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9 Best Laptops for Photography

You enjoy photographing in the field, whether its landscapes or events.  When it comes to viewing your captured images, polishing them up and showing to people, you need a laptop to make this possible, especially when you are far from home or office.  But you are not a techie and Cores make your head spin!


How do you decide on a laptop for photography?  You have come to the right place…

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What is the Sony a6400 Crop Factor?

Sony introduced the a6400 model of digital cameras in early 2019. The a6400 rapidly became a best-seller among both professional and amateur photographers. The camera is smaller than standard digital single reflex cameras but still uses Sony’s extensive line of lenses. Sony has achieved all this using an APS-C sensor system in a mirrorless body.


What is Sony a6400 crop factor?

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How to Elevate Your Photography Portfolio With Video Collage Creation in SmartSHOW 3D

When it comes to photography software, the most common names that come up are Adobe Lightroom, which is often used to work with RAW images, and Adobe Photoshop, which is often used to perform retouching tasks like smoothing out skin, removing blemishes, and fixing exposure. While these programs are fantastic for the editing process, photographers tend to be left to their own devices when they need to create a portfolio, do a consultation one-on-one with a prospective client, or convince clients to make a purchase.

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How Can You Get Thermal Imaging On A Cell Phone?

Would you like to be able to view and save thermal images using your smartphone,     whether for work or just for fun?  Thanks to technological advances, it is possible today to do this without buying a very expensive dedicated camera.


Read on to learn all the options you have to get thermal imaging on your cell phone.

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