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How to Make Instagram Filters in Photoshop: Sierra & Brannan

I’m happy to continue our series of Instagram photo filter Photoshop tutorials. Before going to the tutorial, I’d like to share with you a few interesting facts about Instagram that you probably don’t know!


Did you know that New York City is the most geotagged place on Instagram? Or that the most Instagram users are located in the United States, Brazil and Japan? Read more…

Event Photography: How To Take Electric Photos of Rock Bands

Do you remember the photographs that inspired you to want to take photography more seriously? If so, you must have a better memory than me. ;)

I don’t remember the specific photographs that made me want to keep me camera with me at all times. Maybe it was Henri-Cartier Bresson’s street photography, or maybe it was Andreas Gursky’s Rhine which sold for more than 4 million dollars. Read more…

How to Wake a PRO Photographer in You

Being a pro, full-time photographer takes courage. You should be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone all the time and do some new things. First things first: Becoming a full-time photographer means that you need to start a photography business.

You should try new photography genres you never tried before. You should take photos at new locations. You should communicate with new people every day and try to reach an understanding. You should be an accountant, promoter, writer, planner, businessman, and, moreover, learn brand new skills. In a word, you should be taking a lot of challenges constantly. You need to do all these things to improve your photography and make money for a living with a job you really like. Read more…

Infographics 101: How to Take A Great Selfie Like a Master

We all know the obvious, selfies are here to stay! So why not make the best out of them? Shutterfly’s guide offers tips on how to capture a great selfie that’s worth sharing. It teaches you everything from how to find the best lighting to giving your picture that little extra oomph before posting. Follow these tips, capture your selfie, and share it!


The selfie is like an epidemic in the social media world. Read more…

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