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The Epic Bundle and Another Giveaway Demand Your Attention

Remember Inky Deals? We’ve been telling you about them from time to time now, always when they have some type of amazing deal, bundle or giveaway for you. Hey, we wouldn’t waste your time in any case! Guess what time it is, this month? That’s right…it’s yet another too-good-to-be-true deal from Inky Deals.


This time, Inky Deals doesn’t just have another stellar bundle to share with you…no! The company, this time around, has actually sweetened the deal by including a tantalizing giveaway…on top of yet another extremely valuable bundle. Interested yet? If you are, you’ll be glad to know that the giveaway involves an 11” MacBook Air and other sweet goodies that you just won’t be able to believe. Read more...

The Ultimate Photography Guide to Pricing That You Have to Read

Setting the proper price for your photography business is one of the most important, thus challenging, things you may face in your photography career. Photography pricing determines your priorities, profit potential, competition niche and business style.

Phoot by cat klein

Photo by cat klein

Bad pricing lists could not only cost you money, but also destroy your business before you can say Jack Robinson, if you know what I mean! You would work endless hours for ridiculously little pay, and at long last, it would kill the passion of what you do. That’s not a horror story, but the reality you may face if you do not learn to calculate your price list in time. Read more...

Invent a Slogan and Win Some New HDR Software

Whenever someone talks about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, it can either be with disdain or great appreciation, but as they say--different strokes for different folks.

Photo by Roger Raad

Photo by Roger Raad

In any case, HDR photography has its roots in the 1850s when the French Photographer Gustave le Gray combined two exposures to render a seascape that contained large range of light, thus enabling a better representation of what the human eye could see. Read more...

Top 10 Blogs Wedding Photographers Must Follow in 2014

There are a lot of wedding photographers, or just amateurs who shoot weddings, but there are also many who would like to brush up their photography skills. Along with the right skills, it would be awesome if photographers are able to give some tips to their clients on floral arrangements, invitation designs, wedding dress ideas, wedding color palettes, poses and more.

Photo by Jamie Star

Photo by Jamie Star

That’s why I drew up this list of top 10 wedding photography blogs that rock in 2014. You’ll find some useful tips and trick on how to succeed in the wedding photography business, how to properly communicate with clients, and tons of inspiration in the form of engagement sessions and wedding photographs from all over the globe. Read more...

How to Relax Your Photography Subjects

Do you ever pull out your camera and point it towards your friends, just for the thrill of watching them tense up? Or is that just this pseudo-sadistic guy? :) There's something about the dark depths of a camera lens pointing in your direction that can intimidate even the most seasoned, confident individuals. If you're a photographer trying to capture their essence and tell a story about your subject, then this lens aversion can really make your job difficult.

Unfortunately, helping photography subjects relax isn't as easy as following a series of technical steps. Read more...

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