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Tips for Photographing Newborns: Do It Yourself

The arrival of a newborn into a family is an amazing and exciting (albeit sleep deprived) time. You can find yourself in this blissful bubble of just you and your little family as you adapt to life as parents. Most parents will attest to how precious yet fleeting these days are and its why so many choose to capture them through a photo shoot.


While you choose to hire a professional photographer for your newborn photo shoot, opting to do it yourself can be a more fun and memorable way to go.

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Outfits for Family Photoshoot: How to Choose and Coordinate?

If your home is anything like mine there are photos of you and your family dotted all over it. There’s something heartwarming about looking at the different moments in time and reliving them. Remembering how you felt, the smells, tastes and sounds of the day.


It’s no wonder that year after year families just like yours and mine enlist the help of professional photographers to help capture your love and bond. But once you’ve booked your photographer then sets in the panic of what to wear and how to coordinate without little Johnny having a tantrum because he’s not allowed to wear his spiderman outfit.

While most photographers are not wardrobe stylists, I’m going to lay out a few top tips and strategies for helping you find the perfect outfits for all the family without making everyone wear the exact same thing.

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A Guide to Repairing Camera Lens Scratches

That feeling when you take the lens cap off to reveal a scratch. How did that get there? When did that happen? Is it going to affect my photos? These are just some of the questions that will no doubt run through your head should you find yourself in this situation.

Cameras and their lenses are expensive pieces of equipment so the last thing you want to think about is having to replace your favorite lens just because there’s a bit of a scratch on it.

camera-lens-scratches-1 It would be much easier if you could just repair it right? But is that even possible?

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Product Photography 101: The Complete Guide To Perfect Product Photos

Online shopping is the wave of the future. Already, e-retail sales account for 14.1% of all retail sales around the globe. That’s expected to grow to 22%.

Every online retailer from small businesses to global giants face the same challenge — how to get customers to buy a product they can’t see. That’s where compelling, true-to-life product photography comes in.


How do you take convincing images that honestly showcase a products features? Hold onto your hat because you’re about to find out.

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