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10 Recent Articles with Real-world Tips to Help You Grow as a Photographer

As 2015 came into play, we thought it might be a good idea to make a list of some recent educational resources to share with you.


In this period of added motivation and energy the beginning of the year usually brings, take time to upgrade your photographic skills and build up some business muscle. The following 10 articles are full of helpful, practical tips to help you grow as a photographer. Read more…

Shooting Winter Wonderland: How to Take Great Snow Images

Shoot what you love. The Amazing Images Will Follow. That’s my motto.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Above, you can see a shot of my daughters, Zoe and Tenley, on their first day of snow ever. Zoe wanted to hold the snow in her hands and blow it, Tenley agreed, and just as Zoe was blowing, Tenley reached up and whitewashed her face with the snow. I think that the resulting image is my favorite I’ve taken in a long time. Read more…

Winter Wedding Photography Tips: All You Need to Know

Winter weddings bring a lot of photography challenges because of weather, chilly winds and dark skies even in the day time. But still, many couples decide to have a winter wedding to enjoy the special discounts on venues, catering and accommodation.

The first thing that comes to our mind with winter weddings is bad weather– snowfall, temperatures below zero and chilly breezes. Ooh! The mere thought of it causes goose bumps. The days are much shorter, it gets dark very soon and sometimes daylight is also not very bright. But, you can have your dream wedding in winters too, if you plan it well. Read more…

What to Wear for a Photo Shoot: Clothing for Portraits

What to wear? It’s an age old question. One that never goes away. And what to wear for a photo shoot even gets harder. Two weeks ago, Santa brought my oldest daughter, Zoe, ten BILLION outfits from across the globe.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Knit sweaters, lace sweaters, casual sweaters, fringed sweaters…if there was a sweater being made, she got it, in addition to thousands of jeans, leggings, skirts, cords, leg warmers, earmuffs, coats, camisoles, yoga wear and basketball shorts. She got so much clothing that it literally took her four hours just to try it all on. Read more…

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