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Fujifilm X70 User Review: Sweet for Street

Fujifilm x70 is the newest little beast in Fujifilm lineup of premium compact cameras. This camera is targeted towards enthusiast and professional photographers (thanks to retro styling and large APS-C sensor) who want to travel light and want image quality at the same time.

Fuji X70 User Review

Fuji x70 is a trade-off between the legendary Fujifilm x100T and more travel oriented point and shoot Fujifilm x30. With a fixed prime lens of 28mm (35mm equivalent) and an APS-C sensor, it’s a must have for all street photography lovers. Read more…

Logos for Photography Business: 5 Trends to Use

A well-designed logo is a must-have tool for any photographer and studio wants to be seen on the market. According to many analysts, a logo plays an important role in entrepreneur’s success. Especially, if it’s a part of a brand identity.


Use the following trends and ideas to create a powerful logo for your photography business and grab the attention of potential customers in a matter of a moment. Read more…

Aide de Camp Camera Bag Review: Where Function Meets Style

If you’re a woman in the photography business, you’ve probably heard of Aide de Camp by now. Yeah, it’s the company that has literally took camera bag out of the box (the clumsy black box), and proved that practical can be stylish.

Aide de Camp Camera Bag Review

In this post I’m sharing my hands-on review of Aide de Camp’s new offering, the elegant Nadine Camera Bag. The tote bag is designed for travelling and fits a lot of purposes both a working photographer or travelling enthusiast may have for it. Read more…

20 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts for Photographers

If you’re like me, you love Mother’s Day, don’t you? We love it not only for a chance to greet our dearest women (or accept greetings if you’re a Mom), but merely for a reminder of what really matters in life.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Photographers

Photo by Tiago Camargo

Every Mother’s Day is another chance for us to see that life is not about the number of figures in our paychecks, it’s not about cars we own, and not even about dreams we have. Read more…

Top 6 Best Cameras Under $1000

If you are interested in taking up photography as a hobby or just love snapping pictures of family and friends, you are probably well aware of how expensive most high-end digital cameras can be.

Top 6 Best Cameras Under $1000

Photo by Wil Stewart

The really great cameras all seem to be well outside your budget. In fact, if you happen to run across a great camera for around $3000, you might be inclined to consider yourself lucky. Read more…

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