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Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year

I mentioned the Travel Photographer of the Year in a previous post because it had some very deserving winners this year (it you haven’t already go look!). Well, now another fantastic UK-based competition is open for entries. The Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year has thousands of pounds of cash up for grabs in fifteen different categories for adults and one category for under-17s. I made it through to the semi-finals last year and will definitely be trying again this year! To make it even easier you can enter digital images online or send prints by mail. The deadline is 31March 2008 for online submissions and 24March 2008 for entries by mail so get out there and find some wildlife!

The making of a “simple” snapshot: a photo essay in four frames

Last night, as she tucked our son into bed, my lovely and talented wife came into the office in search of the camera. Our conversation went something like this:

Wife: “Where’s the camera? I need to take a picture of your son. How do you get this thing off the tripod?”

Tripod head

Me: “Wait a second. You’re going to need some light.”
Wife: “This is supposed to just be a quick snapshot.”
Me: “Do you want a blurry mess or do you want to be able to see what’s in the photo?” (Set flash to TTL BL, +1 EV, on-camera, oriented to bounce off ceiling and adjacent wall. Camera set to ISO 200, P mode, +0.7 EV)

SB-800 Speedlight

Me: “Oops, you’re going to need some film.”
Wife: Grrr.

Flash memory

Me: “There you go.”
Wife: *Click!*
Me: “Hey, presto!”


Scene and composition: The Lovely and Talented Wife
Camera setup: Me

World Heritage Tour

I’ve been a fan of the World Heritage Tour for years. It’s an independent non-profit organization documenting the UNESCO World Heritage List in interactive 360-degree panographies. To date they’ve visited 298 sites around the world including Egypt, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, New York, and many more.

World Heritage Tour

To use the site, click the Planisphere link at the top of any page. Then click the yellow circles on the maps to zoom in on a particular area. You’ll end up on a 360 degree interactive panograph (Quicktime required) that lets you see the location as if you were actually there.

La Jolla photowalk recap

Photowalk 020908The Epic Edits photowalk on Saturday was a lot of fun with about 15 people showing up (despite Upcoming.org’s indication that there would only be four of us. You people don’t RSVP, do you?).

We followed the planned route and made our way down to scenic La Jolla Cove where we found tide pools and seals enjoying the gorgeous weather. Folks are still uploading and tagging photos and you can check them out here.

If you were there, tag your photos photowalking020908 and upcoming:event=414505.

Join us for a photo walk in La Jolla

Brian at Epic Edits is hosting a photo walk for southern California photographers in La Jolla this Saturday, February 9, 2008. I’m planning on being there and I hope you can make it if you are in the area.

Meet us at the Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla to start off a great afternoon of photowalking. We’ll use the gallery as a gathering place so we can browse the photographic art as we wait for everyone to arrive.

From there, we’ll walk down Girard Avenue for some street photography. At the end of Girard, there’s another gallery that we can optionally visit called Images of Nature by Thomas D. Mangelsen. We’ll then turn our attention to the busy sidewalks of Prospect Street as we make our way down toward the beach. Once near the water, we’ll explore La Jolla’s scenic shoreline and maybe even visit the tide pools if the tides are in our favor.

You can read more about the walk on the Epic Edits blog or get directions at the event page on Upcoming.

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