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Why Your Extension Tube Won’t Focus (With Fixes)

You want to take a lovely photo of the delicate swirls of a seashell. The only problem is…you can’t figure out why your extension tube won’t focus.  Macro photography takes you into the beautiful and enticing world of the minuscule. A dewdrop hanging from the end of a calla lily, an insect drinking nectar from a flower, the brilliant sparkle of the diamonds in a wedding ring — these photos are made possible by macro lenses.


But macro lenses are expensive so you may have opted to use an extension tube with a regular lens instead.

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Do You Need A Flash For Travel Photography?

Packing for a trip is arguably the worst part about travel. As photographers, not only do we have to choose which of our vast wardrobe of clothes to take with us, but we also have to decide which pieces of our ever-expanding portfolio of camera equipment to take with us. From picking which lenses and camera bag to remembering your spare memory cards, packing your photography gear for travel can be a nightmare. There is one decision, however, that can often make or break the standard of photographs you come back with. Do I need a flash for my travel photography?


The answer to whether or not to take a flash with you on your travels will be different for everyone based on a few things.

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Travel Like A Pro, Take Travel Photos Like A Pro

Travel is the best excuse to pull out your camera and take photos until your memory is full. The sights, people, culture, food — everything about going to a new place calls for a photo opportunity, one that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Taking the perfect travel photo, however, isn’t just a simple click. Sometimes, it can be challenging to capture the entire essence of a place. Think of the Grand Canyon: a majestic landmark that is vast and colorful, so much so that capturing its grandeur is difficult.

So how can you do justice to the places you capture and take travel photos like a pro?

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Tips & Tricks: A Survey of Iconic Family Lifestyle Photography

Family lifestyle photography is a unique and incredibly exciting subsection of the photographic field. This is a method that is widely practiced, though to be done right, one needs to properly understand its history, its limitations, its necessities, and how it can be executed to get the most incredible and poignant photos possible.


First, defining lifestyle photography is imperative: here, a photo shoot is carried out with the intent of capturing an individual or group in their natural environment.

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5 Awesome Ways to Improve Your Clothing Photography

Clothing photography… it’s chic, it’s in demand, and it can score you a pretty penny if you prove yourself. What’s even better is that clothing photography has weaved itself into numerous popular industries and niches, ranging from fashion and runways (duh), to Ecommerce stores, all the way to social media and its influencers – there is no shortage of gig opportunities for the aspiring clothing photographer.


Even if you’re not a photographer per se but would love to snap a few pics of your handmade apparel to sell it online, you stand a decent chance of elevating the price with a high-quality image.

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