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100 Smashing Examples of Light Painting Photography (Get A Break From Work Already)

All of us has experimented with light more than once while capturing friends in the club or dark street with lanterns. Moving light creates amazing patterns in the photo, so these light properties can be effectively used by artists in order to create an image full of magic and mystery.

Photo by Przemek Przezak

Photo by Przemek Przezak

Light painting, also known as light graffiti or light drawing, is a complicated photography technique which requires lots of creativity and precision. This effect can be achieved with a slow shutter speed in a dark place, so usually light painting images are made at night.

Using either a moving camera or a moving light source, the lens captures an illusion of growing paint. Some photographers take an object that would be illuminated along with play of lights. Beyond a doubt, the background of light while painting photographs plays a huge role in the composition.

In this post you will find 100 smashing light painting photographs for your inspiration.

1. Transmigration of souls by Stefan Thaler

2. Man Made Meteor Shower by Gary Randall

3. 2012 by Simone Ciliberti

4. Happy campers by Darren Pearson

5. Bioluminescent by Darren Pearson

6. Light Painting by DHARIN

7. Light Painting new year 2013 by Georgie Sharp

8. Light Painting by Tiago Avelar

9. Light Painting by M. A. Cabrera Luengo

10. Light Painting by Livia Vi

11. Light Painting by Livia Vi

12. Light Painting rayon by Michael Dupuy

13. RedBull Light Painting by Alberto Luppichini

14. Light painting by Portrait / Wedding Photographer

15. Light painting by Portrait / Wedding Photographer

16. Light Painting by Josh Hayden

17. Light-painting Marko Codex Villette by Marko De la Light

18. Light Painting by Greg Mckenzie

19. Light Painting by Danatello Trisolino

20. Light Painting by Ezra Brousseau

21. Light painting Dualing by Derek Balfe

22. Fear No Evil by Willem Vlotman

23. FIRE WALL by Anish Adhikari

24. Light Painting by Olivier Galbrun

25. Light Painting Olympics by Todd Blaisdell

26. The Fairy Ring by Stephen Emerson

27. Visitor by Przemek Przezak

28. Visitor II by Przemek Przezak

29. Light painted nike dunks by Coral

30. Walking inside the Fire Whirlpool by Anish Adhikari

31. Guitar light-painting 2 by bogdanici

32. Painting with Light – Laptop by neon280

33. Light Painting – Bike by sssampo

34. Me and light painting: it’s over by Coral

35. Light Painting by erinzinsky

36. Light Painting 1 – GlowingSink by CrimsonAppassionata

37. Profile Painting by Coltography

38. Dummy – Painting With Light I by Eowyn-86

39. Light Painting Experiment 2 by steverobles

40. Light Art: Holding Light by ellen92

41. Light Painting III by DalMax

42. Painting Magenta Light by StewartSteve

43. Light Painting The Guitar by Syakster

44. Light Painting – Toolbox by neon280

45. Light Painting – Heart by angstfool11

46. I Am The Light or The Shadow by borda

47. Light painting by joelkarlsson

48. Light Painting by M. A. Cabrera Luengo

49. Painting with light: sunshine by meganbreukelman

50. Light Art: Holding Light by ellen92

51. T.O.Y…V-II by Sajith Sasidharan

52. Light graffiti-29 by raggaphoto

53. Rainbow Light Graffiti by Death-By-Affection

54. Light Painting by goafertography

55. Light Painting @ North Curly by Arun

56. VW Rabbit by Patrick Latter

57. Ghost Tunnel by Jimmy

58. RGB UFOs by Jeff Sullivan

59. Guess Where We Went On Holiday by Ben Houghton

60. Light paint by nikicorny

61. Light on your feet by crowthius

62. Lights & Fire by Tommy Fotokraft

63. Light painting in the wood by clement jousse

64. Light painting at the summit by Stefan Thaler

65. Free lights by Christopher Hibbert

66. ABU DHABI GALACTIC by Beno Saradzic

67. Supra Muska Skytop Light Painting by PythonIt

68. The Obsession by Carlos Silva “Avlisilva”

69. Orb by Tristan Jud

70. Nautical Twilight Light Painting by Gareth Brooks

71. Winter performance by Stefan Thaler

72. Underground Punk Stage, Paris by Benoit Barban

73. Light Painting by Chad Liddell

74. BULB ( light ) painting by Pavan Prabhudev Mane

75. Light painting on the mist by clement jousse

76. My bike! by Khatawut J

77. Whirled Whipple Observatory by Michael Menefee

78. Irschenberg by Stefan Thaler

79. Abandoned by Jimmy

80. Light Painting by Jared Sowa Photography

81. We Light Up the Darkest Cemeteries! by Tommy Fotokraft

82. Light Painting by Stuart Freeman

83. Ursa Minor by Thomas S.Robitaille

84. Liberty fish! by clement jousse

85. With the speed of light by bogdanici

86. Te iubesc by bogdanici

87. Light painting by Philip Bitnar

88. Saltwick Orb by Nick Hill

89. Rainbow Road by David Gilliver

90. Beach Ball by David Gilliver

91. Music by G D

92. Into the Mountain by Stephen Scarlett

93. Beam me up Scotty by Heiko Gunnel

94. Light in Seoul by Yoo Seok Lee

95. Painting with light by elif engin

96. o O O Light by Denz Bocasan

97. Burning Sunset by Davide Bianchi

98. Energize by Brice Challamel

99. An angel in my backyard by Amith Nag

100. Tunnel of Light by Adam Forbes

What Do You Think?

Light has an awesome capacity to add some mystery to ordinary images. Light painting photography opens lots of space for creativity. So, go on and show yourself!

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