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Celebration of Light: 50 Sparkling Fireworks Photography Examples to Inspire You

Since fireworks were created, people all over the globe have used them to pray for happiness, ward off evil spirits, celebrate birth, death, weddings, the New Year and any other occasions. Festive fireworks are a breathtaking sight when vivid, magic colors of light are exploding in the air for a few quick moments.

I believe every photographer comes up with his own idea of how to capture sparkling fireworks. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy to take amazing fireworks photos without any preparation. Read more…

The Definitive Guide to Destination Wedding Photography

Destination wedding photography is hard work but certainly has its rewards. If you can adapt quickly, can thrive on the new and different challenges, and are naturally resourceful this niche may be for you.

Photos by Manuel Orero

Photos by Manuel Orero

There are some additional considerations if you are thinking about becoming a destination wedding photographer. It typically requires more planning and expertise. Because the location is often far from the couple’s home, there can be lots of surprises and not always the good kind. As the photographer, it is important to be reliable and also able to roll with the punches. Read more…

The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Portrait Posing You’ll Ever Read

Have you ever seen those photographers whose portfolios have so so many amazing portraits? You look at all of their pictures, wondering how they do their magic. They must have “great subjects” or work with people that aren’t camera-shy like your friend.

The truth is that great portraits aren’t about the models or how photogenic or “picture-perfect” they are, but more about how the photographer directs the model. Read more…

20 Adorable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Photographers

People’s attitudes to Valentine’s day are different. Some argue that it has become too commercialized while others think that it should not be celebrated at all. But those who are lucky in love tend to celebrate the 14th of February in all its pride and glory. Valentine’s Day is one more chance to say and show your special one how much you love him or her and care. It’s a celebration of love and happiness.


Everyone is trying to make this day unforgettable: They buy chocolate, flowers, candies, cookies and greeting cards. Read more…

Urban Exploration Photography 101 With Miki Lansdowne

Urban exploration is one’s exploration of man-made structures that are typically abandoned ruins or elements of the man-made environment that are not readily seen by most people. You may have seen TV shows documenting urban exploration, but it’s not a subject we’ve really tackled in-depth at Photodoto…until now, that is.

Photo by Miki Lansdowne.

Photo by Miki Lansdowne.

Recently, I was contacted by Miki Lansdowne, an urban exploration photographer. Naturally, I gladly took this opportunity to find out more about this very unique niche in photography. Read more…

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