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Abigail Geer

Abigail is a freelance writer with a passion for photography. She loves sharing her tips and tricks, insights, and inspiration. From wildlife and landscape to travel and portraiture, Abigail always has her camera at the ready.

10 Up and Coming Young Photographers to Watch Out for

Want to know who’s going to be taking the photography world by storm?

We’ve already shared with you the world’s most famous photographers and now it’s time to meet the rising stars.

We’ve scoured the web in search of 10 young photographers that display talent and vision. It’s not easy breaking into the competitive world of photography, but these guys (and gals) have got their foot well in the door, and there is no limit to what they might achieve in the future!

Check out these 10 incredibly diverse and exciting up and coming young photographers…
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Top Ten Destinations in the World for Landscape Photography

With so many beautiful and inspirational locations all over the world just waiting to be captured, knowing where to take your camera next can be a battle.

From the breathtaking British Isles to the peaks of the picturesque Peruvian mountains, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten destinations in the world that every landscape photographer should add to their bucket list.

Ready? Let’s roll…
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