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Barbara Stitzer

Barb Stitzer is an award winning Master Photographer living in Hudson, Ohio with her husband, her teen, Zoe and her tween, Tenley. She creates beauty and memories worldwide. Feel free to find her on Facebook or check out her website.

Facebook: pages/Barbara-Stitzer-Photography/45325794506

Getting Started with Long Exposure in Fashion Photography

Editor’s note: Once you try to use long exposure in fashion photography, you’re likely to do it again and again. Not only can it bring outstanding results in terms of originality of your images, but it’s also a great way to add a funny bone to your portrait sessions and thus, get more natural, sincere model looks.

Long Exposure in Fashion Photography

In this post, our regular contributor Barbara Stitzer shares on her own experience with long exposure fashion photography. Read on and learn how to get started with this awesome technique! Read more…

How to Grow As a Photographer

Ok, so if you’re like everyone else in the free world, you made some great resolutions this New Year. The three big ones are lose that extra weight, stop drinking so much, and become a better… person, dad, wife, or, if you’re reading this column, photographer.

How to Grow As a Photographer in 2016

Well, you and I both see that cookie in our hands, and Bunco and Monday night football probably took the teetotaling urge and tossed it out the window pretty quickly, so we’re left with becoming a better photographer, which you can still do, and it won’t make you need to run out and buy larger pants, either. Here’s what to do to grow as a photographer this year:

Read more…

5 Holiday Photography Ideas to Shoot More and Get Less Stress

Ahhh, the Holidays, that time of year when everyone is happy and feeling great. Tensions are low, everyone is totally relaxed, and since there’s so much copious free time, everyone wants to get their family pictures taken. Well, that statement might be a little bit off, but I have to say, I love shooting holiday pictures.

5 Holiday Photography Ideas - Barb Stitzer for Photodoto

Just in case the family you are shooting isn’t quite the epitome of “calm, cool and collected”, here are a few holiday photography ideas to get them there… or at least make them LOOK like they’re there.

Read more…

Photographing Moms and Daughters, Fathers and Sons

The other day, I put my hair up in a messy bun, threw on a blue sweater and jeans with tan Uggs and went into the kitchen, where Zoe, my 16 year old and Tenley, my 11 year old were standing, both sporting messy buns and wearing the exact same thing as me.

Moms and Daughters, Fathers and Sons

I offered to change, and they protested, they  actually wanted all of us to look alike, which I thought was adorable. It started me thinking about the complex nature of moms and daughters, and fathers and their sons. I wondered whether everyone was like our family, who loves being together and doing the same kinds of things, or if most kids want nothing to do with their parents. What I found might surprise you. Read more…

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