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We’re hiring

Photodoto is looking for one more staff writer. This is a paid position. Are you a passionate photographer who knows how to sling a few sentences together? Send writing samples (or links) to john@photodoto.com for details.

Update Feb 24 2007: The position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who responded for your interest in writing for Photodoto.

REVIEW: Picnik.com online photo editor

Picasa was the first online editing software that I heard people rave about, but I was left out of the fun; I couldn’t use it from my Mac. I still can’t, because I haven’t upgraded to 10.4, so I’ll never know what all the fuss was about. However, now I can play with Picnik.com, so I’m a happy camper.

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Why the web can look wonky on a Mac

Don MacAskill at SmugMug wrote a good overview of why sometimes the colors you see on your Mac aren’t the same colors other people are seeing when you put your photos on the internet. Fortunately, he also includes a quick and easy solution. If you use a Mac and you share your photos on the internet, you owe it to yourself to read this article.

SmugBlog: This is your Mac on drugs

Favorite “everyday” camera settings

For just about everything these days I shoot my Nikon at +0.7 exposure compensation, +1 tone, +1 saturation, +1 sharpening. I almost always use matrix metering (rather than spot or center-weighted) and dial in exposure compensation to adjust for different conditions. I change modes a lot but spend most of my time in aperture-priority, program, and manual. I shoot JPG almost exclusively except when I’m really paranoid about getting a shot.

Out of curiosity, how about you? What are your favorite “everyday” settings?

Vary Your Viewpoint

The term “viewpoint” describes the camera’s position in relation to its subject—near, far, above, below, for instance. Many photographers never change their viewpoint. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they hold their cameras at chest or eye level and shoot straight ahead. Doing so allows them to take clear pictures of buildings, animals, people, plants, cars, and landscapes, so it’s not a bad strategy.

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