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Tagging progress…

The great photo organization project continues. I’m not in what you’d call a “habit” yet exactly as far as my daily tagging goes. I’m up to 1,691 old photos tagged (out of 35,349). That’s about 4.7%. That’s progress and I’m happy with that for now. Even at that slow pace I should finish within a year.

Two things:

  1. New photos. I forgot that I would still be adding new photos. So the total number of photos is always increasing. I’m working backwards (I’m back to July 2009 right now). But because I keep adding new photos, it’s like taking two steps forward, one step back.
  2. I’m naming people in my photos. What do you do when a person’s name changes? Do you continue tagging them with the old name so you have continuity? Start tagging with their new name and leave the old tags alone? Or retroactively change the old name to the new name?

John Watson

John is the original founder of Photodoto, but after running it for 4 years he had to focus on different things. If you're interested in what John has been up to recently, you can check is personal blog or browse his photo blog.

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  • Go ahead and change your Keywords if peoples names change. It’s so easy to do in Lightroom, that you could even use both names. Just find the relevant Keyword in the Keyword List, right click on it, and choose “Edit Keyword Tag”. In the dialog that comes up you can add synonyms. I suggest using the changed name as the Keyword and adding the maiden name as a synonym. You can add any other important details about your Keywords here as well. For example if you have “John Smith” as a Keyword, you can add “John”, “Smith, “Uncle John”, “uncle”, “male”, “fireman” as synonyms.

  • +1

  • I’ve started using Picasa for my “Grand Photo Tagging” project too – with 3.5’s new Face Tagging feature – it’s amazing FAST to tag people. So much better!

    In fact I’ve found that I’ve tagged well over 80% of my pictures with Face tagging alone in two days. Something to consider after all. (I do have Lightroom but since I use Ubuntu…it’s Picasa for now)