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Davlin Ann

Ann Davlin is a young inspired editor of Design Web Kit Blog. She takes a rose-colored view of all the things around and will be glad to share her world-view with you. Find her on Google+.

Marketing Ideas for Photographers on How to Grow Your Business

Do you know how to grow your photography business? If you take good shots it doesn’t mean you’ll gain success and popularity among customers. You need to know how to sell yourself well! But until you are not a star of the photography world you don’t need any professional and high paying marketers to teach you.

Photo by Blueberryblack

Photo by Blueberryblack

Everything is quite simple and you can do it yourself. Listen to me and I’ll tell you what to do to become a popular photographer. Well, I’m not a world-known photographer, but it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to become one :). Read more…

Photo Hunting in a Zoo: That’s Easy and Absolutely Legal

Animals photography is one of the most simple kinds of photography (at least beginner photographers think that there’s nothing but waiting and flicking). You don’t need to ask models to turn their heads to the right, to explain them how to strike poses for the camera. Animals don’t care about you – they just lay, jump and stare. That’s a huge advantage of animal photography over shooting in studios when you get models involved in the work.

Some tips on how to take animals photography in a zoo
Photo by Scott Denny

Not so many photographers have a chance to go out of town and shoot animals in the wild other than field mice and crows. Read more…

Photography With Bad Weather – Challenge Accepted!

If you have a photo camera (DSLR or a film one) then you’ve definitely took photos outdoors at least once, twice or even regularly. When capturing landscape photography or portraits you could notice that weather and lighting do matter greatly. You can take photos of the same object with a few minutes time interval and get different results.

Bad weather is the best one for taking good landscape photos

And you know what’s the reason? Lightning! When you work in studios you are the master of lighting: you can move light poles and experiment with shadows at your liking. But when you are on the open space you can do nothing, but catch natural lighting without thinking whether it is good or bad. In fact, it is always good. It’s said that bad weather is a myth, there are only bad clothes. By the way, it concerns your photography too. Read more…

Tony Sweet – The Man of Thousand Talents And One Fantastic Photographer [Interview]

Today we’re going to talk to a photographer whose creativity and capacity for work astonishes at first sight. So, please welcome Tony Sweet. He’s a many-sided personality who has achieved success in various spheres of life (that includes music, lectureship, photography, authoring). He’s one of these great guys that you would call a self-made man. And this experience is reflected in his photos.

Tony Sweet - The Man of Thousand Talents And One Fantastic Photographer

Tony is known as American nature photographer who likes travelling and finding new camera-catchy landscapes. His portfolio is filled with amazing pictures from locations in Iceland, Cuba and USA among others. His photographer’s eye captures things that ordinary people are more likely to miss. Read more…

11 Photography Rules You Should Start Breaking

If you’re going to break photography rules you should firstly learn them, think them over and practice in creating great photography. Otherwise, there is a risk that your photos will look like ones taken by an awkward photographer.

When a creative man starts experimenting, it always means that his mastership is rising high (as long as these experiments are successful).
Read more…

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