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Top 10 Blogs Wedding Photographers Must Follow in 2014

There are a lot of wedding photographers, or just amateurs who shoot weddings, but there are also many who would like to brush up their photography skills. Along with the right skills, it would be awesome if photographers are able to give some tips to their clients on floral arrangements, invitation designs, wedding dress ideas, wedding color palettes, poses and more.

Photo by Jamie Star

Photo by Jamie Star

That’s why I drew up this list of top 10 wedding photography blogs that rock in 2014. You’ll find some useful tips and trick on how to succeed in the wedding photography business, how to properly communicate with clients, and tons of inspiration in the form of engagement sessions and wedding photographs from all over the globe. Read more...

How to Relax Your Photography Subjects

Do you ever pull out your camera and point it towards your friends, just for the thrill of watching them tense up? Or is that just this pseudo-sadistic guy? :) There's something about the dark depths of a camera lens pointing in your direction that can intimidate even the most seasoned, confident individuals. If you're a photographer trying to capture their essence and tell a story about your subject, then this lens aversion can really make your job difficult.

Unfortunately, helping photography subjects relax isn't as easy as following a series of technical steps. Read more...

Highly Intelligent ‘About Me’ Page Tips for Photographers to Build Their Brand

Crafting a compelling bio and writing the perfect pitch are quite challenging. Working in a service industry requires its own rules. Nobody wants to hire a person he doesn’t know, doesn’t trust or doesn’t like. That’s why talking about yourself is extremely important while creating your own brand.


If you check your Google Analytics, you’d see that the ‘About Me’ page is one of the most visited ones on your site. It means that people checked and loved your work, and their next step is to get to know more about you. Literally, it’s all about “selling yourself” as a brand. Read more...

How To Shoot Unique Travel Photos Like You Wouldn’t Believe

In our world of digital photography, it's tough to take one-of-a-kind travel photos. For example, let's say you're visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy. With your camera around your neck, you stroll into the Piazza dei Miracoli and are struck by the strange bell tower's architectural beauty.

Photo by Zhuokang Jia

Photo by Zhuokang Jia

But you also notice the crowds of tourists snapping pictures like the paparazzi at a red carpet event. Many of them contorting themselves in weird ways, pretending to push down or hold up the tower, as a friend crouches to take the photo. Read more...

8 Tips to Get You to Take Better Smartphone Pictures

Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you, and most of the time, this will be your phone camera.  This doesn't mean your photos have to be terrible; it just means you must work on your picture-taking process a little more, as smartphones have limited capabilities.

Photo by Chin-Hung Liu

Photo by Chin-Hung Liu

Besides accessibility, one of the main advantage smartphones have is that the spontaneous pictures we take are immediately shareable, so you can take your images, edit them and share them right away. Another amazing thing is that phone cameras are getting better every single time, and the quality of the pictures is increasing tremendously. Read more...

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