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Ack! My 80-200 broke!

The focus selector switch on my Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8D cracked and broke off. Somewhat bummed out. That’s not a cheap lens and, although the repair should be trivial, I have a feeling it’s not going to be inexpensive either. Sigh. Nobody ever said photography was a cheap hobby, right? At least the lens itself is still in perfect working condition. Anyone know of a way to repair this other than sending it in to Nikon?

80-200 2.8D focus selector switch

John Watson

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  • Ouch! That has GOT to hurt. It does look like an easy fix but not likely where you were expecting to spend money this month. Hope it all goes well and keep us posted.

  • Will

    Sorry for your break, but crazy timing. I just got my 80-200 from KEH. A BGN (bargin model) for a nice discount unfortunately the chrome button that locks the lens in M or A won’t pop up. So I keep flicking it to M when I try to zoom by mistake. Thanks for posting the pic so I see what the internals look like. I figured it was spring of some sort. Please keep us updated. I’m just going to use some tape to keep mine in place for now, but will look at repairing the spring at some point.

  • Same thing happened to mine, except mine didn’t break all the way through..there is just a small hairline fracture near the button. I sent it back to Nikon expecting it to be fixed under warranty, and they said this was not covered under warranty and the repair estimate was $200. From what I’ve read many people are having this problem, yet Nikon refuses to fix it under warranty. It’s obvious this plastic ring wasn’t designed to take the stress, and is an engineering mistake. Maybe we can bring attention to this and wake Nikon up, because they won’t fix it otherwise. Meanwhile, my lens is held hostage at Nikon while I figure out what to do.

  • Stew

    Have you tried duck tape (also incorrectly known as duct tape)? Here in Vermont we use it to fix almost everything!


    Seriously though, sorry for your loss. Good luck with the repair.

  • Rose

    Same thing happened to mine. Sent it to Nikon with all documentation and they put a new ring on it free of charge. Unfortunately, the new ring doesn’t work so the AF/M selector is useless since the lens cannot be locked in either mode. I didn’t realize the repair was also warranted so didn’t bother to return it. Have never used it again. Somewhere, I read a post about using JB weld to fix it. No idea how that would work.

    (first, they denied that I sent the warranty info and the charge would be $133–after emailing another copy, they covered it.)