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How To Take Better Headshots: The Complete Guide

Headshot photography is a huge sub genre of portrait photography right now and is becoming bigger and bigger as time passes. So many people need to get headshots done and they should be going to you for this service! I want to talk about how we can all make our headshot photography so much better and thus provide our clients with a better product than what they may currently be getting.


Some of you may already shoot headshots on occasion but there are still some things you need to make sure you have covered in order to ensure you are providing the best product possible. We will discuss some ways to improve and how to be prepared for what challenges your clients may bring you when they come knocking on your door.   I am a headshot specialist and I have compiled a list of simple ways to take your headshot photography to the next level.

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Capture Moments Clearly: How to Clean Camera Lenses Properly

Imagine yourself at an important job, maybe a big, beautiful wedding by the beach. You open your bag and reach for another lens. It’s windy, and sand is blowing in your eyes, but you power through and switch lenses. As soon as you start shooting again, you review your images and see a tiny little speck on the same spot in all of the recent pictures you took. Those specks probably mean that your lens has a grain of sand or two stuck inside it.


There are many situations when you have to go out of your way to clean your expensive lens other than getting rid of the dust stuck inside of it.

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5 Must-Know Photoshop Tricks For Photographers

For every photographer, it is a dream to get everything right in the camera. However, it is not possible every time, you cannot always get your shots right. Sometimes, magnificent moments happen in a flash. In such cases, you cannot meticulously adjust your camera setting and look for the perfect lighting to get the perfect picture.


For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you need to be on the toes, so that your camera does not lose even a single memorable moment.

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