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Wednesday Grab Bag

Brian at has just published a roundup of his guide to using Adobe Bridge including a free, downloadable PDF e-book version.

Here’s a little follow-up to that street-photographer-attacked-by-clueless-security-guards video from two weeks ago. reminds us to have a little fun and experiment with our photography with a fun fruit photography tutorial.

Bradley Gake posted to his Flickr account a neat scanned collection of vintage Los Angeles Press Photographer’s Annual covers from the 50s & 60s.

GE sells cameras? These compacts have some neat features though: blink detection, smile detection, face detection, and in-camera panorama stitching. Cool! Check them out at

Photo by Lori Greig (cc-by).

John Watson

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  • Great concept used in these illustrators.
    Awesome collection of illustrator. Thanks for sharing this nice post.