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MotoCMS Giveaway: Win 1×3 Professional Photography Website Template (Worth $139 Each)

Here on Photodoto, we know for sure what the biggest dream of every photographer is – it’s a professional, stunning portfolio website! Let your dreams come true!


We’re pleased to announce a MotoCMS giveaway where all of you have a chance to win one of three premium website templates from our partners MotoCMS, spiced up with their powerful admin panel.

We set up a partnership with MotoCMS specifically to give our readers the best solution for creating a professional photography website. MotoCMS photography website templates are available here.

So don’t waste your time! Read the rules, leave a quick comment, tweet the post and enter the contest!

Why Are Website Templates From MotoCMS a Perfect Option for Photographers?

A website template is ready-to-use design and a perfect “playground” to implement your ideas. All you need to do is just change the logo, name and photographs in a website template, and your portfolio is done.

Creating a photography website is easy as never before.

Creating a photography website with the MotoCMS admin panel is as easy as never before.

An intuitive, drag-and-drop admin panel will help you with it. Basic computer knowledge is more than enough to launch your own website within hours!

Browse our gallery of perfect photography website templates

Browse our gallery of perfect photography website templates!

Moreover, there is a huge number of stunning templates, so you can grab one to catch your fancy.

What We’re Giving Out

Three winners will each get a professional photography website template with a 100% discount – it’s totally free. That also means that these winners will be allowed to get any website template they like from our gallery.

Two Easy Steps to Win Templates From MotoCMS

Enter the giveaway in two easy steps:

  1. Leave your comment with the reasons “why you need a photography website.”
  2. Tweet this post.

*Remember, one entry per person! Duplication of the comments will be voided and deleted.

And that’s pretty much it – you are in!

Now you’re a registered participant of this giveaway. Our editorial team will choose winners based on comments. Exactly in a week from now (September 18, 2013), when you get back to Photodoto, we will publish the names of three lucky winners (who knows, maybe you’ll be one of them).

Try MotoCMS for Free

While you’re waiting for the results, you can try out a free trial version of the photography website template, upload your content and play around with the website to see the thing in action. Just click on the button below, choose the template you like most and try it for free!


Win Win Situation

Since, obviously, not everyone can win a template, we’re happy to give a 25% discount code to all Photodoto readers! In case you love your website template from MotoCMS during your free trial period (we are sure you will), you’ll be able to purchase it and save 25% from the original price.

Just copy the code below and paste it on the checkout page, and the price will be automatically reduced. Here is the promo-code:

Promo-Code: photodoto20

To use this promo-code, you should enter it at the checkout like on the screenshot below:


The promo-code is valid until the 30th of September. So, till the end of this month, you can buy a photography website template at 25% off.

Hopefully, this awesome giveaway will inspire your new photography and web design achievements! Good luck!

P.S. If you’re not interested in contest participation or you don’t want to wait, you can test and buy the template right now. Just click on the button below.


Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. Currently, she is working as a writer at PhotoBlog.

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  • Sharjeel Larik

    I need a photography website because I want to show the world my photography, my experiences, my views and amazing sights all over the globe and I want to provoke them to do the same so that the world is within our reach and comprehension.

  • amulya nagaraj

    Every photographer requires the perfect platform to display their work. The platform needs to reflect the photographer’s style, passion and ambition and it is not possible to pick any random template to do this. I would like to showcase my photographs to the world in a manner that will make the maximum impact!

  • Greg Sharpe

    I want to bring people into a different perspective of photography, and being an amateur its very difficult these days to draw people in unless your photography is useful, meaningful and viewers can see it in an appealing and easy to use way. With the MotoCMS template you can provide viewers the best possible experience that allows them to enjoy each an every photo. I believe that the MotoCMS template will allow my photos to speak to viewers, and draw them into the story of the picture, without being bothered by cumbersome website layouts, and undesirable effects that disappoint. While still an amateur I aspire to take the leap in to the professional world but I can’t do it alone, I need MotoCMS beside me every step of the way. I look forward to making my own unique site with my own creative style from MotoCMS. I will also share my successes with my fellow photogs to get suggestions, help and advice, some of which have already turned pro. Thanks MotoCMS for this giveaway and please consider me in this givaway. Thank you.

  • Eric Reardon

    I would like the platform to show what I can do as I have a disorder that causes me to shake(not the greatest thing for a photographer). I want to travel and take pictures so a template to help organize and publish my pictures would be great.

  • Khuram Lawrence

    Never had my own website before. Looks like fun!

  • Katayoon Photography

    I would love to have a website to show the world my work, specially showing everyone the sides of my part of the world that is not much being shown on the media (which was one of the main reasons I started taking photography more seriously in the first place). Getting a chance to have that would mean so much to me,

  • Sandy Dempster

    I love taking landscape photos and would like to be able to share them with the world in a professional manner. I believe your website templates would allow this to happen.

  • ttopix

    I have a flickr account which I started simply as a place to store my photos, all my photos, not just the best ones, never thinking that I had any talent in photograph. A lot has happened over time and I have come to realise that my personal development is reflected in my photography or vice versa, not sure which. I would love to have a showcase to present to people what my ‘eye’ sees, to encourage, challenge, inspire or maybe just to bring a smile. ;o))

  • MG

    To motivate myself to grab the camera and take pictures to share with everyone!

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  • mlfoto

    I need a photography website, and I have tried squarespace, zenfolio and wordpress, but I have still not found one that fullfill all my needs. I want one that is easy to manage and can showcase my pictures in a great way.

  • Cristiano Barbosa

    Hi i want a website so i can show people from around the world the reality of my country, my country has only 500.000 people but a million stories behind.

  • As a startup photographer, it is hard to decide what to put money on whether it is gear, photo editing software, online photography classes, or a nice website. I believe these are all important and necessary things in order to build your business. Starting up can be a slow and frustrating process especially when you have to build your business piece by piece. Having a nice portfolio is an extremely important part of a photographer’s business and showcasing your work in a way that is appealing is essential to drawing in clients. As of now, I showcase my work on wordpress, I would like my work to look more professional and having a beautiful template would really highlight my photography.

  • Jeff

    I need a photography website, because my photos need a good home where they can live and flourish in the view of everyone.

  • George Gao

    I have this friend of mine who studies photography and who would love to have her own professional photography website. She is a very talented and loving person; photography is not only a passion, through which she invites the world to perceive through a new lens the world we live in, but also an opportunity to taste, experience and interact with things henceforth unapproachable to us: nature, transcendence, love, culture and people.

  • Meagan Chiuchiarelli

    Why I Need a photography website
    I need a professional photography website so I can demonstrate to everyone on social media the truth about beauty and where it comes from.
    Beauty exist in some of the more common, simple and raw aspects of our lives. However it is often masked by marketed beauty portayed in magazines/ media/
    I nee a professional website to give confidence to other about their beauty, their beautiful life and beautiful surroundings.

  • Brent Spencer

    I basically need a photography website in order to make an income to continue with my dream! 6months ago I lost partial vision in my left eye. Thank goodness I can use my right eye for the viewfinder. Now on disability I need to generate an income to have money for equipment and a little extra studio equipment! Mi could really use it but if there is someone more deserving, then I wish them luck!
    Thanks for listening!

  • Paul Alabama

    Thats huge!
    Flickr is great, 500px is nice, but there is nothing more professional as to have your own website with your own style! Was thinking about one for a long time. Maybe thats my chance :D

  • Astanasia!

    thats great websites are great for showcasing your work and share it with the world i would really like to do that!! thanks for the opportunity!!

  • nina bille

    A good photography template would lift my photography blog to another level, making the most of my photos!

  • apic

    Would love a new site to show off my photos. My current blog is so boooorrrrring. and I have an idea of a layout I’d like to use but don’t know the first thing about building a website.

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  • Heather-Eternal Ink Photograph

    I recently decided to grow in my photography from a hobby to semi pro after everyone constantly telling me how “good” I am. I love photography it soothes me after working my highly stressful day job (prison) Having a website of my own could allow me to share my passion with the world and help me branch out. Two birds one stone kinda thing. I’m sorry though I can not tweet, I don’t and refuse to have a twitter account. I’m a Leo and a half Italian woman 140 characters is not enough to express myself lol. Plus I don’t really care what kind of toast one ate for breakfast. ;)