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Stunning Science Photography

Science photography seems to me to be an often overlooked area of this art form. Possibly because it is an area mostly left to the professionals and not easily accessible to amateurs. Still, it is a shame because science photography produces some of the most amazing photographs around. Just check out Lennary Nilsson’s award winning A Child Is Born portfolio, or David Doubilet’s amazing black and white seascapes and you’ll see what I’m talking about. These are photographs that not only look stunning but give an insight into parts of our world we don’t ordinarily get to see.

I find this totally fascinating, I mean did you know what bone tissue or SARS virus particles looked like? Kinda cool actually.

Animoto for Photography

I created the above sample video in about 5 minutes using my photos and music from their commercially licensed stock library. Dead simple, nice results. Animoto is so easy because it allows you to exchange control over the video for incredible production speed. Although Animoto does most of the work, you can use the “Spotlight” feature to highlight certain photos and adjust the speed of the video. Animoto could be just the ticket for photographers looking for a secret weapon to help promote their business or as an add-on to sell to customers. It’s also a lot of fun.

Animoto says:

Created by TV & film producers, Animoto for Photography lets you turn your breathtaking photos into stunning video in minutes. Fast, award-winning production value plus a library of 175+ free, commercially licensed songs, gives photographers the most powerful video creation tool available.

Founded by MTV and VH1 alumni, Animoto for Photography automatically produces professional video from the photos and music that a photographer selects. Each video is stunning, completely unique, and takes only minutes to produce.

Animoto: Photography For Business

D90 “ERR” mystery solved

I was having intermittent trouble with my new D90 recently. The dreaded blinking “ERR” in the LCD. My symptoms included: wouldn’t focus, shutter would trip but no image recorded, ERR light. The only way to clear it was to remove the battery. The thing is that it would only happen once in a while so, at first, I didn’t think too much about it. It got bad enough though that I decided I had a bad copy and was about to send it back for a replacement when… I noticed that the LCD would flickr when I wiggled the lens.

The solution? I removed the lens, wiped down the contacts and the mounting ring, and reattached it. Problem solved. I feel a little sheepish admitting how lame/lazy I am for not checking that in the first place. Lessons learned? I’m an idiot. Plus, check the lens mount if you’re getting weird intermittent mechanical problems with your DSLR.

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