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50(ish) Examples Of Breathtaking Fisheye Photography

Fisheye photos are tricky to do well.

Sure, the super wide angle and curved distortion makes a lot of these pictures look cool. You don’t even need to know much about photography to impress your friends and get a boatload of “likes” on Facebook. But if you want to capture a unique perspective, you’ll need to do your homework. Then, you’ll have to head out the door and practice, practice, practice. Read more…

10 Crazy-Cool iPad Accessories for Photographers

Many smartphone gadgets in the market these days take full advantage of all the mobile devices we carry. There are high-tech gadgets for hikers, pet lovers, health junkies, graphic designers and the kitchen. There are even wearable accessories.


Today, I’d like to share with you a list of 10 cool, iOS-enabled iPad gadgets for photographers. iPad is a comfortable tool for viewing any post-processing photos, and for some photographers, this modern tool can be indispensable during the working process. Read more…

Fisheye Photography: 9 Shots That Work Amazingly Well

Photographs from a fisheye lens look different, which can be a good or not-so-good thing.

Photo by Imantas Boiko

Photo by Imantas Boiko

This uber-wide angle lens let’s you get super close to your subject, yet still see the background. It’s an unusual perspective you can’t get with any other lens. But there are challenges, too. The edges are distorted, which makes some shots look weird, but below, you’ll see nine shots that work for this oddball lens. Read more…

The Ultimate Five Secrets to Better-Looking Photographs

All photographers want their snapshots to turn out extremely well. This means pictures that are sharp, aesthetically appealing and sure to impress. Of course, many photographers don’t consistently turn out this type of quality in their photographs. These days, so many people are also pressed for time that they don’t really have the time or patience to study the masters until they perfect the techniques of taking better-looking photographs.

Fortunately for you, we now offer you the five secrets to better-looking photographs. You’d be surprised at how easily you can get to this level of photography. You don’t need to take an expensive course, neither do you have to spend years perfecting the art form. It all really comes down to knowledge being power. Read more…

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