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Black and White with a Splash of Colour – iPod style

redflowerOne of my most frequently commented on posts is the little tutorial Black and White with a Splash of Colour. Well, I’ve just discovered a new super easy way of achieving the technique for those of you with an iPod Touch or iPhone. A little, at the moment free, app called ColorCanvas which couldn’t make it any simpler to create black and white photos with a little colour. I’ve been playing with it on my iPod Touch and it works pretty well. You simply import a photo from your library (or take one if you have an iPhone) and ColorCanvas will convert it to black and white automatically. Then wherever you touch on the screen turns back to colour. It takes a bit of practice to be accurate with the edges but you can vary the brush size and zoom in on the photo to make it easier. There’s the option to vary the opacity too.

I’ve just downloaded a whole bunch of free photography apps for my iPod and I’ll be trying them out on the 8 hours of train journeys I have this weekend so I’ll let you know if any good ones turn up. If you have any favourite photography apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone let us know in the comments.

History behind the “Lion / sidecar / wall of death” photo

lion on wall of death You may have seen this photo (at right) recently. Like many people, I’m sure, I found it incredible, difficult to believe, and inspiring. Just the act of sitting next to a lion takes a certain bravado. Even “tame” lions are caged—in fact, the last “lion drome” was closed after a lion bit a drunk carnival worker. Biting, it’s what those big teeth are for.

So I did a little research and dug up these resources. The first link is from Sidecar Pete. He seems to have been the one to find the photo in a shop and post a digital photo of the photo online. Pete was also fascinated with the photo and linked to a New York Times article on Walls of Death from 2006 and to Thrillarena.com’s pages about lion dromes (Thrillarena Lion Dromes 1 and 2). A site called Dark Roasted Blend also has a brief history of walls of death including lion dromes with lots of great vintage photos.

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