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Inky’s Giga Bundle: $4,816 Worth Premium-Quality Resources for Only $69

Do you remember InkyDeals? We tell you about them every time they have some amazing design and photography deal worth sharing.


This time, InkyDeals came up with the Giga Bundle that includes vector illustrations, t-shirt designs, high-quality textures, Photoshop brushes, video tutorial for creating an old retro-style countdown timer, and 9 responsive premium Bootstrap 3 templates. Read more…

5 Lessons from Rihanna to Learn for Your Photography Brand

Rihanna is probably one of the world’s biggest pop stars right now. But along with her catchy songs and rough music videos, there is something else that gets her to the top of the music world. It’s a unique marketing campaign.

Today I’m going to talk about 5 lessons you can learn from Rihanna for your photography brand. Here you’ll get to know how to market your brand, stay strong and be unique about what you do. Read more…

Infographics 101: Selfie Boom – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or just never check social media), you’ve likely heard of, or even participated in, the selfie trend. Although the trend first started back in the MySpace days, things really took off when Apple released the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4 in 2010. Since then, elementary schoolers, teenagers, and young adults alike have been snapping selfies like it’s their last day on Earth.

Photo by Paul Rysz

Photo by Paul Rysz

While the fad appears to be all fun and games, is there something more serious brewing beneath the surface? The infographic below, by TeenSafe.com, takes a peek into what selfies really say about us (and it’s not all good news). Read more…

25 Helpful & Free Lightroom Tutorials to Post-Process Like a Pro

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular options for photo editing and with great reason. Thanks to a number of various Lightroom features, photographers may decrease the time spent processing and increase efficiency. Moreover, one of the greatest time-saving features of Lightroom is the ability to save your actions, which means creating presets.

Photo by David Marcu

Photo by David Marcu

In this article, I’d like to share with you up-to-date Lightroom tutorials to enhance your images. Read more…

Go Ahead And Call Yourself A Photographer, It’s All Right

In the short time since I went pro (read: started making money) with my creative work, I’ve experienced a truly disheartening amount of judgment — snobbish judgment, most of it full of contradictions designed to place some creatives above others based on entirely arbitrary criteria that benefit the speaker and put up a wall of mystery and privilege between people who like to take pictures and the “photographer” label.

Photo by  Adrian Egger

Photo by Adrian Egger

I think that’s a whole lot of bull. I think old-school (and some new-school who like to think they’re old-school) creatives feel threatened in many ways by how much more accessible their field of work has become in recent years — decades — and are determined to defend themselves by attacking others’ methods instead of simply taking a step back and realizing that accessibility won’t hurt them. It won’t. Read more…

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