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10 things I wish I knew when starting my photography business

The moment I bought my first DSLR I knew that photography was my true passion. I didn’t consider myself a professional back then, but I was sure I wanted to become one. Well, the road  turned out a lot longer than I expected. I have learned there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to the photographer profession.

So let me guide you through the 10 things I wish I had known when starting my photography career.

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7 Smart Lighting Setups for Portraits Taken at Home

Let’s get one thing clear – you’re not going to learn how to shoot perfect portraits overnight. There are many things you need to learn first. When it comes to portrait-shooting, no factor is more important than lighting. Even if you’re planning a home portrait session, you can still make the most from various lighting setups to achieve great results.

Smart Lighting Setups for Portraits Taken At Home

Photo by Didier Lin

Off-camera flash is one of things you’ll need here. Here are 7 actionable tips to creating studio light setups right at home and help you capture classic portrait lighting, creating some truly beautiful pictures.

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REVIEW: Everyday Messenger Bag for Photographers… And Everyone Else!

Peak Design is familiar to any pro photographer and their latest Kickstarter project for their Everyday Bags that gathered over $6,000,000 of funding has made them famous far beyond the photography world.

While their new backpack, tote, and sling from the Everyday series are conquering the world, I’ve got a chance to put my hands on Peak Design’s Every Messenger that has already become classics to many.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag Review

Below is my review of this stylish camera bag and messenger which includes a brief unboxing video. Read more…

Where to Get Income When You’re New to Photography

Photography as a career is extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. On the one hand, photographers seem to be blessed people, because they do what they love. On the other hand, it sometimes gets very hard to make money on doing what you love – especially when you’re a freelance photographer.

Luckily, there are some ways to effortlessly boost your income using just two tools: your camera and your laptop. Read more…

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