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40 Creative Examples of Photography Business Card Designs for Inspiration

What do a graphic designer, an owner of a local cafe, a hairdresser and a photographer have in common? It’s a business card, of course! Tons of similar, ordinary business cards made on a white piece of paper with black lettering on them overload the market. These days, you need to have a really creative business card to impress your potential clients.

Photo by Nicole

Photo by Nicole

A business card, as part of photography branding, is critically important, especially while establishing your photography business. Read more...

5 Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Photography Business

While starting a photography business, people don't always understand how to turn their hobby into a full-time job properly. Most newbie photographers make the same mistakes when starting out that they wish to go back and change. Knowing about these mistakes in advance could help you to avoid them.

5 Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Photography Business

Photo by Kutay Kösem

As they say, “wise men learn by other men's mistakes; fools by their own”. Read more...

5 Steps to Shoot a Simple-ish Time-Lapse Video With Your DSLR

If you have a new-ish DSLR, then you can probably "train" your camera to make a little movie for you. I'm talking about a time-lapse video, and while it might not be the next Hollywood blockbuster...it could spread like a virus on the Youtubez. :)

Read on to get started, and if I've done my job well (and you have the right sort of camera), you can make your first time lapse today.

If this technique is new to you, here are the basics: Read more...

Tips to Establish a Smart Photography Business

Establishing your own photography business is a full time job, if not more. It’s a great gig, don’t get me wrong, but running this or any other business will instantly make you the wearer of many hats.

The best way to make it work and avoid headaches along the way is to have a plan, even if it is a small draft or bookmarking this article. “Trying it out” is not a good business plan. Besides dreaming of being your own boss, you need to make sure you understand the costs, the struggles and the pros. Read more...

How to Take Pretty Photographs in Bars & Nightclubs

There's something about a dimly bar that gets my muse excited. The old guys hunched over their beers, talking about the weather. The tattoo-covered dudes confidently working over the pool table. The colorful ladies, often wearing their most eye-catching clothing and makeup...For most people, it's the highlight of their week.

taking photos in bars

Phoot by Fedor Shmidt

Whether they are kicking back, cutting loose with friends, or dancing the night away, everybody wants to have a good time, and everyone has a story. Read more...

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