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Japanese storm water drainage photos show incredible sense of scale

Japanese storm drainage systemThese photos are quite amazing but the most striking are the ones that reveal the scale of what is being shown. Seeing a 10-story flight of stairs or people in the context of these tunnels transforms them, revealing how massive they truly are. It’s impossible to know how large these objects are without a frame of reference. But by putting something familiar into these scenes, the photographer has provided us with a sense of scale that is extremely powerful.

Photos of Japanese storm water drainage system (via Digg).

The Photodoto lens review database looks great!

The Photodoto lens review database is becoming a great resource for lens comparison when you are in the market for new glass (and, honestly, who isn’t?). The reviews from actual owners and users of the lenses are starting to really fill out the database. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. You are helping to create a resource that will help your fellow glass junkie. So far the Nikon lenses are getting the most reviews. If you know a Canon owner with an opinion, point him this way.

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