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101 Romantic Photos to Set Your Valentine’s Day Mood

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to take a set of fantastic “love story” photos. Also, it could be a gift for the occasion. Your sweetheart took part in this session and the gift would not be a surprise.

However, these photos will stay in your memory forever as a reminder of these lovely moments. You both can cherish and enjoy it for as long as you’re together. In order to take this set of pictures you need just three components: your loved one, your camera and a little romance.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
Charles M. Schulz

Today we have collected a round-up of 101 romantic photos. These pictures represent a bunch of ideas on how to take a perfect love story. In the images we’ve picked, you can see some couples on the backstage of breathtaking solar landscapes. Lots of hugs and kisses, and, of course, tons of love on these stunning pictures! Every photo conceals a unique and thrilling story behind. Let’s discover and try to feel each of them!

1. Jen + Chris: Engagement

2. Love is

3. Natalie & Mark: Snowy Engagement Session

4. When In Love..

5. Habemus Vespem

6. A Valentine Tale

7. Love

8. Love Story

9. Believe in miracles

10. Love Story

11. Love you…

12. Valentines sessions

13. Happines

14. Feed me snowfall

15. Cupcakes in sugar cones

16. Free Love

17. Valentine’s Day in Urbino

18. Time to Fly

19. A moment of Love

20. Let’s stay together

21. Love

22. Untitled

23. Beautiful Wedding

24. Lemonade Out of Lemons

25. The Old Fashion Lover

26. About Departured Sandals

27. Love Story

28. Hello, my love!

29. Love story

30. Kiss me to bring in the new year

31. Matt & Kyleigh

32. Love story

33. Love story

34. Under my umbrella

35. Very Close

36. Quand je ferme les yeux et attends

37. Love Story

38. Love Story

39. Untitled

40. Love is int he Air

41. Sweet Love

42. Love Story

43. A Little Love Story

44. Rose Et Bleu

45. Sweet love story

46. Love Story

47. Urban Love Story

48. Kay and Gerda

49. Happy Valentine`s Day!

50. Silhouettes of two lovers in tent

51. Love story #7

52. Sorrowing Man

53. Love-story

54. Love Story

55. Love

56. Time After Time

57. Outta Time

58. If Only

59. Open Your Eyes

60. Closer

61. Love Story

62. Kitty Gallannaugh

63. Kitty Gallannaugh

64. Love is a Little Higher

65. Emotion of Love

66. P and PV

67. August

68. Fragile Love

69. Love Story

70. Untitled

71. Together

72. Make Love, No War

73. Cherry Blossom Love

74. Love in the city of lights

75. Love Story

76. All In

77. Jenna and Noah

78. Love

79. We Could Live Forever

80. Love

81. Dance With Me

82. Love Story

83. LOve

84. Color Love

85. I know you still here

86. Love

87. Ceber Love

88. Spread Love

89. Closer

90. Shallowed in the Sea

91. Adorable Love

92. Love in the City

93. Warm my Heart

94. 30 Seconds of Love

95. Cute

96. Sunset Glow

97. Kiss on the Cheek

98. Love Story

99. Evening miracle

100. Love Story

101. Love

All You Need is Love

Are there any photos that have touched your feelings? Can you see the reflection of your own experience in them? If you have any romantic photos up your sleeve and want to show them off to the curious Photodoto audience, feel free to use the commenst section below.

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