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3 Basic Steps for Photographing Motion, Moving Objects and the Art of Panning

Photography is one of the most powerful arts of all time. It gives time a meaningful value, some might say even more valuable than memories. Photos can express deep emotional features of places, things, people, and objects. They are part of our legacy to the future generation.


But it’s not all about the future, or the past. It’s about capturing the moment not only with our eyes, but with our hands. Making that awesome day stay alive forever, and being able to review the same moment over and over again. This is what gives beauty to this art. Today, when we are all so caught up in technology and innovative machinery, we forget to take a break, look up, and see the trees, the sunshine, or the people around us. Photography gives us the chance to do it! It takes us out of our shelves and puts us straight into the centre of action.

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Everything You Need to Know About Photographing Cars

Car photography is every bit as exciting as photographing people. Each car is unique and has its own beautiful traits that translate perfectly into a photo. Whether you are taking photographs of vehicles on an F1 circuit or a full-on photoshoot of the most beautiful antique cars at an exhibition, your ultimate goal is to portray the personality and uniqueness of each of your “models”. Expert photographers use a multitude of techniques, all tailored to make the most out of every possible situation.


In this article I will tell you everything you need to know when photographing cars.

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Why Shooting Film Will Increase Your Digital Photography Skills

In our current digital age the need for a quick turnaround in every discipline can be cut-throat and demanding. When it comes to the world of digital photography it’s not uncommon to sift through thousands of images after a session to narrow your edit down to a mere selection of 10-20 images. The peace of mind knowing you have an endless shutter count can arguably cause some photographers to “shoot before they think”, sometimes leading to a sacrifice in quality or care in composition.


Taking time out of your routine in digital photography to shoot some old school rolls of film might just be what you need to get your creativity flowing.

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Gimbal Tips And Advice – Why you Need to Invest in One

A gimbal is a device that enables you to keep your camera stable while shooting video. It can also be useful when it comes to capturing high-quality still images. A combination of three gimbals will enable you to obtain a smooth movement of your handheld camera in three different directions, thanks to the three rotation axes.


In this article I will go over the benefits and limitations of gimbals, their uses, and tips for using a gimbal for both still images and videos.

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How To Take Better Headshots: The Complete Guide

Headshot photography is a huge sub genre of portrait photography right now and is becoming bigger and bigger as time passes. So many people need to get headshots done and they should be going to you for this service! I want to talk about how we can all make our headshot photography so much better and thus provide our clients with a better product than what they may currently be getting.


Some of you may already shoot headshots on occasion but there are still some things you need to make sure you have covered in order to ensure you are providing the best product possible. We will discuss some ways to improve and how to be prepared for what challenges your clients may bring you when they come knocking on your door.   I am a headshot specialist and I have compiled a list of simple ways to take your headshot photography to the next level.

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