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How To Finish the Photography Project You Started

It's inevitable that, at some point, your motivation will lag on that photography project you started. Whether you're working on a popular photography project, such as taking a photo every day for a year (the 365-day project), walking the streets shooting strangers (the 100-strangers project), or working on a custom project you dreamt up...no matter what, one day you can be sure that you'll want to quit.

It usually happens after your initial excitement has faded, but before you're more than halfway finished. Often, you'll be hit hardest on a day when you think your photos stink. Or maybe when you stumble across a "better idea" for a project.  Then, that little voice in your head will do its best to convince you to ditch your project and move on. Read more...

35 Adorable Pet Images to Make You Say “Awww”

Pets fill the places in our hearts really fast, and it's always cool to have an adorable picture of your pet on your desktop. While pet photography is one of the most interesting subjects to shoot, it’s not always easy to capture their true, cute personality.

Unlike humans, pets do not understand what we are going to do and will not pose for the camera. While shooting animals, keep a few things in mind: Focus on the eyes, stay patient, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Read more...

Why the First DSLR You Buy Doesn’t Really Matter

It's about time! You finally made the decision to buy your first DSLR camera, you have saved a couple of bucks and started browsing around. Quickly, you realize the market is full of good (really good) cameras, and you start to feel overwhelmed.

Photo by Bilal Arslan

Photo by Bilal Arslan

You ask your photographer friend or, even worse, a camera store salesman and end up feeling even more confused.  The truth is that it takes little to no time to realize how hard this decision can be, especially if you will also think of choosing lenses and accessories. Read more...

Master Easily Taking Candid Photos of Your Friends

Taking photos of your friends is an accessible way to improve your picture-taking skills. But it can be difficult to do this well and get good photographs, improve your skills, and not offend your friends. It seems simple, of course... most people with a smartphone take photos of their lunch like it's the top of a scenic mountain.

As a budding photographer though, you take awe-inspiring photos though (or at least, you're moving in that direction) and are fascinated by life, wanting to capture every gorgeous or even mundane moment you experience; including your friends in their most raw moments. Read more...

Check out the Big Bang Bundle: A Design Bundle Worth $15K for Only $49…Insane!

Yup, you read that right: If you want value on top of value that you can’t beat or find anywhere else, then you absolutely have to make plans to check out the Big Bang Bundle from Inky Deals. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be surprised at the insane degree of value that you’ll find there. Calling all photographers: This means you!


Photographers are highly creative people and professionals, so a design bundle like this is just what the doctor ordered. Read more...

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