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Lix Hewett

Lix Hewett is a multi-passionate creative: photographer (fine art and freelance), model, graphic designer and writer. She lives in London. You can connect with her through her blog or any of her social media accounts.

Website: lixhewett.com

Twitter: LixHewett

Facebook: lixhewettcreative

Google Profile: lixhewett

Go Ahead And Call Yourself A Photographer, It’s All Right

In the short time since I went pro (read: started making money) with my creative work, I’ve experienced a truly disheartening amount of judgment — snobbish judgment, most of it full of contradictions designed to place some creatives above others based on entirely arbitrary criteria that benefit the speaker and put up a wall of mystery and privilege between people who like to take pictures and the “photographer” label.

Photo by Adrian Egger

Photo by Adrian Egger

I think that’s a whole lot of bull. I think old-school (and some new-school who like to think they’re old-school) creatives feel threatened in many ways by how much more accessible their field of work has become in recent years — decades — and are determined to defend themselves by attacking others’ methods instead of simply taking a step back and realizing that accessibility won’t hurt them. It won’t. Read more…

How to Alienate Photography Models in Five Easy Steps

Back in June, I decided to try my hand at modeling.

Photo by Mila Ritz

Photo by Mila Ritz

Now, this is not completely new — I’ve been modeling for myself (with my mom pressing the shutter button, as I don’t have a remote and have never mastered the self-timer) for about six years now, on and off since I got my first (and only) DSLR. I’ve modeled for my blog and my Lookbook.nu and Chictopia accounts. Since March of 2013, I’ve modeled accessories and jewelry and clothing for small, lovely, independent designers and sellers. As a product review, I’ve modeled a thing or two for bigger brands. Read more…

The Definitive Guide on How and When to Use ISO on Your Camera

When people talk about digital camera settings, there are three main ones that pop up: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. They all relate to light and the way your camera captures it: Shutter speed controls the length of time your camera lets in the light, aperture determines the size of the opening in your lens that light travels through and ISO adjusts the sensitivity of the image sensor.

Photo by OaKy Isra

Photo by OaKy Isra

Knowing how to manipulate these options opens up a well of possibilities for a photographer, and today I’m going to break down the basics of ISO for you. Read more…

All You Have to Know to Master the Basics of White Balance

As an amateur photographer, you can go a long, long time without knowing what white balance is or why knowing how to adjust it even matters. I had my first DSLR (my current DSLR is a Canon EOS 450D) for five years before white balance entered my photography glossary, and it took another few months until it felt necessary—or at least convenient—to learn the ins and out of it.

Photo by Lix Hewett

Photo by Lix Hewett

The thing is, if you have a halfway decent camera, it comes equipped with an automatic white balance (AWB) setting, and that generally does the trick unless your lighting is particularly intense. Even then, you may think the weird, off-balance colors add to the mood of the picture. Hey, sometimes they do! It’s not something that jumps to the eye as “wrong,” the way exposure, depth of field and grain do when they don’t come out right. Read more…