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This Is When To Use A Camera Lens Hood

Would you prefer to see your subject’s face or have a sun flare where her head should be? No? Well, then that’s just one good reason why you should be shooting with a lens hood.  However, many beginning photographers wonder what on earth the lens hood actually does? Is it just there to make your camera look more professional?

lens with hood

Of course not! Every piece of photography equipment has a purpose.

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A Guide to Blurring Backgrounds and Best Lenses to Use

Have you ever wondered just how to create that perfectly blurred background in your photos? You know like the professional shots that have the subject of the image in super sharp focus, but everything else is a blur like you forgot to put your glasses on?

camera lens on a blurred lights background

While these kinds of photos may look difficult to create there’s actually only a few things that you need to master in order to create your own blurred background images.

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Aesthetic Photography: Tips, Ideas and Examples

These days we are bombarded by visual content. We see images everywhere from giant billboards on the side of the road to handy little Instagram-sized squares in the palms of our hands.

Chances are, every once in a while you see a photo that stops your mindless scrolling in its tracks. You are captivated by what you see and feel compelled to pause a moment to just take it all in.


What you are looking at, my friend, is an aesthetic photo. And if you want to stop other people’s mindless Instagram scroll, you should keep aesthetic photography in mind the next time you pick up your camera.

Now, what is this sorcery?

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Camera Lens Yellowing: Here’s What to Do

If you use older camera lenses for your photography you might have run into the problem of lens yellowing. Don’t worry this isn’t an irreversible problem and we can help you to fix it. It’s much easier than you might expect.


Before fixing the problem it’s sometimes worth understanding why this is happening.

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Tips for Photographing Newborns: Do It Yourself

The arrival of a newborn into a family is an amazing and exciting (albeit sleep deprived) time. You can find yourself in this blissful bubble of just you and your little family as you adapt to life as parents. Most parents will attest to how precious yet fleeting these days are and its why so many choose to capture them through a photo shoot.


While you choose to hire a professional photographer for your newborn photo shoot, opting to do it yourself can be a more fun and memorable way to go.

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