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How To Edit Real Estate Photos in Lightroom (RAW)

Understanding the editing process is necessary for every photographer, especially if you’re in the business of real estate photography.


You need to know the methods of post-processing so you are familiar with the necessary steps you have to take in order to achieve the output that you need. From the photo shoot down to the post-processing, a professional photographer should know the methods involved in order to produce quality photos that will sell properties right away.

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A Quick Primer On Resolution and Photo Scanning

When you are setting out to digitize your collection of old photos and film, scanning resolution is an important attribute to consider. This number is crucial when you are thinking of printing your scanned images rather than just viewing them on a screen.

photo scanning-main Since most people, at some point or the other, will want to create memorable keepsakes – framed prints, enlargements, photo books and more – using their digitized photos, it is important to understand how scanning resolution can impact their results.

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Useful Software For Photo Enthusiasts

Nowadays you can call anyone with an Instagram account a “photography enthusiast”. However, what I meant was “newbie photographers”. Those, who instead of cropping their snaps muse over the best composition before the picture is taken. Those, who instead of applying filters fiddle with curves and white balance. Those, who feel like the Wizard of Oz behind their shutter – altering reality to make wonders. Those, for whom a photo has an expressive value instead of being a trendy way to communicate what they’ve been up to this weekend.

useful software If you are making your first steps in the art of photography, you could use some nice versatile tools – preferably on a budget, or even free.

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How To Retouch Old Photos In Photoshop

Family photos can be incredibly precious keepsakes. Most of us have in our possession old pictures of our parents, our grandparents, or ourselves, but unfortunately, as a result of time and poor protection, these photos often become scratched or torn, or lose their original spark.

retouch old photos-front Thanks to Photoshop, we can easily restore our old photos in a fun and creative way.

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Should You Switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo?

If you are considering the switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, you might wonder how it will affect your photo editing workflow. And how will just a tiny loss in features (for a big drop in price) affect your options for photo editing?

Keep on reading to find out how your workflow will change, what you will miss and what you will gain when switching to Affinity Photo.

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