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Is it Legal to Fly a Drone over Private Property? Laws Explained

Drone photography and videography are becoming big business, from real estate to special effects such as simulating views from aircraft or a bird’s eye.  Aerial photography can be simply stunning and even abstract which makes for great photos.

drone flying over garden

With money out there and more and more people getting into using drones for photography, legal questions arise over what you can fly over and take photos of.  In this article, I will explain the legalities of flying drones over private property and related issues.

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How to Mount Gopro on Your Ski Helmet + Shooting Tips

You’re skiing or snowboarding down the mountain, trying to capture as much thrilling footage as possible. You’ve got your GoPro mounted on your helmet, in a random spot that “felt” right.

As the terrain changes, you’re constantly moving and tilting your camera, trying to predict what will look best when viewed later. If your GoPro is not properly mounted, it can be difficult to get a steady shot or capture the real feel of the action.

Following a jumping skier

The last thing you want is to find yourself adjusting your GoPro on the go, which can lead to some spectacular crashes and lost cameras.

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This Is When To Use A Camera Lens Hood

Would you prefer to see your subject’s face or have a sun flare where her head should be? No? Well, then that’s just one good reason why you should be shooting with a lens hood.  However, many beginning photographers wonder what on earth the lens hood actually does? Is it just there to make your camera look more professional?

lens with hood

Of course not! Every piece of photography equipment has a purpose.

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A Guide to Blurring Backgrounds and Best Lenses to Use

Have you ever wondered just how to create that perfectly blurred background in your photos? You know like the professional shots that have the subject of the image in super sharp focus, but everything else is a blur like you forgot to put your glasses on?

camera lens on a blurred lights background

While these kinds of photos may look difficult to create there’s actually only a few things that you need to master in order to create your own blurred background images.

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