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Moms and Daughters and Fathers and Sons

The other day, I put my hair up in a messy bun, threw on a blue sweater and jeans with tan Uggs and went into the kitchen, where Zoe, my 16 year old and Tenley, my 11 year old were standing, both sporting messy buns and wearing the exact same thing as me. 

Moms and Daughters, Fathers and Sons

I offered to change, and they protested, they  actually wanted all of us to look alike, which I thought was adorable. It started me thinking about the complex nature of moms and daughters, and fathers and their sons. I wondered whether everyone was like our family, who loves being together and doing the same kinds of things, or if most kids want nothing to do with their parents. What I found might surprise you. Read more…

A Quick Guide to Email Marketing for Photographers

Photographers are turning to social media these days to try and get their names out there and reach their target audiences. Being active on social media is critically important for small businesses these days, but more traditional online marketing tactics, like email marketing, are still very useful.

A Guide to Email Marketing for Photographers

Ignoring email as a part of your marketing campaign could cost your photography business revenue. So, here is a quick guide for every photographer who is going to start using email marketing more actively. Here you’ll find out why you need email marketing, how to build your email list, how to define your marketing strategy and what kind of tools you need to use to send your emails.

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What Michelangelo and Other Great Artists Said About Photography

The words of the wise men can be a great source of motivation in the moments of creative or any other kind of personal crisis.

While you probably got used to seeing quotes by renowned photographers in your Twitter or Facebook feed, have you ever wondered what great artists, such as Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, or Claude Monet could say about photography?

10 Quotes About Photography

Read on to find it out!

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13 Effective Interior Photography Tips for Dummies

How often have you seen great properties being completely ruined by awful photography? That’s right – terrible interior and exterior photos are a norm, especially when made by average camera users who know next to nothing about composition, lighting or specifications.

Interior Photography Tips for Dummies

Photo byBreather

But the truth is that taking nice rental property photos is within your reach, even if you’re new to photography.
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