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Weekend Assignment October 6, 2006: Ordinary things

The weekend assignment has seen a bit of a dry spell but that is ending today. Inspired by this photo, previously blogged on Photodoto, I’d like to make this assignment all about finding beauty in ordinary things. More than just a simple historical record, a photograph—or, more accurately, a photographer—has the ability to elevate anything from the mundane to the beautiful with a click of the shutter. This weekend’s assignment is a challenge in seeing. To envision the possibilities rather than what is seen at first glance. To make art from something that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Subject matter can be anything but try to make it something that most people ignore or take for granted. Other than that there are no restrictions. You can shoot a large scene or a single object. Whatever it takes. I know this is a broad topic but I’m hoping it will show you that photographic possibilities truly are all around us—we just need to adjust our seeing.

As always, please share your results with the rest of us in the Photodoto discussion group. And have a great weekend.

Do you want to go to PhotoPlus Expo in New York?

I have a promotion code (courtesy of our friends at Printroom.com) that will waive the registration fee for the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. The show begins November 2 at 10am and ends November 4.

From their website:

PhotoPlus Expo has the products and education you need to be a leader in the photography & imaging industries—today and in the future. Whether you’re a professional or advanced amateur, you’ll discover a marketplace of solutions that is unrivaled worldwide.

So, will you be in New York that weekend? Do you really, really want to go? Don’t have $40? Leave a comment expressing your interest and I’ll email the code to one lucky person at the end of the day.

Getty Gestalt

Getty GestaltGetty Images is running a drawing through November 3rd with some amazing prizes. The grand prize is your choice of a Fantasy Trip: a 13 day African safari, a 7 day trip to London to attend a major sporting event with sideline access with a Getty photographer, a 12 day trip to the Galapagos islands, a 7 day All-Star sports game trip and 42″ HDTV, a 7 day trip to Monaco for the Formula 1 races, or a 7 day trip to New York for fashion week. All of the grand prizes also include a Canon 35mm digital camera and $5,000 in spending money.

They’re also having 25 daily drawings for $1,000 each.

To enter, visit the Gestalt site and register. Registration takes the form of playing a neat little inkblot game where you try to match the inkblot to one of 10 possible photographs. On my first try I scored zero out of three. ;-)

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