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Photo History Club: Pop Art Photography

I believe one could argue that the general population as a whole has historically had a messy, sometimes turbulent, relationship with art.


As artists throughout time have sought to interpret their different realities and experiences as a human being, the end results we call “art” have, at times, ventured into increasingly esoteric realms. That is to say, difficult to understand or relate to. Read more…

7 Easy Ways to Rock Your Photo Collages

Sometimes one photo just isn’t enough—we know. Photo collages are gaining momentum in the social media universe, but there’s a lot of untapped potential in the art of collage making.


With tons of photo collage apps out there, you can pretty much do anything you want with a smartphone and an Internet connection. Read more…

Shooting Indoors in Ambient Light: Yoga Photo Session

Shooting indoors is always a challenge unless you have a professional lighting setup with you. The light is usually low, so it’s hard to get any kind of depth of field.

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Photo by Barb Stitzer

Lightbulbs inside of lamps tend to glow orange, while overhead florescent lights show up on the greenish side, and aren’t very pretty. So what do you do? Let your light guide you. Read more…

Simple Yet Effective Marketing Efforts to Get New Clients (and Tools)

After you have set up your business, made a business plan, created an attractive portfolio, and did a lot of other things, the most challenging part is still: “how to get clients”.

Photo by Chantel Lucas

Photo by Chantel Lucas

What do you need to do to get the right people to see your website? How do you make them want to buy your services and products? These and other questions can be solved by an effective marketing strategy. Read more…

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