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Win a Pro-Level Portfolio Website CMS for FREE

In this giveaway you can win one of 5 great prizes provided by our friends at MotoCMS.

Win a Photo Portfolio CMS

Whether you’re professionally into photography or you just plan to start making money out of your photos, you probably know by now that a good website managing software is a gold find for your business.

Something that would have a lot of design options, modern features like mobile-friendly layouts, would not require you to dig through the library each time you want to edit something, and yet would be affordable… Yeah, even with dozens of website builders floating the market today, that combo is pretty hard to find.

With MotoCMS you can have just that, and with Photodoto, you can have it for free!

Photography Website Giveaway Prizes

As you might know, MotoCMS offers beautifully designed portfolio templates with lifetime support. And we’re announcing a giveaway in which you can win a pro-level portfolio website CMS or grab a 30% to 50% license discount by simply leaving a comment here.

MotoCMS photography websites

Grand Prize

The 1st place winner will receive a full License for MotoCMS 3.0 which includes a top-quality photography website template of your choice plus access to the powerful website manager with lifetime 24/7 support. All for free.

Second Prize

The 2nd place winner will receive a 50% discount for a MotoCMS 3.0 license. It means that if you win, you’ll get a top-notch portfolio website with customization tools, automatic updates, and professional support for a ridiculous $99.

The other prize for the runner-up is a Photodoto Bundle including our best-selling Canon Guide, 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet, Nikon Guide, and Lightroom Presets Pack. In other words, you get $85 of products for free.

Additional Prizes

Three more winners will be selected at random and awarded a 30% discount for the MotoCMS 3.0 license. Wohoo!

How to enter

We’re still not sure if we did the right thing making it so easy to enter the giveaway with such cool prizes, so you’d better enter now before we changed our minds :)

To roll into the draw, simply leave a comment to this post in which let us know how a professional photo website by MotoCMS would help you advance in your photography career.

Do this in the next 7 days and on February 22th we’ll randomly select the winning comments and announce the winners in the following days.

The entering deadline is February 21, 11:59pm EST. Comments left after this deadline will be waived from the random draw.

The giveaway is open to everyone around the world (btw, MotoCMS is also avilable in Spanish, German, Polish and Russian), but there’s a one-entry-per-person limit.

Win Portfolio Website CMS

No meaningless comments

Even though, the prize winners will be selected at random, meaningless comments such as “first!”, “I need a photo website because photo websites are cool” will not be considered for the giveaway.

It doesn’t mean you need to write an essay in your comment, however, the team at MotoCMS is looking to learn more about your website struggles and hear your feedback about how their solution could help you grow your photography business.

We suggest you to learn more about MotoCMS and sign up for a free 14-day trial first, and then

Simply leave your comment below for your chance to win!

Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. Currently, she is working as a writer at PhotoBlog.
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  • Joshua Huang

    I currently have a website with another inexpensive web host, but I have not been satisfied with the options it provides. I need something designed more with photographers in mind, so I’m looking with something along those lines. One thing that has been lacking in my photography business is a good website to promote my business, but because of the shortcomings of my current host, I have not had the motivation to try to make something great out of it. But having a pro-level portfolio site like this would make me excited about showing off my work and referring people to my website.

  • T.L. Essary

    I need a web site because I’m looking at going into business and don’t know where to start.

  • Malachi Lewis

    Would love to win this!

  • Hugh Mobley

    Every serious photographer needs a top notch website, and I am always trying to improve

  • Cindy O’Brien McCrory

    I am starting a second photography business with fine art and want to separate it from my wedding/portrait site and these templates are gorgeous. I haven’t yet decided which website company to use and would love to have one for my new fine art site. Winning one would be even better!

  • Sarah Posehn

    I’m just starting out in photography after wanting to do it for years. A website like this would help me to turn my dreams of starting a photography business into a reality!

  • Tonia Malone Sloan

    Fingers crossed I win :)

  • Don Hyatt

    I,m 73, retired on a fixed income and could really use a web site.

  • Ivan Goranov

    God says, I’m about to win!

  • Billy Madrid

    Un sitio web proporcionado por MotoCMS; seria una puerta abierta al mundo de la fotografia; un bono de confianza para plasmar a través de esta, todo la creatividad que llevo en mi mente.

  • Pat

    As a hobbyist photographer I have tried several website builders but not found any that suits my needs. I want one that is flexible enough that it will

    allow me to include more than “just” showcasing my photos, which I can do on flickr or 500px or YouPic. I want something that will allow me to be me; a renaissance woman, a retiree, a social justice activist and a photographer and do it all on a budget which is compatible with a retiree’s modest pension. And, if there were a way to supplement my pension by selling a photo now and then without having to pay for the moon to do that, I wouldn’t object. Can your site do all that?

  • Rab McLaughlin

    As a photographer who is making the transition from amateur to professional, I am building up a following & contacts through social media and networking, but what I need to anchor it all, as well of course a great site on which to display my portfolio. WordPress just doesn’t cut it if I want to become known as a pro.

  • Norm Stoysich

    A pro web site would help validate my love for photography. Please select my entry!

  • Ralph

    Photography being visual art like poetry is mental art will lift your spirit and lighten your heart

  • I have a photography website, but have become frustrated with its limited flexibility and old-fashioned look. I would welcome the chance to have a responsive and beautiful website.

  • Earnest Nicolas

    I’m Earnest Nicolas. A proud Filipino. A young photographer. Wishing to be more professional in this job. Social media is on fire nowadays. Having a portfolio is a very big help for me and my colleague because most of the people are on the internet, looking for photographers. Facebook pages for photographers are flooding. Having a free portfolio is a very great advantage for us. If given a chance then i would be very thankful for giving me a chance to win. Thank you and God bles

  • Drilon Pollozhani

    I would like to become more serious and professional regarding the output of my photography. Social media is great, but limited. With a platform like this I can create a unique image and improve presentability. People will take me more seriously.

  • Michele Smith

    Hi Nancy! I had never heard of MotoCMS so thank you for the introduction! I am just starting out and have been trying to decide where to begin building my website. I watched their video and it seems to have everything I need and looks really easy to navigate! Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

  • Always looking for ways to show my work and do it with minimal effort. Would love to try this out and see what it can do for me.

  • bouje

    I’m looking forward to getting to know more about this product. For me I would like to have better reach with my photography and a professional site is exactly what I’m looking for!

  • I am a part time pro-photographer – I have my photography business on the side of my full time job. Because of the lack of time I have and also funding, I don’t have a proper professional site. I haven’t heard of MotoCMS but reading your post and having just looked at their website the designs looks great and professional. Having a professional website by MotoCMS would advance my career by putting my work out on a professional website that will enhance my credibility. It will also save me time since MotoCMS has a handy website builder – this will allow me to focus on the actual photography work and developing my business.

  • Wayne Johnson

    I’m Wayne a portrait and street photographer and my very own top-quality photography website from MotoCMS would help me launch WJII Photography to becoming an outstanding business. For years I’ve been capturing souls, taking photographs with a purpose. I will have a straight direction with this website that will appeal to the audience of all types and let hundreds if not thousands of people see my beautiful work. I have all original material waiting to be shared with the world.

  • Kent Spottswood

    I started out trying to take photographs. I have discovered I take stories instead. I have to share these stories for myself, for my subjects, for the rest of the world. MotoCMS can help me do this.

  • Yacoub

    The power of images are better consumed by the public and the best way to reach out is through a website that can reach out and make you visible in a world where a click connects all. That’s my interest and expectation in having a website like this this, that can showcase my works to the world with just a click

  • Emanuele Calvagno

    I’m a amateur photographer, so i want share my photos and my stories. MotoCSM help me ..please…

  • Benjamin

    To simply put it, I would love to win this competition because I am a storyteller. I am looking to further push my work to clients in a professional manner that will help me help others tell their stories. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and this website is a way to share their stories.

  • Kevin Clln

    Hey there,

    I’m Kevin, 24, from Cologne, Germany. I am mainly into landscape and architecture photography. I just like to show the beauty of nature and cities. While having a Facebook Photography page is nice, it’s still not the best way to showcase the works in all their quality. Pictures are there to be seen! An own real website is planned since a couple of months, but unfortunately I did not found anything that convinced me, but you guys…wow…chapeau! I am really convinced by your work. It would be awesome to get a website with you guys! =)

  • H.N. James

    My budget for rebranding my photography/art business is the thinnest of shoestrings, so being able to make a high-quality pro website would be a huge asset! It gets tough having to do everything myself, and access to MotoCMS would definitely ease the burden.

  • I am currently looking to change my website provider for a site that is more designable. Although I am pleased with how my current site protects my photos (no right-click ability), my site is based off a template and I am unable to alter it with personal touches such as widgets, free movement of element positions and functional apps.

  • I am currently looking to change my website provider for a site that is more designable. Although I am pleased with how my current site protects my photos (no right-click ability), my site is based off a template and I am unable to alter it with personal touches such as widgets, free movement of element positions and functional apps.

  • John Grimes

    I currently do not have a website for my photography. PhotoCMS would be just the ticket to advance my career. Thank you for letting me participate in this exciting offer!

  • Jason Loomis

    I’ve spent the last few months second shooting for an awesome photographer here in Michigan, and she is encouraging me to use those photos to get my own career off the ground. I need somewhere to show them off, but my current photography budget is rather thin.

  • Christine Crowe

    I could really really really use this. thank you Nancy this is such an awesome website. It has helped me in so many different areas of my photography.

  • Dirk Hermans

    In this way, I ‘d show the wonderful view of my life too the world. The more we see the better becomes our sight

  • cameradoll

    I have been looking for a new website process as i have to change mine, as I was doing wedding and portrait work, but have developed an auto immune disease, and am trying to change over to fine art now as I can’t keep up with the pace of commercial work. Not quite sure how to change over design wise on my website. Thank you :)

  • Eszter Szoda

    At the moment I do not have a website for my photos. PhotoCMS would be the perfect solution to share my photos and start a photography business.

  • epik112

    I have been working on creating a website but can’t seem to get the look I dreamed of weather its sizing the photos right for the site or the usability I just keep having problems with my site creating. However with a beautiful site created I would utilize that gift to pursue my goals as a traveling photographer.

  • Dominique Tanton

    Hello! As a recently graduated college student, a boost in getting my photography business rolling would be a HUGE help. I honestly think that not having a website (mostly because paying off those super fun student loans comes first) has been the biggest hinderance in getting on my feet. I have shot multiple weddings and events, but have a passion for humanitarian/travel photography. I chose to backpack Europe this past summer to build my portfolio to one day use my camera as a tool to expose people’s stories in a beautiful way. I have also used my camera in the craziest environments, documenting extreme poverty to further tell stories. I believe every deserves the right to be heard, but society looks over more people than not. So! I would love love love to be able to put my skills out there, to better serve those in our global community. Thanks so much for the opportunity, y’all rock!

  • Connor Ripple

    In the midst of the world of photography, artists small and great are all trying to show their work and passion in what they do. Sometimes, their audience is small, other times they wish to be a small audience account directed toward a specific group of people or purpose.

    One of the best ways you can show to any audience, anywhere, at any time, is by building a website. That way, you can show anyone, at any time, your talent and what you do. But building a website isn’t always cheap or available for some photographers.

    Every photographer has a different view on the world, and it is through their eyes (and through their lens) that they are showing how they view the world or how they want to change or influence the world. That’s what I would want to use my website for.

    thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Caroline Frances

    Hi! We are constantly distracted by the daily struggles of life, by living a 8:30-5 job we are simply not interested in in order to pay the bills. As a photographic enthusiast, I believe MotoCMS would encourage me to follow my interest in photography and to share what I simply value with the rest of the world.

  • Cyprian Mwaura

    I am passionate about photography
    Am a Kenyan too
    With this amazing gift from you people I would continue improving my skills as a photographer and with that my website will be available to everyone and that will improve and help me showcase best photographic content on the website

  • Rusty Perkins

    Great photographers start with what they have a passion for. Taking snapshots of those people or places that make them warm and fuzzy. After awhile they look at those snapshots and try to make them better. Finally they have pictures worth sharing to the world.

  • Michael B

    Thank you for the last minute ability to get in on this opportunity, the reason that i didn’t get in on this contest earlier, is that i have been dreaming to have a professional photography career, taking my own pictures believing that there are people out there that would see the beauty in my pictures. And lately i have been having a hard time, you see I have been disabled for the last 16 years with a T.B.I. (tramtic brain injury) and i live with severe head pain 24/7 and i have gone through a bad bout with worse pain than usual, and when i saw the contest that you were promoting it was during that time, and I’m sorry folks but when your head hurts that bad, believe it or not i get down in the dumps sometimes and I just couldn’t. however i am drifting off what i am supposed to say, so here it goes.
    with a website from MotoCMS 3.0 i will be able to put my photographs up and display them, with a great personalized, professional website of my own. The ability to drive new customers to my site through social media and word of mouth. And with all of the benefits that MotoCMS 3.0 offers and consistency, I will be able to get my name out there, get recognized and start selling my work. To be able to have a great tool like MotoCMS 3.0 it just makes getting my work put out in the world a heck of a lot easier than other sites like it. A smother user interface with the proper navigation to make our job the photographer a lot easier putting our work up, so we can focus on what we love to best, and that is taking photographs, our personal view of the world.
    And besides if a dude named Kevin can sell a picture of a potato for one million dollars, i truly believe that I can sell my work and be able to make a nice living doing what I love most.
    thank you.

  • Dru

    Getting my name out there is a challenge, especially when just starting out. Winning a website from MotoCMS would reduce the transition period between being being a recent unemployed college graduate and starting to make my name in the industry

  • Gerard Monteux

    Whew! Just in the nick of time, eh? So. let’s get started with this. Why would I, a professional fine art nature photographer with an existing website, be interested in winning a free, user-friendly site? Simple. That’s the reason why. I need simplicity. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I need to make changes to my existing site. It’s like giving birth. At least, I imagine it’s like giving birth. I can only imagine because I’m not a woman, and I’ve never fathered children. But the process is much the same: making changes to my site is excruciating, bloody, and takes about nine months each time. Plus, when I’m finished I really feel like I’ve been f****ed. I need to win this thing before I get slapped with a paternity suit. Thanks, Gerry Monteux, Monteux Gallery.

  • Aylish38

    Im a photography student with a lifelong passion for technology and media.
    I don’t have a website and use deviantart and behnace to showcase my work.
    I don’t have much money and would love a professional website.

  • I have been making my own “free” website for a few years now and it just doesn’t seem to get any followers. I think a pro-grade website would make a big difference! Something professional lets people know that I am professional!

  • Katie Mason-Broderick

    I am a current photography student at NYIP. This website would certainly help me launch my career as a photographer and help me start my own business.

  • Julie Gordon

    Like most on here i am a photography student (a mature student, but hay your never too old to learn something new). Again like every one one here a professional website would help me immensely when it comes to trying to get myself out there, so yes if i won i would be eternally grateful and I would be able to show case my work and hopefully promote myself and my skills better. Thank you.

  • azndiabolo

    This would be super awesome to help with my photography pursuits!! As a college student who currently takes photos for friends and the school paper, a professional photo website from MotoCMS would make it so much easier to jump into freelance photography by providing me with a place to direct potential clients/customers.

  • Sara Colon

    I am an amateur photographer and an animal advocate and rescuer. I would love to use photography to share the adopt don’t shop message, and to raise animal adoptions in my country by using media as a tool.

  • Joe

    I have been debating over which platform to use to create my first website. I sell on several on-line sites and in my local market but could really use a site of my own! The exposure would be a big help in expanding my market. I don’t want to just throw something together on my own so the opportunity to get this truly magnificent site would put me where I want to be.

  • Rodger Hort

    I’ve been researching for web site designs that would suit my style but have not found anything that works for me 100% so far. I also dislike the monthly charges that can really add up over the years. So I was very impressed with the MotoCMS 3.0 concept of only paying once. It will be interesting to see if the lifetime support model can be maintained going forward…and I can already attest that their support is both comprehensive and FAST, after experiencing it myself. MotoCMS 3.0 is a strong contender to fulfill my needs no matter if I win the contest or not. Although, having said that, it would be great to win!

  • pradeep teja

    I am a photographer in my college and want to develop my skills and choose it as my career so it would definitely help me

  • Alice Zastoupil

    I am a photographer just getting ready to step into the world of paying clients, and could use some serious help with a website! I am a single mom with 9 children, 7 of whom still are under 18 and live at home, that works full time at 1 job, part time at a 2nd job, plus goes to school. Funds and time for me are very limited, along with limited knowledge on website building, so this would be a dream come true for me! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Dave

    I’ve been a professional photographer for 3 years now, and haven’t yet made even $1 from it. I’m talented. My work is outstanding. Marketing is the challenge.

  • Cindy

    I enjoy photography so much; it would be great to get paid for it too! A photosite would help me startup my business :)

  • Casey J McGeorge

    Photography student about to graduate. I would love something else to work with!

  • Howard Jackman

    I’ve had a Smugmug and 500px account, neither was very good at facilitating sales, my w ordpress site is even worse, flickr gets views, but that’s about all.

  • Brandy Erb-Hensche

    Id love to have this. I love photography and am looking to find another website that would work for me and this is the one I have chosen.