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What to Wear for a Photo Shoot: Clothing for Portraits

What to wear? It’s an age old question. One that never goes away. And what to wear for a photo shoot even gets harder. Two weeks ago, Santa brought my oldest daughter, Zoe, ten BILLION outfits from across the globe.

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Knit sweaters, lace sweaters, casual sweaters, fringed sweaters…if there was a sweater being made, she got it, in addition to thousands of jeans, leggings, skirts, cords, leg warmers, earmuffs, coats, camisoles, yoga wear and basketball shorts. She got so much clothing that it literally took her four hours just to try it all on. Read more…

Stills Spiced up with Magic: Cinemagraphs Free Pack

Visuals are the focal point of any good design. People are known to be more image than text oriented, and appealing to their visual perception, you can quickly engage them. Stills, videos, gifs – any of them work great for grabbing attention, but all these are long-familiar and widely used.


As online world is constantly changing, it strives for new ways of expression, and cinemagraphs, still photos with slight motion, are the one. They are great alternatives to the usual images and are perfectly tailored for spicing up websites. Read more…

Start a New Great Year – How To Develop Ideas More Creatively

As a photographer, coming up with ideas and visualizing what you imagined in an image, is an essential part of your progress. Coming up with those (hopefully) great ideas isn’t an easy task though because of the sheer flood of pictures that everyone sees every day.

Christmas Sparklers Fun BY VIKTOR HANACEK

Christmas Sparklers Fun BY VIKTOR HANACEK

Here are my strategies for coming up with ideas that help you stand out from the masses. According to inc.,creativity isn’t a skill that you either have or haven’t- it can be learned just like every other skill. Read more…

Got Color? No Way! The Whys of a Monochromatic Image

Ansel Adams, master of black and white photography, once said; “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” So many people take pictures of just whatever… people eating, in awkward positions, with distracting things in the background, etc.,

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Photo by Barbara Stitzer

Then, because that shot took a long time to make, or was hard, even though it’s a bad shot, they feel like they can save it by making it into a black and white. But taking a bad shot and turning it black and white isn’t making it any better, it’s just making a bad black and white shot. Read more…

Popular Photographers, Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Share Their New Year Resolutions

New Year’s eve has always been considered the perfect time to look back at the year, reflect on what’s worked and what’s failed. It’s a good opportunity to start anew and think about the changes we want to make starting from day one of the new year.

Among the most common resolutions people make as the year draws to an end are spending more time with family, getting married, losing weight, or quitting daytime job in favor of own photography business. Read more…

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