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How To Choose Photo Paper for Printing?

Photography is not just a hobby nor a profession – it is an art. Although, being different from many other hobbies, it requires sheer dedication, skill and talent to end up making something outstanding. Choosing the optimum paper may not be as easy as we think. I would say this part is most challenging to a neophyte. Having no experience in this field, it becomes difficult to select the right photo paper that should be used.

Step into a shop and you will see many photo papers such as matte, gloss, silk, and more. Undoubtedly, a professional photographer brings life to every photo, but to have that same result one requires certain skills.

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Pros And Cons Of Working As A Wedding Photographer

If you love taking pictures of people in extraordinary social situations, wedding photography might be for you. Being part of such an important event in your clients’ lives is both an honor and a huge responsibility.

But before you jump in with both feet, there are some things you should know to make sure that you’re choosing the right profession.

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How To Use Lightroom To Save An Underexposed Photo

Sometimes you  come home with what you thought was a great shot, just to find out that it is way underexposed and without any better exposures of that composition. But, how can you save the underexposed photo in Lightroom? Of course, first of all, it would be better to get the exposure right on location, lesson learned, right.

featured image before and after

But if you haven’t got the possibility to get to this location again anytime soon, it would be good if you could save the underexposed photo and still get a great looking photo out of it.

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Movement in Fashion Photography


One thing that I love to see in a photograph is movement.  Movement  makes a photograph come alive, but is also  one of the hardest things to portray.  Newer photographers have a lot to deal with, settings wise, and might not  know how to tell the models to move, and newer models have it stuck in their heads not to move a muscle or the photographer  won’t be able to capture the image.

But not to worry, these tips are so easy, your subjects will be swirling around you in no time!

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