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The Winners of Summer Landscape Photo Contest

In these sentimental late August days, we’re excited to announce the winners of the Summer Landscape Photography Contest. Thank you for your submissions and votes!


So which photos has evoked most emotions in our jury members and readers? Who has won amazing prizes from Defrozo, Digital Photo Mentor, PhotoTraces and other respected sponsors?

Let’s find it out right now!

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10 Best Photos from the Summer Landscape Photo Contest – Pick the Winner Now!

Our Summer Landscape Photo Contest is entering the final stage. HUGE THANKS to all the participants who uploaded their photos to our Flickr group pool. It’s great to know that so many talented and creative photographers read our blog.


The contest jury had difficult time selecting only 10 photos from all the beautiful images submitted. But the finalists are picked and now only YOU decide who will win. Read more…

The Best Photography DIY Tips & Tutorials

When it comes to your passion, there is nothing like a good trick. Being resourceful can bring you so much satisfaction, and don’t mind all the extra learning involved!

Photo by Jesse Macgrady

Photo by Jesse Macgrady

You may think that photographers take their time to research equipment, patiently saving money from all their commissioned work (haha) and finally invest $80 on the new flash modifier in the market. Read more…

The Devil’s in the Details: Macro Photography for Beginners

The world around us, that which we often consider mundane, if we consider it at all, is infinitely detailed.

Photo by FOTOGRAFIA BOKEH - la Magia dello sfocato

Photo by FOTOGRAFIA BOKEH – la Magia dello sfocato

The carpet beneath your feet, the grass in your front yard and along the sidewalk you stroll down each day, the corners of your cupboard behind the cereal boxes, all of these places contain mind-boggling facets and edges and curves, if we only take the time to look at them. Read more…

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