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Howdy, professional and amateur photographers and bloggers, moms and dads, people of all ages!

You have an extremely good chance of getting a guest post published on Photodoto if…

  • You’ve been reading our fine site and noticed that we’re missing a certain photography tip or technique that you can easily cover. Maybe we didn’t cover some topic fully, yet you’re still willing to expand on it.
  • You have your own photography blog or website, and you want to promote it by presenting yourself as an expert and submitting a killer article to us.
  • You’re an experienced photographer with solid blogging and copywriting skills, and you’re interested in getting paid for the quality content that you’re able to produce.

But if you’re like this, you should really try your luck elsewhere, pardner:

  • You’re an SEO kind of guy, and you’re looking for a place to submit a post for the sake of a link.
  • You’re a copywriter with no real passion in photography, but since we’ve mentioned we can pay–why not give it a shot, just the same?

There are four, main areas that we cover on Photodoto. Please make sure that the topic you have in mind fits one of them:

Inspiration – Even the most experienced photographers sometimes need to look through breathtaking examples of others’ works. We post articles that will really fire up everybody’s minds and make their eyes grow bigger with inspiration…something that’ll make you fall in love with photography and feed the desire to grab your camera the very moment you finish reading!

Photography Tips & Techniques – Keeping secrets is no good when it comes to photography. At Photodoto, we believe that photography is 100% sharing and communication. You see, you can improve your karma by telling others how you pull of amazing photography techniques.

Gear – New digital cameras, accessories and gadgets are released every week, and we do our best to keep up with all the new stuff. Do you have a brand-new camera or a lens? We’d just love a review from you!

Post Production – Organizing your workflow, RAW conversion, color correction, photo collages, HDR, panoramas, retouching – all these topics are of infinite importance. You don’t have to be a photo artist creating surreal images to contribute to this section. Even a tiny hint on how to enhance skin tones might be a godsend for someone. If you feel you know how to make a good photo better, share your skills!

How do you write a post that has a 100-percent chance of getting accepted?

Just be sure to remember the following:

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