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Unsplash: The Perfect Source for Free Images?

Have you ever wanted to make your life simpler when it comes to finding stock photos, and by simpler I mean not dealing with confusing licenses, being afraid that one day an image you used may change its license, and not paying for subscriptions or collections of images? Well you are in luck as today I will be going into a service that does just that, as well as similar services.

oscar sutton-unsplash-1

By the time you finish this article you will know where to find millions of completely free photos for any project, regardless if its commercial or not. Intrigued? Read on.

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How to Use Lightroom Presets- A Handy Guide

How many of you love wasting hours of time making the same basic edits to a lot of photos?

Anyone? No? Well, that’s understandable. None of us like doing menial repetitive tasks and it’s no different when editing images — even for those of us who enjoy the editing process.

The good news is that Lightroom has a handy tool that you can use to take care of the menial stuff and speed up your workflow. It is called presets, which are an established set of edits that you can apply to a photo in one click.

The software allows you to create your own or you can buy presets from other creatives who have found combinations that offer either a certain style of natural editing or create cool effects you can add to your photos.


Intrigued? Let’s find out how to use these game- changing Lightroom presets…

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6 Causes of Pixelated Text in Photoshop and Their Fixes

You’re working on some text in Photoshop for your photo. Things are going along great…until you realize that your text is horribly pixelated! Why? You may have even created this exact type of file before and not had this problem. Why is the text pixelated now?

pixelated-text-photoshop-1 There are a few things that can cause pixelated text in Photoshop. The good news is that there are also a few easy fixes. Read on to learn all about what pixels are, what can cause pixelated text in Photoshop, and how to fix it.

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Why Your Photoshop Keeps Crashing and How to Fix it

Photoshop can do amazing things with images. It can also make you want to pull your hair out in frustration.  Photoshop constantly crashing while you work is one such frustrating problem. Why does it crash? What can you do to fix it?

Your computer may not have enough memory, or it may not have enough space to run Photoshop, causing it to crash. Or the graphics driver may need more time to process.


Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry! Come with us as we explore some of the possible reasons why your Photoshop keeps crashing. More importantly, we’ll also explore how to fix it even if you’re not a techy person.  Click to learn more…

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Are Lightroom Presets Worth Buying?

If you follow any popular photographer on YouTube or Instagram, chances are, that you’ve been pitched to buy their Lightroom presets. Some photographers actually give theirs away, while some charge a pretty penny. Which leads to the question, are Lightroom presets worth buying?


If you search the Internet for this question, you would mostly find strong opinions telling you to not buy any presets at all. But I will give you a more balanced answer with both the for and against perspective.

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