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6 Main Studio Lighting Methods to Master for Your Portraits

Understanding light is a concept that makes a good photographer, and an even greater skill to master is knowing how to recreate different light effects in the studio .

Using lighting accessories like off-camera flashes or strobes, and studying how to trigger them from a different position than on top of the camera, will give an overall different aesthetic to your photographs. Read more...

The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests That Are Worth Your Time

The Internet has brought an influx of photo contests. It seems like every blogger, photographer and "momtog" is putting up a photo contest.

Photo by Jaume Martí

Photo by Jaume Martí

As a serious photographer, how can you know which ones to submit to, and if you do choose to submit to one, how to maximize your chances of winning? Here is everything you need to know about photo contests. Read more...

How to Change your Photography by Simply Changing your Perspective

Perspective...it is a central component of photography, although it's one that you probably don't actively consider when composing a shot.  For our purposes, perspective can be described as the dimensions of objects within a scene and the measurements between them as they correspond to the viewpoint of the camera.  This simply means how things appear in a composition from the camera's point of view.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with the focal length of the lens or any electronic settings within the camera, but only how the scene physically exists between itself and your camera. Read more...

20 Awe-Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Behance

Behance is an awesome place to find creative photography portfolios and to draw inspiration from. But with so many of them to browse through, it’s really hard to find a place to start. That’s why I’ve collected 20 awe-inspiring photographers to follow on Behance.


Here you’ll find fabulous fashion photography and breathtaking landscape shots. Scroll down to enjoy these brilliant photography efforts that are worthy to both admire and copy. Read more...

10 Accessories To Make Your Camera Bag Super-Interesting

Once you get into photography, many of the things you want to buy are very expensive, and all of the sudden those 15 lenses on your wish list seem to compete with your children's college fund.

For some reason, you start feeling like you "need" stuff to be a better photographer. Truth be told, you don't need much, but it's a real challenge to stop investing in your now favorite activity. Let's  entertain the idea you could get all those items in your wish list and even more fun things to put in your camera bag. Read more...

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