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7 Shades of Effective Boudoir Photography Marketing (18+)

Despite an emerging popularity of boudoir photography, there’s often certain confusion and misinterpretation surrounding this division of the photographic services causing many photographers to avoid it and thus, lose quite a profitable source of income.

Photo by Tiffany Bailey

Photo by Tiffany Bailey

This post is going to help you define the specific nature of boudoir photography and suggest some best practices of boudoir photography marketing. Read more…

DIY 101: How to Get Started with Product Photography

My role as a stay-at-home parent, along with my work as a blogger, means I’m stuck in the house more often than not. I love what I do, both as a writer and parent, but I do find myself lacking for photographic subjects. Everyone in my home, including the cats and dogs, seems to be camera shy. So I began to look for other photographic opportunities around the house.

Photo by Kaboompics

Photo by Kaboompics

Then I began to think. I like writing. I like taking photos. And I definitely like making extra money. I’ve been meaning to clean out some of the clutter in my office and around the house, and I figure I could sell a lot of the stuff that’s still good but is just collecting dust here in the house. Read more…

How to Use Cinemagraphs to Spice Up Your Photography Marketing

While cinemagraphs are not exactly new, they are still great for advertising purposes because of their format: a GIF/video hybrid where an element of the still photo plays in never-ending loop, which results in constant motion.


Created by visual artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Ann Street Studio, they can be a fun and creative way to give a boost to your photography brand. Read more…

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