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How Do You Manually Focus Stack? Manual vs Automatic Focus Stacking Compared

Ever see those photos that look impossibly sharp?  How about ones that have zero blur and are sharp throughout, even when its a macro closeup of an object that would be impossible to capture without a huge amount of light?

depth of field of leaves

In this article I will tell you the secrets behind a technique called focus stacking, which is not difficult to do, and how you can perform it manually without fancy expensive gadgets. We will also look at automatic and semi-automatic methods.

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What Does an Underexposed Photo Look Like and Should you Underexpose?

Capturing an underexposed photo has had a very negative connotation in the world of modern photography.  Underexposed photos were invariably treated as terrible photographic failures brought about by insufficient lighting.  However, with the coming of digital photography and initial feedback, even capturing an underexposed photo has turned into a form of art.


In this article I will show examples of underexposed photos and describe the pros and cons of underexposure.

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Landscape Drone Photography – A Complete Guide

Drones have brought in a fresh new perspective to a lot of photography and videography genres. Thanks to their ability to capture these unique aerial perspectives drones are being increasingly used across all genres of photography. Landscape photography is no exception.

Drone photographing a landscape

Having dabbled with drones for the past 1 and 1/2 years, almost exclusively for landscape photography I’m in a position to summarize my experience for your benefit so that if you are also looking to make a start in drone photography you can start on the right footing.

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How to Use Your Phone for Capturing Videos of Adventure Sports

There are more tools and accessories to experience and record extreme sports than ever before — especially if you’re looking for a GoPro alternative. While GoPros are still great tools for recording adventure sports, you can now get accessories for your phone that allow it to fulfill the same purpose.

mountain biker in woods

So, rather than having to buy a super expensive separate device, you can just get some extra tools to build on what your phone can already do. After all, modern phones are equipped with some of the highest quality cameras around. Being able to use them for extreme sports lets you really take advantage of what they’re capable of.

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How to Take a Self-timer Photo on Any Device + When to Use Self Timer

Whether you are using a smartphone or DSLR camera,  there are times when you need to use the self-timer feature of the camera for triggering shots. With the variety of devices these days and their own camera control software, this is no longer as standard and easy to find as pulling the spring loaded self timer lever from decades ago.

self timer night photo

In this guide, I will show you how to set the self-timer on your android phone, Apple iPhone, tablet and DSLR/ Mirrorless camera. I will also share situations when you should use self-timer for capturing pictures. You will learn that most of the uses are not for taking selfies.

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