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Wednesday Grab Bag

“I’d like to suggest that the camera does lie. For a fleeting nano-second we may all look as strange as we do in passport photos, but not always.”

Polaroid will stop making instant film next year. Nearly instant just isn’t fast enough. Also, a neat photo story by photographer Micahel Blanchard documenting the closure of the Polaroid World Headquarters (video) in Waltham, Massachussets.

Anyone out there brave enough to try this Canon firmware hack?

The Casio EX-F1 is actually a time machine. It captures the shots you missed.

A very interesting and informative discussion on CC licensing of photographs. It seems that the more one depends on photography for income, the more likely one is to object to CC licensing. At least some forms of photography are headed in the same direction as digital music and photographers, like music artists, must adapt their business models to the new reality, like it or not.

John Watson

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  • The Canon firmware stuff isn’t actually firmware you overwrite the camera with. More like a program that gets loaded off the flash card during boot. If you load something on that doesn’t work then the camera won’t boot and no harm done. I was going to try it out on my SD700.

  • I have had the Canon firmware hack for about a month now and there are a couple of features like the live histogram and RAW that I have absolutely fallen in love with.

    I have an old Canon Powershot A620 and out of the box the factory firmware does not support this “firmware hack”, I had to download a third-party firmware update for my camera from a different website (a leap of faith on my part) and then use the firmware hack (CHDK). It worked like a charm.

    One thing I have noticed while processing the RAW photos is that my photos have a blue cast. I am going to try using a different Powershot raw converter to see if its a converter issue or a camera issue.

  • My brother has used the firmware hack on his S3, and loves it.

  • Scott Coulter

    Old news, I know, but I’m just catching up on the photodoto blog. Anyway, I’m using the CHDK on my S2IS and loving it. Vast improvements over the built-in bracketing capabilities, plus the ability to save RAW images. Now my task is to learn how to process the RAW images in a useful way.