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George Bailey

George is a professional photographer who sells his photos online. He focuses on both studio and outdoor photography, and also runs a photography blog you should definitely check out at backlightstories.com

Freepik: Free Vector and PSD Files

We all like having different resources at hand, be it graphic design, getting inspiration or just plain images to embed into articles. It would be so good if we didn’t have to be looking for resources in different websites until we find what we want, wouldn’t it?


Here’s where Freepik comes into our lives, giving us those much needed graphic resources whenever we want. Read more…

How to Steal without Stealing: Hack Your Post-Processing With Lightroom Presets

There are only 7 basic notes in music. There are only three colors on a computer screen. So, digital photography should not be that difficult. But ok, forget it, we all know it is too good to be true. When all you have is a set of bricks, building a castle does not become easier.
Enough metaphors for now – let’s talk about postprocessing.

Photo by Josh Sam

“Good artists copy, but great artists steal”
Pablo Picasso

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