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Wedding Photography Infographic: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Photography is one of the most important things to consider before your big day. Wedding photos are something you will cherish for the rest of your life so it’s vital that you are completely satisfied with them.


Take the time to choose the right photographer for your needs as well as communicating effectively with them during the process is essential. Read more…

Exploring Minimalist Photography: History, Philosophy, Inspiration

Minimalism as an artistic philosophy is difficult to precisely define. There are certain elements that are largely agreed upon, the foremost being that minimalism is all about simplicity.

Photo by Will Milne

Photo by Will Milne

Different photographers may have varying definitions of simple. If you were to give 10 photographers the same subject and ask them to shoot it within their own idea if minimalism, you’d likely get 10 completely different photos back. Read more…

Anatomy of a Green Screen Shot: How to Use It Right

I have a family that I shoot several times a year, They’re “show people” , all outgoing and crazy and fun, and after at a certain point, the mom, Ginette, said to me, “You know, I love all of the perfect and beautiful shots that you get of us, but I think it’s time to show the world the kind of circus that I live in.

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Ooh! Fun!! Read more…

Street Photography: Easy To Learn, Impossible To Master

Of all the different fields of photography, street photography might be the most difficult. However, it’s also an area that many aspiring photographers jump into first. Street photography almost seems like the reason photography was created for in the first place.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

Unlike taking photos in a studio, shooting landscapes or working with models, street photography entails a bit of chaos. Read more…

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