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Albelli book printing service, free book giveaway

Update: There are no more discount codes available.

Albelli, a new photo book printing service from Album Printer Solutions, launched today.

Albelli features a photo book creation service that integrates with Photobucket and book creation software based on the Flash-based Adobe AIR platform which means it is compatible with Windows and Mac with Linux “on the way.” Is it just me or are there a ton of these do-it-yourself book printing services now? Shutterfly, Blurb, Qoop, Lulu, HP, MyPublisher, etc.

Shipping is free during the beta period. They offer books in portrait, landscape, and square formats with leather or linen covers.

I have not tried the service. If you are interested in giving it a go, leave a comment. Albelli has generously given us 20 coupon codes for a free medium landscape photo book or equivalent discount off a higher-priced book. All I ask is that after using the service you email me your impressions for publication here or write a review in the comments. Leave a valid email address so I can email you a discount code. Only one per person, please.

Visit Albelli Photo Books


Friday Grab Bag

British Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism campaign“There’s a great deal of paranoia around but the police are on alert for anything that vaguely resembles terrorism. It’s difficult because the more professional a photographer, paradoxically, the more likely they are to be stopped or questioned. If people were using photos for terrorism purposes they would be using the smallest camera possible.” Read on at BBC News

In other anti-photographer news: Stadium Visitor Told To Hit Delete Button.

Digital Photography School explains why you should set up a photo blog.

Photographer Rob Goldman organized a photo exhibition by and about the homeless while volunteering at a shelter. “I don’t propose to have any answers; that’s the beauty of art,” Goldman says. But perhaps the show, he adds, will “force people to look at their own questions and see if the solution can begin.” Read more and watch the video at Newsday.com

Your contest ideas wanted

I’m planning on running a contest in the next couple of weeks here at Photodoto.com. Besides everlasting fame and glory I’d like to give actual prizes to the winners as well. So far though, I only have some vague ideas about the format of the contest and what the actual prizes may be. This is where you come in.

I’d like to find out what you’d like in a contest. Please share your ideas in the comments about contest format, possible themes, judging, prize suggestions and anything else you can think of. Is it just a photo competition or something else photography related? Should we allow photos from the archives or only new photos? How should winners be selected? Skill or chance? Should there be a judging committee or some kind of open voting? Is there a theme? Should we have contests regularly?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

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