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Anna K

I'm the gal who handles all the management & marketing of this very blog. My photography skills are quite amateur and that's why I love working with Photodoto - every week I learn lots of cool stuff here. Just like you, guys :)

How To Create Photography Website That You Can Be Proud Of

Without this post you will either overpay for your photography website or perhaps just go with the solution which is at best “okay” rather than “outstanding“.

In fact there are lots of “IT guys” among photographers, but still the vast majority doesn’t have any clue about where to start.

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And so it happens: You stumble upon a brilliant photo and there’s a watermark with the author’s website. The photo really touched you and you want to see some more. Yet the site is so lousy and inconvenient that you just close it after a few clicks.

Your website should not be like that and I’m about to tell you how to create a photography website that you can be proud of.
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How to Become a Photographer: The Natural Way

So you want to become a photographer, huh?

Then just forget it, you’ll never be one!

And even if you will – you won’t be a good one anyway

this guy was hoping the camera will help him pickup girls...

this guy was hoping the camera will help him pickup girls…

What’s the catch? I’ll tell you. But first I want to share a little story from my own life.

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