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How to Take Pretty Photographs in Bars & Nightclubs

There's something about a dimly bar that gets my muse excited. The old guys hunched over their beers, talking about the weather. The tattoo-covered dudes confidently working over the pool table. The colorful ladies, often wearing their most eye-catching clothing and makeup...For most people, it's the highlight of their week.

taking photos in bars

Phoot by Fedor Shmidt

Whether they are kicking back, cutting loose with friends, or dancing the night away, everybody wants to have a good time, and everyone has a story. Read more...

The Photodoto Library: Your One-Stop Shop for Pure Photography Awesomeness

Are you sick and tired of photography sites claiming that they can provide you with a wealth of photography resources that’ll make you a much better photographer…only to be lied to and disappointed each and every time? We hear you and feel your pain, too! That’s why we at Photodoto have come up with something that’s bound to turn your frown into a real smile.


We proudly present to you The Photodoto Library, the one and only place on the entire Internet that features the best photography publications from all over the world wide web. We’ve seen how woefully inadequate other blog’s photography resources are, and we wanted to improve on that…in a big way! Read more...

The Internet Cookbook: Top 10 IFTTT Recipes for Photographers

There are never enough minutes in a day. If only you could hire an assistant, limit your directions, and crank out more work, your photography business would benefit, right? Unfortunately, we’re not robots, so you’ll never be 100% productive. But online technologies could help you out!

Photo by Aisha Yusaf

Photo by Aisha Yusaf

Today I’m going to tell you about a crazy-cool, online tool called IFTTT that will automate your online processes and save precious time for yourself. Moreover, here I collected the top 10 IFTTT recipes for photographers you can use. But first things first: If you’re not familiar with IFTTT yet, read the next paragraph. Read more...

The Epic Bundle and Another Giveaway Demand Your Attention

Remember Inky Deals? We’ve been telling you about them from time to time now, always when they have some type of amazing deal, bundle or giveaway for you. Hey, we wouldn’t waste your time in any case! Guess what time it is, this month? That’s right…it’s yet another too-good-to-be-true deal from Inky Deals.


This time, Inky Deals doesn’t just have another stellar bundle to share with you…no! The company, this time around, has actually sweetened the deal by including a tantalizing giveaway…on top of yet another extremely valuable bundle. Interested yet? If you are, you’ll be glad to know that the giveaway involves an 11” MacBook Air and other sweet goodies that you just won’t be able to believe. Read more...

The Ultimate Photography Guide to Pricing That You Have to Read

Setting the proper price for your photography business is one of the most important, thus challenging, things you may face in your photography career. Photography pricing determines your priorities, profit potential, competition niche and business style.

Phoot by cat klein

Photo by cat klein

Bad pricing lists could not only cost you money, but also destroy your business before you can say Jack Robinson, if you know what I mean! You would work endless hours for ridiculously little pay, and at long last, it would kill the passion of what you do. That’s not a horror story, but the reality you may face if you do not learn to calculate your price list in time. Read more...

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