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Review: Odysseys and Photographs

Odysseys and Photographs

I finally had a chance to sit down with this book over two nights and read it through. And I’m bummed out that I didn’t do it sooner. Odysseys and Photographs: Four National Geographic Field Men is fantastic.

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These amazing biographies, written by editors, friends, and spouses, bring us a personal and stirring account of four National Geographic photographers. Each story reveals the adventurous spirit and innovation these gifted photographers brought to their craft. From Maynard Williams’ epic 10 month overland crossing of the Asian continent in 1931, to Luis Marden’s pioneering work with underwater photography and his discovery of the Bounty in 1957, to Volkmar Wentzel’s adventure prompted by his editor to “Do India,” to Thomas Abercrombie’s coverage of the Middle East in the 60s and 70s—these men all seemed to be the right man at the right place at the right time in history.

Each essay, lovingly written, reveals details about these men and their assignments that were only known to friends and colleagues, and provide an account that gives an intoxicating glimpse of what it must have been like to be a National Geographic Field Man in these golden years. These men were the Indiana Jones’ of photography.

Accompanied by beautiful 8 and 10-inch photographs throughout, Odysseys and Photographs covers nearly a century of world history–the people, the places, the politics—in a behind-the-scenes kind of way, through the eyes of these gifted photographers, writers, adventurers.

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John Watson

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  • Hi John, I would love to get your copy of this book. It sounds like a great read and view.

    Its always good to get a free book but I will probably pick this up myself if I don’t win.


  • jenny

    sounds like a great book!

  • manda

    Oooh, I would love to read this! I wonder if my local library has it.

  • heespharm

    always looking for new inspiration!! thanks for the pick

  • Jean Labelle

    Hi John,

    Sounds like an awesome read!

  • I would not mind a free copy, but if not, I’ll pick one up at Amazon. Thanks.

  • This book sounds awesome! I’ve loved National Geographic since I was quite young and dreamed of being one of their photographers.

  • Andrew

    I would love to recieve your review copy. I enjoy reading your blog from Granada, Spain and all photography books over here are very expensive.


  • Andy C

    Being a field photographer is my dream job, but alas, I am stuck in the not-so-lovely Midwest.

    A book such as this reveals those sights and stories that I yearn for, so it is always desirable to peruse such publications.

    I’ll add it to my Amazon wish list in case I don’t win a free copy. :)

  • The story behind photographers is always interesting, and sometimes make you look at his/her work in a completely different fashion.
    This would make a great add-on for my coffee table.

  • And our lucky draw is #6, Karl Kremer!