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How to Use Lightroom Presets- A Handy Guide

How many of you love wasting hours of time making the same basic edits to a lot of photos?

Anyone? No? Well, that’s understandable. None of us like doing menial repetitive tasks and it’s no different when editing images — even for those of us who enjoy the editing process.

The good news is that Lightroom has a handy tool that you can use to take care of the menial stuff and speed up your workflow. It is called presets, which are an established set of edits that you can apply to a photo in one click.

The software allows you to create your own or you can buy presets from other creatives who have found combinations that offer either a certain style of natural editing or create cool effects you can add to your photos.


Intrigued? Let’s find out how to use these game- changing Lightroom presets…

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Are Lightroom Presets Worth Buying?

If you follow any popular photographer on YouTube or Instagram, chances are, that you’ve been pitched to buy their Lightroom presets. Some photographers actually give theirs away, while some charge a pretty penny. Which leads to the question, are Lightroom presets worth buying?


If you search the Internet for this question, you would mostly find strong opinions telling you to not buy any presets at all. But I will give you a more balanced answer with both the for and against perspective.

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How To Edit Real Estate Photos in Lightroom (RAW)

Understanding the editing process is necessary for every photographer, especially if you’re in the business of real estate photography.


You need to know the methods of post-processing so you are familiar with the necessary steps you have to take in order to achieve the output that you need. From the photo shoot down to the post-processing, a professional photographer should know the methods involved in order to produce quality photos that will sell properties right away.

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10 Lightroom Plugins You Should Use

Lightroom is one of Adobes most useful tools in its photography bag. It’s the companion to Photoshop, and it’s built more for image processing and visual editing, rather than the manipulation abilities that makes Photoshop so popular.

lightroom plugins-main Lightroom is one of the key tools any photographer should have in their tool belt.

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How To Use Lightroom To Save An Underexposed Photo

Sometimes you  come home with what you thought was a great shot, just to find out that it is way underexposed and without any better exposures of that composition. But, how can you save the underexposed photo in Lightroom? Of course, first of all, it would be better to get the exposure right on location, lesson learned, right.

featured image before and after

But if you haven’t got the possibility to get to this location again anytime soon, it would be good if you could save the underexposed photo and still get a great looking photo out of it.

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