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What Camera Lens is Closest to the Human Eye?

The human eye has several camera-like features. As a photographer, you would want to know the various parameters like focal length, aperture, and megapixels of the eye, which are the typical parameters of any digital camera.

closeup of eye

Many famous photographers use the eye equivalent focal length to capture most of their images. Why do many photographers prefer to choose this focal length and what camera lens is closest to the human eye?

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iPad Camera Quality Bad: Solutions for Blurry iPad Photos

Your iPad is one of many convenient small devices that is always on you and thanks to the integrated cameras is a great tool to take photos and videos on the move. Unfortunately, iPads are notorious for producing blurry images, which can also be caused by other factors.

woman holding Ipad taking photo

If you own an iPad and have always asked yourself how to shoot sharp, detailed, and great-looking photos with it, or if you are experiencing a new blurriness problem, you are in the right place.

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Camera Lens: Convex or Concave Explained

The photographic lens is what creates the optical magic of bringing a subjects image to focus on to the image plane (that is the image sensor or the photographic film at the back of the camera). It refracts the lights rays, condenses them, and brings them to focus. The photographic lens is responsible for all the magic that happens inside a camera.

concave lens

But did you know that the photographic lens is actually the total of several optical elements all working in tandem?

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A Guide to Choosing Camera Lenses – Where? When? Why?

Becoming a pro at choosing the correct lenses  for different situations takes time and practice but is important for getting the best shots.  However, it becomes second nature after a while.

Leica lens collection

In this article I will try to help you cut that time based on my own experience and decide what camera lens to use.  I will also talk about what types of lenses are worth buying.

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