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Early Morning Light: What’s so Great about It?

Let’s face it, getting up super early in the moring is horrid, any way you look at it. I hate it, the clients hate it, my assistants really hate it, and yet, more often than not, here I am, setting my alarm at 3 in the morning.


Photo by Romy Cohen

Why? It’s the Light. Morning light is so gentle and beautiful. It just wraps around your subjects, bathing them in beauty. There is nothing quite as striking as morning light. Read more…

Freelance Photography Tips from the Experts

We’ve all become a world obsessed with imagery, and this couldn’t be more obvious than the simple fact that the photo heavy social network Instagram currently has 300 million monthly active users.


Photo by Alexander Filonchik

We all see ourselves as amateur photographers, but some of us want our love for a good picture to become far more than a pipe dream. Read more…

5 Simple Tips for Mastering Outdoor Photography

While it is relatively easy to go outside and just “point and shoot,” there are better ways to take pictures in the great outdoors. Snapping photos in the outdoors rather than indoors brings a whole new list of considerations to deal with.

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

From the weight of your pack to the eventual downpour, there are certain preparations you can take before setting out on your journey that will make the experience that much better. The following simple tips will help you to learn shooting perfect outdoor photography . Read more…

One One-Thousandth of a Second: Shooting Sports and Fast Action

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, if you’re a photographer, you’ll probably find yourself taking photos of some fast-paced competitive action at some point.


Photo by Stuart Bennett

If you’re used to shooting in a nice, controlled environment, like a studio, or if you’re used to street photography, where your subjects are probably walking at a normal, relatively slow pace, shooting a sporting event can be challenging. Read more…

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