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Spring Photography Tips: Capturing the Full Bloom

Spring is a great season to capture different images. Here are some spring photography tips to help you capture the flowers, birds and animals for this colorful season.

Credits: Aleksandar Grozdanovski

Credits: Aleksandar Grozdanovski

Spring is all about color, new life and lots of daylight. For a photographer there is nothing better than having a whole new world of landscape come alive to be captured through the lens. Read more…

20 Fabulous Easter Decoration Ideas for Your Photo Session

Spring is here. It’s awesome time to make a few mini Easter photo sessions. So, today we put together 20 DIY Easter decoration tutorials which will help you to create a perfect deco stuff for your photo sessions.


In this round-up you’ll find eggs garland, table runner with bunnies, flower wraps, decorations for mantelpiece, and many more items that will cheer up your photo session and set up Easter mood. Read more…

Posing Guide: How to Pose Groups without Losing Your Mind

The other day I had mom bring her daughter in for fine art dance pictures. “Oh, just snap away while she’s doing her competition routine… she doesn’t like to be interrupted,“ the mom said as the daughter grand jeted halfway off my roll paper half in the storage room, facing completely away from me.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Shooting that would be crazy, right? If you don’t know what’s going to happen, where should you place the lights to make a beautiful and amazing silhouette? Read more…

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