozo website and your feedback regarding the tool.

And that’s pretty much it – you are in!

Now you’re a registered participant of this giveaway. Our editorial team will choose winners based on the comment’s quality (insightful feedback will have more chances than “cool site” or “meh..”) and the efforts you put in to make your Defrozo site stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to criticize – the guys at Defrozo encourage any suggestions and criticism. That’s the only way to make something awesome, right?

Exactly in a week from now (September 3, 2014), when you get back to Photodoto, we will announce the names of three lucky winners (who knows, maybe you’ll be one of them!).

Win-Win Game

Obviously, not all the participants can win one of the guides, but we are happy to give you a 50%-discount code for 99 Posing Tips Guide Ebook from our library! In case you want to get this product, during the giveaway you can get it at half-price!

Just copy the code below and paste it on the checkout page, and the price will be automatically reduced. Here is the promo-code:

Promo-Code: defrozo20

To use this promo-code, you should enter it at the checkout window like on the screenshot below:


This promo-code is valid till 14th of September, 2014. So, till this time, you can buy 99 Posing Tips Guide Ebook at 50% off.

Don’t Lose the Chance

Hopefully, this cool giveaway will inspire you for new photography and design achievements! Along with a chance at the ebooks, you may create a photography portfolio for free. We wish you good luck!

P.S. If you’re not interested in the products we’re giving out, you may create a website with Defrozo without entering the giveaway. It’s all up to you!

Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. Currently, she is working as a writer at PhotoBlog.
  • Here’s mine http://demetrio.defrozo.com/

    I don’t pretend to win (gotta have that Canon guide though!), just wanted to share my Defrozo website with you.

    I’m so much looking forward to see you guys commenting here and leaving your feedback! Hope you will help us build a truly great product.

    Demetrio Fortman
    Founder of Defrozo

  • Voila :) http://juliamay.defrozo.com/

    Defrozo has the potential to grow into something really, really big. You guys raised a pretty high bar for both yourself and competition. I like your approach for sure. This was the sweet part of my comment, now goes bitter one (don’t panic, LOL)

    I hope you will fix the usability flaws of your themes very soon, and I really look forward to the “downloading” functionality in your client galleries. This would really allow professional photographers who use online galleries to deliver photos to clients and not just display them, to jump on your board.

    Other than that, everything is fine. Well, there are bugs here and there and your current features lack important functionality, but I realize it’s BETA and you’re on your way to polishing it up. Right?

    Best of luck to you guys!

    • Thanks a ton for your feedback, Julia! Your effort and recommendations of Defrozo in your articles are really encouraging and motivating!

      You’re 100% correct, Defrozo is in beta with updates scheduled to be released bi-weekly. And here’s a small teaser – the next update will include digital downloads in client galleries, stay on the lookout for our blog news.

      Our themes will undergo a major overhaul over the next two weeks, so that the general looks and workflow will considerably improve.

      Again, thanks for taking time to create your site on Defrozo and comment here. You rock!

  • Ivan Pavlovskyy

    Here’s mine! http://pavlovskyy.defrozo.com/

    As for the feedback. Generally – great idea! Great potential. I understand it’s beta version now, so there some bugs. And I will send them to you by email. I’d like to give you some positive criticism (feedback):

    1. It’ll be great to have an opportunity to choose either to sign up on Defrozo or just download Defrozo and Host by my own. It can be a feature.
    2. Next idea is to add an ability to use custom domain name.
    3. Also a blog would be a great feature.
    4. Add some Google fonts to a customization menu (they are free and easy to install I guess) It would be cool and more flexible.
    5. Add Google analytics to the website.

    I created my website very quickly, so I will continue customizing it. So as soon as I have some comments I’ll let you know via email.

    • Hey Ivan! Thanks so much for taking time to explore Defrozo and make this list.

      We’re currently working on at least two features you’re mentioning and I’ll definitely discuss the idea of the desktop version of Defrozo with my team.

      Thanks again! Love your photos btw.

  • Kemberly Mixon at Full of Grac

    I just started creating my website and I’m very excited at what I am seeing so far. Your team has been extremely responsive to my questions. It would be helpful to have more complete instructions on the website build. I’m looking forward to more themes and functionality – but I’m very happy with what I have seen so far!

    • Kimberley, thanks so much for your kind words and feedback!

      Next week we’ll release extensive help area on the Defrozo website, with a step-by-step user manual and community forum. And you can always shoot us an email with your questions and feedback, we’re happy to help.

      Thanks for your interest in Defrozo! Love your photography, having so many talented people on board feels really inspiring.