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Laura Alpizar

Laura Alpizar is a professional photographer based in Minnesota. She's originally from the tropical lands of Costa Rica, a paradise that she often visits. Her specialization is in weddings, portraits and lifestyle photography. Find her on Google+ and Facebook.

The Best Photography DIY Tips & Tutorials

When it comes to your passion, there is nothing like a good trick. Being resourceful can bring you so much satisfaction, and don’t mind all the extra learning involved!

Photo by Jesse Macgrady

Photo by Jesse Macgrady

You may think that photographers take their time to research equipment, patiently saving money from all their commissioned work (haha) and finally invest $80 on the new flash modifier in the market. Read more…

Get Intimate With Depth of Field: Using Depth of Field Creatively

Controlling your camera’s exposure is not only a fundamental topic to achieve good photographs, but it also becomes essential knowledge to be able to explore the creative possibilities of photography.

Photo by HsynOdbs

Photo by HsynOdbs

You might have heard of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. These are the camera controls that directly affect exposure and, finally, how the picture turns out. You can use many combinations of these settings to achieve correct exposure, depending on your “intention” of the picture. Read more…

Actionable Tips to Get Sharper Photos Every Time

There’s almost nothing (besides maybe losing a memory card) that hurts more than having a great shot that ends up poorly focused! And even though sometimes we can blame our equipment, there are other factors that come into play when focusing.

Phoot by Max Ellis

Phoot by Max Ellis

Sharper and crisper photos are the goal of every photographer, so it’s time we cover  the basics to achieve this. A great, focused image requires precision and understanding of depth-of-field, as well as knowledge of your equipment. Read more…

Tips to Establish a Smart Photography Business

Establishing your own photography business is a full time job, if not more. It’s a great gig, don’t get me wrong, but running this or any other business will instantly make you the wearer of many hats.

The best way to make it work and avoid headaches along the way is to have a plan, even if it is a small draft or bookmarking this article. “Trying it out” is not a good business plan. Besides dreaming of being your own boss, you need to make sure you understand the costs, the struggles and the pros. Read more…

8 Tips to Get You to Take Better Smartphone Pictures

Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you, and most of the time, this will be your phone camera.  This doesn’t mean your photos have to be terrible; it just means you must work on your picture-taking process a little more, as smartphones have limited capabilities.

Photo by Chin-Hung Liu

Photo by Chin-Hung Liu

Besides accessibility, one of the main advantage smartphones have is that the spontaneous pictures we take are immediately shareable, so you can take your images, edit them and share them right away. Another amazing thing is that phone cameras are getting better every single time, and the quality of the pictures is increasing tremendously. Read more…