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Kodak says camera sensor may eliminate flash – Yahoo! News

It’s an interesting idea and a direction that all digital camera makers are obviously headed in. Every generation of digital camera will have higher ISOs with less noise than the previous batch. Now imagine just a little ways in the future when you can get the equivalent of ISO 12800 (3 stops faster than ISO 1600) with no noise. I could’ve used it today for sure. Three stops is the difference between shooting indoors under fluorescent lighting at 1600 and 200. High ISOs will never be a substitute for quality lighting but it’d sure be handy.

Kodak says camera sensor may eliminate flash – Yahoo! News

John Watson

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  • That would be a big help at basketball games for sure.

  • Graeme Smith

    I would disagree that newer cameras are less noise – as camera makers squeeze more and more pixels on to the sensors will get more and more noisey.

  • It’s true that, generally, adding more pixels using *current* technology adds noise. But what we’re talking about here is a technological advance that reduces noise at higher sensitivity. And the trend has been that digital cameras become less noisy over time. The first 1 megapixel digital cameras were incredibly noisy compared with the current crop of 10 and 12 megapixel DSLRs, for example.