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Do You Photoblog?

I was just procrastinating by browsing Wikipedia (is there any greater way to procrastinate?!) when I came across this entry on photoblogging. I do have a blog on which I sometimes post a photo if there’s one I particularly want to share and I have a Flickr account but I don’t have a dedicated photoblog. I’ve never needed one, most of my paid photography work has come to me by word of mouth or my Flick account. But now I’ve moved to a different country and getting photography work is going to require more than word of mouth and my Flickr account is a bit of a mess, with lots of photos and no organisation (more aimed at my friends than potential clients). Therefore I’m thinking of setting up a photoblog to aid in getting work in my new area. So I am looking at other photoblogs for inspiration, here are a few I like (for the photography and the site design):

Red Heart Photography – a nice photoblog from a professional photographer

Framed and Shot – a blog by a Norwegian couple living in Texas who are passionate about photography.

A.B.C Photography – by a Latvian who describes his photography as far from being a serious profession but rather a serious hobby.

Lightproofbox – from Photodoto’s very own John Watson.

Take the Lid Off – from a Canadian photography enthusiast.

What about you, do you photoblog? Do you have a favourite photoblog? Tell us in the comments section.

Ray Davis

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  • I’ve been posting to Flickr since 2004 (and to iTools/.Mac/MobileMe since before then) but have been keeping a photoblog of my photo-a-day project at http://mindfulseeing.com

  • Ben

    Just started a few weeks ago! It’s been a lot of fun so far…I’d definitely recommend it.

  • Been doing it for a while at the above URL. There’s no real rythm. I use flickr for all my photographs, the photoblog is more for the shots I really liked working on, so that’s obviously less frequent.

  • Ask for photoblogs and you’re bound to get a response! Mine’s at Inphotos.org but my favourite photoblog has to be Alkos, a Polish guy in Dublin who has some stunning street photos.

  • tq

    I use the Flickr API to show photos on my site:

    My favourite photo blog is Jeff Newsom

  • I enjoy photoblogs that use BIG pictures. It was a revelation to see Boston.com’s The Big Picture debut not so long ago. Let’s face it, most people these days have large screens and fast connections. We might as well take advantage of that.

    They were a direct inspiration for my own site.

  • I bought a cellphone with a camera. Then I thought “why not photoblog?”.

  • I guess I do have a photoblog, although I hadn’t thought of it that way! The photography itself is just a hobby, I’m working with a little point and shoot. My philosophy is that we are surrounded by beauty and complexity and wonder and life, if we take the time to look for it. And I get out there and look for it in my own backyard, and post what I find daily, hoping to inspire other people to reconnect with nature and find joy in their everyday surroundings.

  • Yep I have one that I have been writing in for abot a year, from tips/techniques to crits of my own work.


  • I have just started photoblogging in an effort to get my students to do the same. We have all had our first few posts and I am very happy to see my students’ work displayed. Their work is linked on my blogs list.

  • I have a photoblog that I started because I wanted to do a photo-a-day (inspired by this guy), and since has turned into “a photo most days”. I love that I have this visual diary to look back on and remember what I was doing or seeing or thinking about a year ago! It also lets my friends and family that are spread far and wide keep up.

    Mine is a bit less about great photos and more about taking photos of stuff that’s happening with me – I use flickr for my serious photos (if you could call them that!) – but it challenges me to take pictures constantly and I like that I can look back and see how I’m improving over time as well.

  • PS – I’ll echo tq’s endorsement of Jeff Newsom’s blog! I love his work!

  • PJZ

    I’ve been on Flickr since 2004 as well.

    Just recently though, I started up my photoblog to force myself to keep my artistic work up instead of just posting work related photography.

    A way to just keep the skills sharp, ya know?

  • Got a message under the incoming links on our dashboard, and what a nice surprise to find us her!
    Thank you for you nice words!

    We post a new photo every day, or every other day. And try to vary between macro, HDR, urban, portrait, nature…
    Photo is so much fun and there is so many nice photoblogs to get inspiration and knowledge from!

  • I started photoblogging when I moved from Texas to Colorado. With so much beauty in this state, I just had to start bringing my camera with me everywhere I go.

    Photowalking Colorado

  • I keep an ongoing flickr stream:

    I also have a new dedicated photography blog

    I had a straight “a-photo-a-day” photoblog for a while, but really wanted to add in more photo-related text content in order to promote myself and fulfill requests that I explain my work a bit more. So I moved to the new hybrid photoblog.

    A couple of my favorite photoblogs would be:
    Decoys like curves:

  • Hi,

    I run a photoblog together with two friends of mine. It’s a photo-a-day kind of blog, where I post every third day.

    The site is at: http://www.framenotincluded.com

    We’re Norwegian as well, and I don’t know what the deal is with Norwegians and urls including the word “Frame”

    For us it started out as a way to motivate and try out new things. We’re closing in on uour first year now, and we have plans of expanding the photo-a-day thing with a more text based blog where we can go into detail about post processing, tips, links etc.

    My absolute favorite among the many excellent photoblogs out there, is http://www.topleftpixel.com. No doubt. It’s not just the great photos he posts, but as a whole I really enjoy the way he presents his city, with the architecture, the people and everything around.

  • I photoblog, though I think it’s more for me than anyone else. It forces me to work and improve my photography, which is a good thing.

  • Those are some great photoblogs, thanks for the info. i think for yourself moving to a new country you all the ammo you can give off for people to find you will only benefit you in the long run.

  • Listing through my admin site i was redirected here and found my name. Thanks! You’ve got the essence of my passion for photography.

  • WordPress mostly.

  • I know all these are personal choices but I think a visit at some of the blogs you will find in these lists will give you the definition of “an intresting photoblog”



  • Pam

    I just started mine a couple of weeks ago, loving it so far!!

  • Hi, I’d like to share two links:




  • I blog some of my photos from my weekend job. It’s been fun so far.


  • hey man, thanks for the blog shout out. if it wasn’t for awstats, i’d never know if people are really reading! Aloha from Hawaii!!!



  • My site is more about being a student of photography and learning technique.