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Stampics Lives!

My concerns were unwarranted; Stampics apparently had been making some changes in its email to avoid spam. I received a very nice note from the folks there, so I guess I don’t have to eat crow–yet.

Elizabeth West

I'm a person who loves both words and images. A writer by profession, I'm a passionate photographer in my free time. I do not see the arts as a competitive activity, since no two people would ever create the same work even if they had the same subject. I welcome comments and suggestions from all.

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  • Ray A

    STAMPICS??? Some one said that they do exist, well I don’t think they do. I placed an order on their website on 11/18/2007, paid with PayPal. I sent them a email on 12/11/2007 requesting information on my order it is now 12/18/2007 and no response. No answer when you use their posted phone number the phone rings and then hangs you up. So I have come to the conclusion that they are a SCAM, and Buyer Beware.

  • dc

    I agree. I had to search and search since there’s no number or address on the website. I should have checked that first but got so excited. I found supposed founder “Mark Anderson”. I called whatever number I could find. One goes to Live Page Cafe and the other number just hangs up. I cancelled my card and am waiting to dispute the charge when its no longer pending. STAMPICS IS SHADY. No number or address … I was crazy not to notice. Don’t be crazy too and just avoid them all together.