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Infographics 101: How to Take A Great Selfie Like a Master

We all know the obvious, selfies are here to stay! So why not make the best out of them? Shutterfly’s guide offers tips on how to capture a great selfie that’s worth sharing. It teaches you everything from how to find the best lighting to giving your picture that little extra oomph before posting. Follow these tips, capture your selfie, and share it!


The selfie is like an epidemic in the social media world. Read more…

7 Pet Photography Tips to Capture Your Furry Friends’ Personality

For millions of people worldwide, no family is truly complete without a furry friend. Cats, dogs and all the critters in between are quick to crawl their way into your heart, and it’s no wonder why people want to capture their personality – forever.

One of the best ways to do this is through snapshots. Like children, though, pets can be difficult to photograph because they get distracted easily and move around quickly. While it can be challenging, though, it’s definitely not impossible. Read more…

10 Lessons From Steve Jobs for Your Photography Brand

Steve Jobs forever will be remembered as a digital visionary – he was the one who brought poetry to the microchip. He is a legend these days. All of us can’t be Steve Jobs, but we can learn some lessons from his extraordinary life and career to parlay them into the photography business.


Steve Jobs took a near-bankrupt Apple and turned it into one of the most profitable and successful companies in the world. Read more…

How to Make Instagram Filters in Photoshop: Nashville & 1997

We all love the web for its ability to let you communicate with other people in various ways. That’s why Instagram’s so famous today. It’s our way to share visual stories of our lives with people around us. Instagram’s so popular not just because of the sharing option, but because of a set of gorgeous filters you can apply to your images before uploading.


I have already covered here how to create Amaro and Mayfair Instagram filters in Photoshop. Read more…

20 Superb Infographics & Cheat Sheets to Help You Grow Your Photography Business Fast

You probably know that a picture is worth a thousand words. If a reader has a choice between 1000-word articles and the infographic that needs just a few scroll downs…he’ll obviously go with the infographic!


Visual information is more likely read and understood than other types of data presentation. That’s why I collected helpful infographics and cheat sheets on photography for you. Read more…