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Thanks to Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions, you don’t need to be a tech geek with special knowledge to add the most dazzling effects to your pictures. That’s what makes these presets so enjoyable to use. So make your life easier and create pictures so attractive that people will think you’re a master photographer. Photodoto Want to add gorgeous and memorable effects to all of your pictures, but don’t want to get technical at all? With our Photodoto presets, adding awesome effects is easier than ever! Whether you want a soft and airy look, one with fewer highlights or effects just for seaside snapshots – we’ve got you covered.
lightroom prests Portrait pop
lightroom prests Old navy
lightroom prests High key look
Photodoto Lightroom presets pack for$ 9.99 download now
UnionActions Think your images need to be enhanced? How about treated with filters and extra-special darkroom techniques or just turned into stunning black-and-white shots? If you said, “yes,” to all of the above, then UnionActions’ Portrait v 2.0, Photo designer and Black & White presets are your best friends.
Photoshop Actions Portrait v 2.0 $ 39 download now
Photoshop Actions Photo designer $ 29 download now
Photoshop Actions Black & White $ 29 download now
Photography pla.net Fans of hazy snapshots, cinema-style pictures and that vintage look courtesy of light leaks will absolutely fall in love with Photography pla.net’s presets. So download them today to get your fill.
lightroom prests Cinematic $ 17 download now
lightroom prests Haze $ 17 download now
lightroom prests Light Leak $ 27 download now
Bellevue Avenue Films fans will instantly take to the Filmtastic Life Lightroom Presets while connoisseurs of black-and-white photos will do flips over Timeless: Black & White Lightroom Presets. The Touch of Sweetness Lightroom Presets are for the inner tech geek who loves tinkering with depth, colors, tones and so much more.
lightroom prests Timeless
Black & White
$ 89 download now
lightroom prests Filmtastic life $ 79 download now
lightroom prests Touch
of sweetness
$ 52 download now
$2 presets For pure economic value, you can’t find better deals than these presets. Wedding fans, nature lovers and tilt-shift aficionados will find a host of presets here to satisfy their wildest desires. All presets are compatible with various formats.
lightroom prests Wedding NO. 5 $ 2 download now
lightroom prests Tilt Shift NO. 1 $ 2 download now
lightroom prests Nature NO. 3 $ 2 download now