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Welcome, new readers!

It’s been a year since I’ve written a “welcome to Photodoto” post. In that time, we’ve attracted a bunch of new subscribers. Thanks for reading! For the benefit of new readers, here’s a brief tour of and some things you may have missed:

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Speaking of archives… we have our main categories listed along the top of every page: Photography 101, Tips, Tutorials, Hacks, Reviews, News, Reader Photos, and Essays. Up there you’ll also find a handy link to our archives. From the archives you can browse the site by category, tag, date, view some of our top posts, and search.


The Photodoto lens database is a growing collection of lens reviews by real owners. You’ll find reviews of lenses from Canon, Nikon, and other major manufacturers. And did you know we can show you when sunset and sunrise are (and the phase of the moon) anywhere in the world?

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Last but not least, you can subscribe to Photodoto either through our RSS feed or get Photodoto delivered straight into your inbox. Email subscribers will only receive one email per day at most (none on days when we don’t write anything). Your email address will never be shared with anyone. Head over to the sidebar and subscribe today.

Tiny Time-Lapse Digital Camera


This is kind of a neat idea. It’s a camera called the “Pet’s Eye View” that you clip to your pet’s collar. It takes still photos on an interval timer, like a security camera, so you can download them at the end of the day and see what your pet has been up to.

That might make a neat time lapse video.

They say it’s for pets but I bet it works equally well on children. Let’s see… if I stick one to each kid maybe I’ll finally find out who’s been leaving the kitchen such a mess…

Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera

Funky Christmas Gifts

Need something a little more unusual than photo books and gorilla pods (so last year!) to give the photography-obsessed people in your life this festive season? Check out these funky offerings:

  • Fashionable and funky neck straps, wristlets, and lens cosies from My Funky Camera. Ranging from $25 to $32. International shipping costs the same as domestic.
  • The super secret spy lens from The Photojojo Store. $80 for the lens and all adapters.
  • The Flickerverse Official T-shirt, also from The Photojojo Store. $20 for one, $36 for two.
  • “Death to Film” Tote Bag for the digital camera convert from About Digital Cameras Cafepress Store. $15.99
  • “Keep Film Alive” Hoody for the old school photographer, also from About Digital Camera Cafepress Store. $37.99
  • Get photography related cartoons printed on everything from chopping boards and aprons to shoulder bags and umbrellas or just regular old framed prints, from CartoonStock. Ranging from £6 to £41 (available in the US by selecting “buy through Zazzle” at checkout).
  • Vintage cameras like the Bessler ColorPro 50mm/f2.8 or the Kodak Imprint 920 Instant Camera available on Etsy (limited supplies). $20-$27.
  • Camera Parts T-shirt from shopshopdesigns on Etsy. $20
  • VW Camper Van Memory Stick for transferring photos in a funky way, from Totally Funky. £19.99 (only ships to UK addresses)
  • Chocolate Covered Photo Oreos from Custom Creations, they also offer a variety of other sweet photo-printed treats including lollipops and graham crackers so you can eat your favourite photo on your favourite cookie. Oreos are $2.12 for two.
  • 5×7 I Love Photography Print on velvet fine art paper from elsiecake on Etsy. $14
  • Popular Box Cameras (Brownie Camera Series) Puzzle Magnets from SayHiBeth on Etsy, good gift for a child who like photography. $12
  • Scrabble Tile Pendant – Vintage Camera from ThePendantFactory on Etsy. $5

If you have any funky photography-related gift ideas let us know in the comments.

Shutterfly Sale

If you’re thinking of giving a photo book as a gift this Christmas you might want to check out Shutterfly today where they’re having a “secret sale” until tomorrow (December 3rd). There’s 15% of 4×4 and 5×7 photo books, 20% off the 8×8 and 8.5×11 books, and 30% off the12x12 book. Plus free shipping if you spend $25 or more. The sale also includes other photo gifts including mugs, posters, ornaments, and canvas prints. Check it out here.

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