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The 22 Stupidest Questions That Photographers Hate to Hear

The hunger for knowledge and the willingness to learn are priceless, but you may have noticed, sometimes both the reason and the aim of a question are ignorant. Sometimes questions are not asked to gain knowledge, but to show off, simply provoke you or… just for really no reason.


People of many professions probably have a list of the stupidest questions they often hear regarding their job. And I bet they are not that unique; just take one or two stereotypes about a profession, add laziness and narrow-mindedness, and here we have a magic recipe for really, really annoying questions. Read more…

Heartwarming Pictures of Children and Animals on the Farm by Russian Photographer Elena Shumilova

Elena Shumilova’s photographs catch the viewer from the very first moment and take him away from reality into a mysterious world of dreams, childhood and goodness. The most memorable photos are the ones that tell a story. The pictures you’re going to see below are short stories about two adorable photographers’ sons and their animal friends.


It’s hard to believe that Elena Shumilova only got into photography in early 2012 when she got her first camera. Since that time, Elena practiced a lot day by day and found her own unique style. Taking advantage of weather conditions, natural light and rural landscapes, Elena succeeded to create a whole new world. Read more…

Valentine’s Day Photography Tips to Color You Red With Passion

Ah, amore. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, at least nominally. So whether you believe in love, don’t or just think it’s something that Hallmark made up to sell more cards, one thing can’t be denied. The occasion makes for a brilliant photography opportunity. It’s true!

Photo by Paolo Puopolo

Photo by Paolo Puopolo

Valentine’s Day allows for all sorts of unique and interesting photography because there’s so much that can reasonably fit into the “Valentine’s Day” category. Obviously, you’ll have pictures of people and even parts of the body (think holding hands, etc.), but there are also other opportunities such as special photo editing in post-processing and more. Read more…

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