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11 Amazing Photos Pokémon Go Characters Fit Perfectly In

While Pokémon Go is quickly becoming a new fitness, it’s no wonder that Pokémon characters are now among the most popular photography subjects. Well, most of such photos are just screenshots meant to show the Pokémon rather than carry any photographic appeal.

11 Amazing Photos Pokemon Go Fit Perfectly In

Photo by Jeremy Goldberg
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

However, the game is just a few days old (right, days!), so it’s probably won’t be too long before more advanced image capturing features are avaialble and players who are also keen on photography start making artistic portraits of their favorite characters.

Meanwhile, we thought it might be cool to turn on imagination and augment the reality captured in a few truly awesome photos by adding some funny guys to the image. Who knows, maybe we’ll soon find Pokémon in all the beautiful places pictured below.

Enjoy the roundup of imaginative Pokémon Go photos and share it with your friends!

Pokemon Go London Pictures

Photo by Eduard Militaru
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Pokemon Go Europe Photos

Photo by Luis Llerena
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Snake Pokemon Go Picture

Photo by Simson Petrol
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Pokemon  Go Imaginative Photos

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Brooklyn Bridge Pokemon Go Photo

Photo by Brooke Cagle
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Pokemon Go Imaginative Photos

Photo by Ronda Darby
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

New York Pokemon Go Photos

Photo by Anthony Delanoix
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Apple Pokemon Go Picture

Photo by Joanna Kosinska
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Pokemon Go Landscape Photo

Photo by Blair Fraser
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Beautiful But False Pokemon Go Photos

Photo by Gabby Orcutt
Pokemon image by VectorJunky

Do you play Pokémon Go? If it’s not yet available in your country, do you anticipate it? Let us know in the comments!

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