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Fisheye Photography: 9 Shots That Work Amazingly Well

Photographs from a fisheye lens look different, which can be a good or not-so-good thing.

Photo by Imantas Boiko

Photo by Imantas Boiko

This uber-wide angle lens let’s you get super close to your subject, yet still see the background. It’s an unusual perspective you can’t get with any other lens. But there are challenges, too. The edges are distorted, which makes some shots look weird, but below, you’ll see nine shots that work for this oddball lens. Read more…

The Ultimate Five Secrets to Better-Looking Photographs

All photographers want their snapshots to turn out extremely well. This means pictures that are sharp, aesthetically appealing and sure to impress. Of course, many photographers don’t consistently turn out this type of quality in their photographs. These days, so many people are also pressed for time that they don’t really have the time or patience to study the masters until they perfect the techniques of taking better-looking photographs.

Fortunately for you, we now offer you the five secrets to better-looking photographs. You’d be surprised at how easily you can get to this level of photography. You don’t need to take an expensive course, neither do you have to spend years perfecting the art form. It all really comes down to knowledge being power. Read more…

Don’t Look Down: 50 Inspiring Examples of Rooftopping Photography

You have probably heard of a new photography fad called “rooftopping,” in which brave daredevils find the way to the top of skyscrapers and other tall buildings to snap majestic shots. Just imagine the buzz of the roof topper who reached the top of the highest building in the city and saw the incredibly breathtaking view.

If you want to try this craze, you should have a camera, a good head for heights and nerves of steel. Most of the buildings the photographers are scaling are kind of “off-limits” to the public. This fact also plays up the idea of rooftopping as something secret, rebellious and totally risky. Read more…

8 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to Springtime Photography

Ah, the changing of the seasons. For us photographers, most seasonal changes bring about opportunities to take great photos under differing conditions, and usually no change is more dramatic than the transition from winter to spring.  The world thaws into a new and color-dripped landscape, ripe for capturing its natural beauty through springtime photography.

There is always an influx of changes to flora and fauna, and a burst of color is injected into the landscape. There really is no better time to get out there and start shooting, so come out of hibernation and walk with us as we explore eight solid reasons to be excited about the coming spring and what it can do for your landscape and nature photography! Read more…

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