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How to Use Foreground for Dramatic Portraits

I remember a long time ago, I took a close up shot that I absolutely loved of a little kid on a slide for an article on a local park that had won a national award.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

I proudly brought it to my magazine editor, who said, “That’s great , but where’s the rest of the shot?” She couldn’t tell if the kid were at a carnival or a cave, which made for an unsuccessful park shot…and a bruised ego for me. Read more…

Landscape Photography Tips & Tricks: Getting the Big Picture

Of all the different types of photography, capturing images of landscapes is one of the most popular.  

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

The compulsion to capture breathtaking images of sweeping vistas, crystal shorelines and towering mountains comes on especially strong whenever people travel to new places. You’ve probably noticed this whenever some of your friends go on vacations. Read more…

20+ Free Lightroom Presets to Make Your Images Pop

Speeding up your post processing workflow will help you to increase productivity and spend more time on shooting. For Lightroom users, making use of developed presets can be a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend in Lightroom.


When it comes to Lightroom presets, you can create your own or use the ones created by others. There are a lot of Lightroom presets available around the web, both free and paid ones. Read more…

A Starter’s Guide to Film Photography: What You Need to Know

Photography has never been more accessible than it is now in the digital age. Every cell phone features a camera, and those cameras are quickly becoming more advanced.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

DSLRs are becoming more affordable while offering increasingly higher quality and functionality. And the advent of mirrorless cameras are packing more photo punch into smaller and easier to use packages. So why would anyone consider using an outdated medium like film? You might be surprised. Read more…

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