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Convert any photo into an illustration

Here’s something we’ve never tried before here at Photodoto.com: a tutorial screencast. This screencast shows a fast, fun, and easy way to convert any photo into an illustration. Please let us know if you had any problems viewing it. Also, leave a comment if you like the screencast format and would like to see more posts like this one. Thanks for watching!

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Links in this screencast:

  • Inkscape – free vector graphics application similar to Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw
  • Click here to view a higher quality Quicktime version of this screencast.

Here are the before and after photos shown in this screencast:



Met to Open New Photo Gallery

On September 25 of this year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City will inaugurate a new gallery, the Joyce and Robert Menschel Hall for Modern Photography. This marks the museum’s first gallery for contemporary photography. With 2,000 feet of space, the hall will be able to show large pieces, some of which the museum has not yet exhibited. According to a recent news release, the first exhibit will be called Depth of Field:Contemporary Photography at the Metropolitan. It will feature photographs that the museum has collected over the past few decades. The museum plans to change exhibits twice yearly.

Get sunset and sunrise times for any location on Earth

Sunset/sunrise tables screenshotPhotographers know that the best light of the day usually happens at sunrise and sunset. I’m happy to announce the availability of a helpful utility that lets you use a map to find your location on the Earth and then instantly creates a table of sunset and sunrise times and moon phases.

Choose one of the dozens of pre-set locations or create your own custom location (with precision right down to the street level, if you like). The last location you selected on the map is automatically restored the next time you visit the page making it extremely easy to get up-to-date information.

Get sunset and sunrise times for any location on Earth

Online Manuals for Secondhand Cameras

Not everyone buys new cameras from a store. Those of you who buy used cameras may be happy to learn that you can easily get manuals for them. There are plenty of online sites that let you download manuals in some form. Finding manuals for digital cameras is relatively simple at sites like this.

In these types of sites, you just select a manufacturer and then download a file. Different manufacturers supply different types of files. On the Cameratown site, for example, Canon supplies html files, while Pentax uses pdf.

But maybe you have some weird camera you picked up at a yard sale, or a vintage film camera. Anyone with an older or more unusual camera should go to Michael Butkus Jr.’s site. This is a treasure trove for certain camera owners. Here you will find manuals for not only for older film cameras but also for their flashes and light meters.

One of the most fascinating resources on the Butkus site is the information about “orphan cameras,” or non-brand name cameras. I’ve never even heard of some of these, but I loved the names, which include Baldessa, Kowa Six, Paxette, and the Universal Buccaneer.

The Butkus site site also provides links to other camera sites with manuals, but these links are a bit iffy. Some led to long, dense lists of links, while others went nowhere. Still, the Butkus site is so chock full of information on vintage cameras and related equipment that you may never need the links.

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