30 Types of Photographers Exposed – Which One Are You?

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All photographers are equal, but some photographers are more equal than others.

Jorge Aurwell

Do you often meet a doctor who will cure your teeth, examine your heart, make you fingernails look fine and then help you with your childhood psychological trauma?


Possible, but so not typical!

Again, if you get to know that a person is a photographer, do you expect him to be good at everything? Landscapes, fashion, pets and microphotography of cute bacteria in knitted hats?

That’s the problem with designers, photographers and IT specialists. Some people don’t understand that they might have different specializations.

Here’s a little list of photography niches, showing how different we all are, even though we all hold a photo camera on our Facebook avatars. Of course we don’t. Just kidding. Or do you? Come on, it’s bad taste.

1. Fashion Photographer

Fashion is a #1 source of wannabes. If you feel you’re Steven Meisel, but don’t know what flash sync speed means… You’re so not alone.

2. Landscape Photographer

A man behind the PC desktop wallpapers.

3. Wildlife Photographer

One who sits knee-deep in a swamp to get a close-up of a frog.

4. Aerial Photographer

It is when you really look down on other photographers.

5. Action / sports photographer

A man behind the posters in a tire fitting shop.

6. Pet Photographer

If you hate people and humanity in general, this is a dream job for you.

7. Event Photographer

It’s that guy with a camera poking about at you sister’s birthday.

8. Real Estate and Architecture Photographer

Another good option for sociopaths.

9. Astrophotographer

Those who think 200mm to be a wide angle lens.

10. Photojournalist

If you see one taking a picture of you…  you’re probably an underpaid coal miner in a third world country. In best case.

11. Concert Photographer

A nightmare job for a settled studio photographer. Total lack of control over lighting, low light and a nasty crowd of fans (not your fans actually) shouting behind your back.

12. Macro Photographer

Those who show us how truly ugly the flies are. Even in dew drops. That’s even more horrible. Brrrr.

13. Medical Photographer

Very dangerous specialization. You might faint and drop your expensive camera during an operation.

14. Micro Photographer

May not be published in Vogue, but may contribute to saving your life some day.

15. School Photographer

Being one is as stressful as shooting pets, or concerts, or rather – pets’ concerts.

16. Baby Photographer

There are not too many male photographers doing this. Hmmm… Men are so hard-hearted.

17. Family Photographer

Third photographer you hire, right after wedding and baby photographers. What’s next?

18. Satellite Photographer

Those are looking down on aerial photographers.

19. Scientific Photographer

The images they produce may look nice, even beautiful. Just don’t ask them what it is all about. Only if you want a lullaby.

20. Food Photographer

They make you think you want a hamburger.

21. Vehicle Photographer

Now besides a hamburger, you also want a Ferrari.

22. Travel Photographer

They are so sly! They kind of work… but they kind of travel at the same time. Don’t we, normal people, usually pay for this instead of get paid? Hmmm…

23. Street Photographer

They dwell in busy city streets. Get one to the countryside and he will start to panic about “these ugly things sticking out of the ground, trees as you call them”.

24. Nude/erotic Photographer

A man behind the posters in a tire fitting shop.

25. Underwater Photographer

They don’t talk much at work.

26. Advertising Photographer

They also shoot food, pets, and stylish women. They just leave a little more space for a trademark and a slogan.

27. Stock Photographer

Their photos look as if they have never left their studio and have never seen real life.

28. Wedding Photographer

First choice for those who have purchased their first entry-level DSLR and decided to make money with photography.

29. Equine Photographer

“Horses? Yes, I shoot horses. Yes, mainly horses.”

30. Paparazzi

While being photographed by a photojounalist is a bad sign, being chased by a paparazzi is 100% opposite.

What’s your number? And please don’t get offended! Or even better, please do. The comments are below ;)

George Bailey

George is an enthusiast photographer who focuses on both studio and outdoor photography, always seeking interesting and creative shooting and retouching techniques.
  • http://bloggerjet.com/ Tim Soulo

    George.. this one is a HILARIOUS post! :) thank you so much! :)

    • George

      Thanks, Tim! :) I’m flattered )

  • Michael P

    Good one, George!

    • George

      Thanks Michael! It took some time to find appropriate photos :)

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  • Debmalya Mukherjee

    very well put… The caption for astro-photographers gave me real hard laugh !!!

    • georgephotodoto

      Thank you!

  • Disha

    It’s one of the best posts EVER related to photography! Thank you George :)

    • georgephotodoto

      Wow thanks for such a warm comment :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.morin.58 Amanda Morin

    number 8 was great!
    and i know a lot of # 28’s!!

    • georgephotodoto

      Heh, yes, 28s are really popular lately :)

  • Prasad tr

    Excellent Thank you :)

    • georgephotodoto

      Thank you! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/debarpita.tarafder Debarpita Tarafder

    haha :D !! Loved it !!

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks! :)

  • http://twitter.com/arnabgomes ivan arnab gomes

    You missed the Table top photography…

    • georgephotodoto

      Yes, I could have added it, thanks :) I’m sure there are even more types

  • ChitraSivasankarArunagiri

    Great List!!! Have had an experience in about 40% of the names in the list. :)

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks :)) Fashion and wedding are probably leaders :)

  • Dave Buchanan

    Hey I feel slighted … I am a product photographer – well that is kinda advertising without the white space

    • georgephotodoto

      Sorry Dave, I really missed that out :)

  • achmad dhani

    you missed the candid photographer

    • georgephotodoto

      I did, thanks :)

  • Xianwei Chen

    Hmm… How about Fashion Show photographers? The guys who lined up nicely to present you the latest fashion in Milan? :-p

    • georgephotodoto

      These too. Maybe they are somewhere near event photogs/ photojournalists? :)

  • Amber Ritchie

    This is Awesome! I am actually a few of these!

    • georgephotodoto

      Hey, actually me too :) Some of the photos are mine, I used them just not to offend anyone else hehe :)

  • Rod Tolentino

    Awesome types of photographers! For me I prefer pet, concert, erotic, underwater photographer! Thanks for sharing this!

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks Rod! :)

  • Christopher Gerald

    Great article! The best part is … being any one of these photographers doesn’t make you any less a photographer ;)

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks, Christopher! Yes, that was exactly the point :)

  • http://twitter.com/photoluminary Rachael Towne

    Great article. However, you kinda missed the “female” photographer. Still, it made me laugh all the same.

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks, Rachael! :) At first I wanted to write a serious article, but it finally ended this way :)

  • Jaydeep

    Thanx for sharing

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  • Longknife21

    Wow, very excellently dissecting article! Had to count ‘em up…I am or have been: #1,2,6,7,17,24,26,28,29! Mostly an amateurish and bumbling 1-6-24-26 at the present, though!

    • georgephotodoto

      Wow, only several types left untouched :) Thanks for reading!

  • allan jay

    this is awesome… i’m the 28 and 30 … although i was already making money with using film slrs back in the mid 90’s i made more when the dslrs came around… great and fun article george..!!!

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks a lot, Allan, this is so nice to hear :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/toyin.oshodi Toyin Oshodi

    Fascinating article. I hope to become a photographer one day and so found this extremely useful. Thank you.

    • georgephotodoto

      Thanks a lot! :)

    • seyi sotunde

      toyin we will be there one day lets keep focus

  • M.B.

    Ha! Never knew some of these “types” of photographers. Good to know. I started out a candid photographer. ;-)

    • georgephotodoto

      I’m sure there are even more types :) thanks for the comment!

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  • franc

    school photographer —- where you shoot kids.

    • georgephotodoto

      yep, this phrase always makes me feel… strange :) Thanks!

      • I_to_suck_the_cock


  • Name

    31. Waffle Photography. Waffles are significant enough to be in their own group. waffles are very delicious and can be made in a number of ways. photographs of them are a site to behold. although good looking, waffles are VERY important to the well being of the universe because without them reality will collapse and all physics, logic, quantum mechanics, etc will cease to exist.

    • georgephotodoto

      :)) Waffles are closely related to scientific photography, I should have illustrated #19 with a big crunchy waffle in infrared!

  • http://lavapix.com/ Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com

    Volcano Photographer is what I am. Not many truly dedicated ones around I guess. A better fit would be Adventure photographer. Of course many of us dable in most of these categories.

  • http://www.facebook.com/utpalkumar.sahoo.18 Utpal Kumar Sahoo


  • kumar

    I am a vehicle photographer.

    • Cocksucker11

      Talk about your gaay

      • Grammar POLICE

        You’re**** probably wrong. LOL

        • 2crudedudes

          Maybe he really wants kumar to talk about his gaay…

  • MerpLovesArt

    #16, its cuz theyd be accused of being a pedo

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  • Olami Shuga

    from wildlife, to landscape, to pets….i think am a cocktail of a photographer…george?

    • georgephotodoto

      Sounds pretty much like a cocktail! :)) But still it’s not “from wildlife to fashion”, right? :)

  • kingsley

    i love the information given and would love to learn more

  • http://www.facebook.com/anusvincent Anu Vincent

    planning to go into wedding photography field what do u think

    • http://www.facebook.com/de.neeraj.5 De Neeraj

      we are also planning to do so ..

  • Joseph Sorbara

    Nice article! I have a certain respect for the photojournalist. My favorite Photography related quote is “ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. – Henri Cartier-Bresson


    • Richard Powles-Brown

      Nice quote, I wonder if now we could now update that number, accounting for digital photography – perhaps 100,000 or even a million?

  • Guru prasad Sanath

    can some one help me by some information regarding commercial photography and its oppurtunities..please mail me Gurusmileez@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/de.neeraj.5 De Neeraj

    “A picture is a mystical art about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know

  • you dissed now Im pissed haha

    You dick head . Im offended now .

  • Trisha

    Love this article. Pretty informative with a touch of humor. Keep writing. :)

  • AndreaACME

    Actually I thought the “10. Photojournalist” picture was an UV photo, it very much resembles the effect that UV photography produces.

  • Rohit

    Lightning Photographer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/austin.bauman Austin M Bauman


  • Snehal Gadgil

    Superb article proved to be very helpful for me with a touch of humour thanks a lot….lookin forward for Fashion Photography !!!!

  • Rebeca Cooper

    I want to do medical/trauma photography

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  • Guest

    in the future i wanna be a travel photographer or fashion photographer

  • Dolly Torrejas

    in the future i wanna be a travel photographer or fashion photographer still learning about photography

    • Blacc Jamiel Lyric

      but you got great work !!

    • mohit Gyanchandani

      I am looking to start my career as a travel photographer.

    • Mali

      I have an avid interest in travel photography as well!

    • Emilie Hunt

      Same. I always wanted to travel the world and capture it’s true beauty and I like fashion as well. I’m only 14 and I’m only in 8th grade and I’m still trying to discover who I am. Photography is my passion.

      • Victoria

        Feel the same, I’m 15 and have passion for photography and really want to travel and see the world!

  • Salt Life Imagery

    Having Trouble Deciding which one I am I like doing Nature Photos along with doing portraits have done some commercial photography as well. I need help with figuring out what type photography Business I have and how to explain it in a short speech. I have started my own Photography Business in Florida and Have to decide which to do I want to do Portraits and Such but Commercial and Nature still Pull me. I love being out doors and Dont know what the 3 main types of Photography there is Can you help? I know there is Commercial , Residential(portraits & Events) not sure what the 3rd one is or if I already do it :P

  • http://newenglandbloggerette.blogspot.com/ Lori Caouette

    I’m more of a novice at # 2&3 and 12,thinking of doing 16 or 17, would love to do #19.Thanks for the article,pics good indicator of each category ;)

  • brooke

    I’ve always wondered why the first “job” they want is to do a wedding, and a friend at that- nothing like messing up an important moment forever for a friend – then loosing the friend over a blurry pict lol Great article, funny but true – we’ve all gotten a great laugh out of it, and realized we’re a little of a lot of them :D

  • Jayme Beres

    It’s really hard to pick just one, when I go to a show it’s concert photography (you nailed it with the lighting), when I travel there may be a wing shot over some misty looking mountain cloud type thingys followed by whatever the street food turns out to be. Basically if I find it interesting I shoot it. Now getting paid for that, doing what you love I really don’t think it could get much better.

  • Angelina

    I hate a degree in photography but I don’t want to end up being a wedding photographer. I don’t know what to do :(

    • Angelina

      Dammit I meant to write HAVE a Degree >_<

      • http://ppn.net.in C Parthapratim

        Having a degree is hating it enough!

  • kbair

    Where the fuck is the abstract art photographer?

  • SatiZ

    I wana be a Erotic Photographer !

    • SatiZ

      Subscribed ! Hope it goes well :)
      Thank you !

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  • http://341design.com.au Chris Howard

    Selfies photographer. All those selfies you see on facebook? All my work.

    • Savage_Life


    • http://www.clippingsolutions.com/ Background Remover

      Really! Wow thats cool.

  • Olivia Carbone

    life style photography is my thing :)

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  • Arvind Vyas

    I only treat photography broadly as arranger and non-arranged photography. Rest you can name 100’s based only many subjects, tools, situations, etc tec,

  • Pingback: Julisa

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  • Kay Kay

    War photography is missing

  • Renwick Miller (@renwick13)

    I can see 3-4 of those I really enjoy. Leaning towards photojournalism these days though. That and street. And erotic. Headsup: ‘Misanthrope’ might’ve fit better where ‘sociopath’ was used in #8 above.

  • Jon McGuffin

    No “Product” photographers? Poor product guys get no love. This list is nice but missing quite a few disciplines while adding others that can be grouped with others.

  • raihanmazumder

    great 30 names!

  • Brady Haws

    What about all those pesky Tourist Photographers??? Their portfolio consists of random landmarks and historical buildings with a very awkward family in shorts and flipflops wearing socks in front of them…… and ugly Hawaiian shirts….. and hideous sun-brimmed hats….. and eating terrible, greasy fast food…… on second thought, im GLAD you chose not to add that type…. =D

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  • Annika Jöhnemark

    Loved your article George – spot on and very funny!! :-) Good move to then describe yourself as a photographer using the safe words ‘studio’ and ‘outdoors’. :-P

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  • sassy ladii


  • Sundar Amms

    i dnt no wat im but im photographer….

  • Ashley M Westendorf

    i am a
    Paparazzi photographer

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  • Philip

    Product / Commercial Photography …

  • Mohamed

    I Am Everything Photographer.

    • Richard Powles-Brown

      me too, jack of all trades, master of none…

  • Marion Esposito

    I like taking pictures of unique things that I see as well as texture and patterns but I don’t know where I fit in on the list. For example, old barn doors, iron gates, windows, vintage things, etc. Any thoughts?

    • Michelle

      Artistic : Photography in which creative composition is the goal.

      • Marion Esposito

        Thank you Michelle, that sounds about right!

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  • NK

    very nice article… what about fine art photographer, black and white, and also enthusiast photographer

  • Emilie Hunt

    I’m only 14 and I have a passion for photography. i never knew there was so many different types of photographers! I always wanted to travel the world and capture its true beauty. I live in a small area with not much to see unless I’m in the city. I’ve been taking photos of nature and buildings so far but i really want to learn different was to capture things but yeah…

  • Victoria

    I do a lot of nature photos like animals and sky, or anything in its natural habitat

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  • Sujoy J

    Nice article.Can’t stop laughing. 200mm wide angle LOL

  • Steve Selway

    22… I love to travel and take photos….

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  • http://intellexae.wordpress.com/ Radcliffe Lewis

    Currently – the Street Guy. It is what it is.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Raquels.Photography Raquel

    George Bailey. If you aren’t married I can be your Mary.

  • http://phototrims.com/photo-retouching-services.php Sohan Dewan

    Photography is my passion but still I’m armature on it. But I’m on track, I’m working with ‘PhotoTrims’ which is one of the best photo manipulation service provider.