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5 Psychology Studies to Make Your Photography Business More Effective

The vast majority of marketers are not psychologists, but they do know how to apply psychology studies to attract and engage customers. This is not some kind of special knowledge or secrets of the Mayans – it’s quite obvious things you might have never been thinking about.

I’ve been putting together five psychology studies and wanting to make us better marketers and people, too. Here are 5 psychology studies that would make your photography business marketing smarter and more effective. Read more…

How to Photograph Teenagers: a Kick-ass Guide

Whether it’s for a magazine beauty and fashion spread, senior pictures, or my daughters and their friends just dressing up and having fun, teenagers are up for absolutely anything, which makes them my favorite subjects to photograph.

Stand fully dressed under a freezing cold waterfall while hanging ten off a surfboard and holding a drooling English Bulldog? “Sure!” Go to a skate park and enlist 20 strangers on sticks to roll in a circle, and drag the shutter so that everything blurs out but the model? “Awesome!” Read more…

25 Fresh & Free Portfolio WordPress Themes 2014

Give your photography the online showcase it deserves. In this collection, I handpicked 25 best and free WordPress portfolio themes to build your photography website or blog on. There is no need to spend money to create your presence online.

If you’re seeking for a free solution to create your first portfolio website, these WordPress themes are the best choice for you. These high-quality WordPress templates have clean, minimalistic design. They give you an ability to showcase your photography in various and creative ways. Read more…

20 Reasons Why I Won’t Cover Fashion Week for Free (But I Would for Expenses)

London Fashion Week just wrapped up, and a lot of the people I follow on social media were there, taking over brands’ social media accounts, taking pictures, looking good. I spent most of the past four days sitting around at home with absolutely no plans to go anywhere, and I think if you’d touched me, my relief would have actually rubbed off on you. It was that strong.


Photo by Lix Hewett

I had some leads for this weekend, mainly to work as a street-style photographer. I’m not much of a fashionista, and I didn’t want to throw myself to the wolves, so to speak. I spent a little while contacting people who were looking for photographers for their websites or publications. I don’t have much to show, so it was bound to be a bit of a crapshoot, but I did get some responses. Read more…

How to Effectively Use Instagram to Boost Your Photography Business

Last year, Instagram became a part of our everyday life. With over 200 million users, this network is one of the most powerful tools these days to promote your photography business. If you have not used it for business purposes, I have to say you’re losing a great opportunity.

Instagram as a photo and video sharing application is a perfect place for photographers. And it’s pretty simple to use. Read more…

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